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  • Fabian Gamboa

    How is this funny, I don’t get it.

    • Io Non Esisto

      It’s a jab at the obvious implications of liberals trying to defend immigrants because they “just want to work” for someone who also wants to work and can get fucked because the job market is saturated.

      • Fabian Gamboa

        Oh ok. Well if they got hired under equal oportunity and they are equal under the eye of the law as citizens then that’s just the free market doing its job.
        Is this a race thing? I ask because the immigrant is portrayed as brown and the applicant is portrayed as white.

        • Alistair Grove

          The race is situational to America, but the problem is all over the West. And it’s because increasing the number of workers lowers wages and working conditions, which only benefits the rich. Yet “the left” pushes it. I guess logical consistency is White Supremacy or something.

        • Balpa

          Praise the god (((free market))).

        • David

          It’s not that simple or pretty.
          First of all, consider that the immigrant might not be there legally. This means he will work for a much cheaper price, with no benefits and can’t even complain to the police if he is abused. There’s no way any citizen can compete with that kind of “offer”.

          Secondly, even if he came in legally, his living standards from his own country might be so low he will accept a much lower salary. Desperate men make desperate decisions, he will take the first offer he can get, not the best one. So while you’d logically expect everyone to working for the same price and thus race wouldn’t matter, the reality is that migrants will accept a lower pay just so they can actually have a job to escape their previous life. Legal citizens thankfully do not have that motivation.

          Finally, even if nothing of those other points actually happens, you still have the very simple “demand and supply” in effect in a free market.
          The more people there are running for a specific job, the less you’ll be paid for it since someone else will take it if you refuse. Inviting migrants to run for unskilled labor will end up making those jobs pay less, which affects not just the residents who worked those jobs but also the migrants that will also be paid less as well.

          It’s all sunny shine and flowers until you realize that giving an equal opportunity to everyone only works while you still have opportunities to give and those are a finite resource of which you likely don’t even own that much.
          You don’t solve poverty by re-distributing what already exists, you solve it by creating more oportunity and wealth to distribute.

        • Have you ever met a Mexican? They’re mostly brown. The further south they’re from, the darker they are.

          They are portrayed as a different race because they’re a different race.

        • 69YearsYoung

          Fuck the (((FREE MARKET)))
          Fuck all this Jewish bullshit
          Why should Whites have built America up if all their efforts are just going to be wasted on foreigners who will come in and replace them???
          In many cases you will literally be forced to TRAIN YOUR OWN REPLACEMENTS before being fired
          Not only that, but I have heard that in Silicon Valley, once there is an Indian hired to manage a team, he reassigns personnel and then hires new members until the entire team is Indian
          Whites are the only ones not allowed to care about their own group interests
          It’s time to fight back!

    • a dem literally said that migrants should mow lawns

      • Lawn mowing used to be the job of teenage boys everywhere. It’s how they made money in the summer. Now Mexicans have all the starter jobs. What are our young men to do now to build experience?

        • Albionic American

          Yeah, our futurist intellectuals apparently hate teenage boys, especially white ones. Give them self-driving cars, sex robots, junk food, porn, computer games, etc., so that they don’t have to develop their powers of agency, skills and general competency in the business of living that come from learning how to drive, how to take care of their bodies, how to form relationships with girls and how to hold jobs and build careers.

          • Alistair Grove

            Bread & Circuses. Worked then, works now, at least on the short term.

            However, sex robots are necessary in the West as most women are entitled narcissists. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before they outlaw male heterosexuality.

          • Guacamole

            You do realize that the radfems you see in the youtube compilations aren’t representative of the bulk of women don’t you? Out of all of the women you interact with irl (if any), how many of them have been men hating narcissists?

          • Alistair Grove

            Man hating? A few. Entitled narcissists? Nearly all. Which is what I said. You were the one that brought up the rad-fems. And speaking of them, they may be a minority, but they’re a powerful one and so many laws are being dictated by them. And they only get away with it because ‘normal’ women let them speak in their name. I only have time for Femras.

            And no, I’m not a misogynist. I hold most men in contempt too. At least among my class.

          • “they may be a minority, but they’re a powerful one and so many laws are being dictated by them”

            The squeaky wheel gets the grease. We need to stop being polite and start being loud and obnoxious, because it works.

          • Alistair Grove

            We? I already am? But as a man my voice means little in that regard. What we need is women to step up and do their part, unless they want to be considered the enemy.

          • And that’s why you can’t win.
            You’re actually expecting women to do your fighting for you.

          • Alistair Grove

            No, I’m expecting women to prove their worth to me. If they don’t, then they can make do with their cats. But probably not for much longer. Society won’t last much longer at this rate.

          • The worth of a woman is how many children she has born and raised to be healthy, functional adults and members of society.

            Everything else is on us men.

          • Alistair Grove

            Yeah, bollocks. Women control the moral character of society and always have. So unless you expect ‘us men’ to form a gender union and either isolate ourselves from or conquer the other gender, then you are talking shit.

            Not that I think a male union would be a bad idea, it’s just not in our nature. Even women can’t do it and they’re the more collectivist gender.

  • As long as there is one American man unemployed, we don’t need any immigrants.

    • Tamás Polgár

      What about workforce shortages? Doctors and nurses or software engineers, for example.

      • We produce more software engineers than we can employ. There are no shortages. What is happening is that asshats in corporate HR departments discovered they can import semi-competent third world peasants for a fraction of the cost of hiring talented Americans. Of course, the quality of their work sucks, but who cares, as long as this quarter’s profits go up?

        This is how you get Boeing airliners falling out of the sky.

        Doctors and nurses? We don’t import nurses. We train plenty of them every year. (We would make more, but some idiots decided that forcing young women to be incompetent engineers was more important.) We do import doctors, but that’s only because the AMA decided to act like a medieval guild, and limit the total number of teaching hospitals to restrict the flow of new doctors into the field. Did you know that there are fewer medical programs now than there were 40 years ago? Oh, and most of these foreign doctors are just barely competent – and that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt.

        • Tamás Polgár

          As for sw engs, I am one from Eastern Europe, although I went to Canada, not the US. 90% of the job ads I see are US companies offering remote employment. Most of the time I work with other Eastern Europeans. Hardly third world peasants. There was indeed a time when woke smartasses tried to fill all vacancies with Indians and Pakis, but that didn’t really work – there were quality issues, to put it politely.

          As for doctors and nurses, a medical diploma still immediately buys you a US green card, provided it’s compatible with the American system.

          • “There was indeed a time when woke smartasses tried to fill all vacancies with Indians and Pakis”

            You mean like last week?

            “Most of the time I work with other Eastern Europeans. Hardly third world peasants.”

            Good try, but I’ve been to Eastern Europe. It’s a fun place to visit, but there’s a reason why people like you are leaving in droves.

        • Ijustmadethis Jejhd

          More than half the doctors I come into contact with are foreigners, and usually they suck. I dont know how we can allow immigrants with Phd’s from 3rd world countries like India to come over here and fuck up our medical system.

      • Allison Kaas

        yeah dude jose and jesus are jumpin the face and going to nursing school lmao

        • Tamás Polgár

          Obviously not, but *all* immigrants include them too.

          • Painting Guardian

            highlighting the 2 people out of a hundred thousand that can even get into medical school in the first place as an example of why we need a hundred thousand street sweepers taking away jobs from native citizens is an extremely jewish form of argumentation.

          • Tamás Polgár

            I’m quite far from any kind of kikery. Just wanted to point out that you must distinguish between different immigrants.

    • Taha Ghassemi

      What if that American is an incompetent bum and the immigrants are highly competent?

      • America has more than one worker.

        Stay home and make #wherever great. I would say ‘again’, but, well…

      • Sputnikcer

        Your strawman is a strawman. There are millions of American workers who are competent and want jobs, but don’t have them. To say otherwise is a slap in the face to unemployment rates.

  • That’s conservatives vs capitalism

  • Guy

    What I’ve experienced here is that immigrants are just taking the jobs nobody else wants to do.

    • Simon Alt2

      Yep. And no one has the guts to build the goddamn wall.

      • SalvadorZombie

        Explain how a physical wall would keep out people who, by the vast majority, come here by plane.

        I’ll wait.

        • I’ll trade a plane load of South Koreans per month for 3500 Mexicans per day.

        • TCC

          Mexicans/Central/South Americans DON’T come by plane. They come by land.
          Other illegal immigrants can be more easily tracked and deported by finding their travel logs.

    • Holyphonic

      It may have something to do with the fact that whites who live generally just one couple and their children to a home instead of 12+ can’t do so on a job that pays minimum wage like we could back in the 70s before “diversity”.

    • Like the chicken plant where after the immigration raid, 3 Americans applied for every job opening.

      • Albionic American

        My hillbilly grandmother worked in a chicken processing plant in Arkansas back in the 1970’s. Now Mexicans and Marshall Islanders have come in to fill those jobs. Did Arkansas run out of hillbillies or something?

    • yeah somebody got to clean the toilets and sewers and disgusting stuff

      • Alistair Grove

        We have native born low-skilled workers.

        • not cheap thou

          • Alistair Grove

            So? Are you against paying workers a fair wage? Do you view foreigners as underclass to be exploited for cheap labour? That’s very elitist and racist of you.

    • 69YearsYoung

      Watch this Al Jazeera documentary on skilled South Koreans foolishly leaving their own country to come to Korean enclaves in America and you will see that all an employer has to do is say “I tried to hire locals but couldn’t find any” and then they can get visas to pay foreigners minimum wage. It’s disgusting capitalism.

      (love your avatar btw; it’s Green Version Mewtwo right?)

    • Jesher

      That’s not a good argument imo. If people aren’t taking these jobs, then the amount these jobs pay should increase to match their demand for a limited supply of workers.

      Using cheap foreign labor undercuts that and ultimately benefits the corporation the most. Meanwhile the foreign worker is exploited for less than he’s worth, and the legal citizen gets nothing or has to compete for less.

      It’s a race to the bottom. You wouldn’t do it to people you care about.

      • T4M3R

        This isn’t how economics works.

        The labor market is not fixed. More workers also means more employers.

        Wages will still rise.

        • Alistair Grove

          Eventually, yes. But in the short-term it will fuck over those at the bottom. Who will always be the majority of society.

  • Drew W

    If you were a libertarian you wouldn’t care.

    Free market means a free workforce.

    • UncleSam13

      Great! It also means no welfare state.

      • Drew W

        It absolutely does.

    • Libertarianism means not being able to say no to pedophiles, cannibals, and heroin dealers. Libertarians are individuals in a world ruled by tribes.

      Libertarianism, like Leftism, denies that reality exists. It is a house of cards waiting for the first faint puff of breeze to collapse.

      • Albionic American

        American libertarianism came from people who had comfortable lives after the Second World War. Ayn Rand, for example, made plenty of money from her novels and from selling the film rights to The Fountainhead, yet she spent her career whining about how taxes and regulations on business oppressed her. She might have had a rough start in life when her family got caught up in the Russian Revolution during her youth, but she spent her latter years with a full stomach, $100,000 or so in the bank and the comforts of late 20th Century American civilization. Materially she had nothing to complain about.

        Even more the case for David Nolan, the crank who founded the American Libertarian Party. He grew up comfortably middle class, he went to MIT, and he had the luxury of graduating with a degree in political science, instead of something objectively useful in a STEM field. Yet he contrived grievances against Richard Nixon’s brief attempt at enforcing wage and price controls to deal with inflation as the rationalization for founding the Libertarian Party, even though no American suffered from privations because of Nixon’s action.

        Basically libertarianism tends to attract spoiled, affluent people who don’t appreciate how good they already have it.

        • Simon Alt2

          Couldn’t have put it better myself

          • Drew W

            Yeah? He didn’t put it vert well.

        • Drew W

          Ayn Rand was a self proclaimed Objectivist.

          David Nolan was a politician, why would he need a STEM degree? He was upper class, like most politicians, and opposed the Vietnam war and Nixon’s general liberalism.

          • Albionic American

            Rand published Atlas Shrugged in 1957, when America enjoyed full employment, rising real wages and government programs which improved Americans’ lives. Again, what did she and the younger people who converted to libertarianism under her influence really have to complain about?

          • Drew W

            Look at you moving those goalposts. I noticed you abandoned all of your other points too when they turned out to be lies.
            Rand started writing her book in 1943. I wander which government oriented ideologies might have influenced her views at the time.

          • 69YearsYoung

            Libertarianism is JEWISH
            Mises, Rand, Rothbard, Friedman, Kokesh, etc. …
            Capitalism is JEWISH
            Invented by the Jew David Ricardo
            Communism is JEWISH
            Invented by the Jew Karl Marx
            ALL of these are systems of MATERIALISM and are spiritually bankrupt
            Built on a solid foundation of Natural Law!

          • SalvadorZombie

            Yikes. Imagine being so broken-brained that you actually think this unironically.

          • The free market is human, as practiced by every people since the dawn of time. People trading for goods and services is natural law.

            Nationalism doesn’t put bread on the table. It just makes sure the home and the family are safe. Which is equally as important.

          • Drew W

            Give me a break you racist bootlicker.

          • jeremy_hh

            move to Yemen with that fundamentalist bullsh*t.

          • Taha Ghassemi

            I find it hilarious when people say that both capitalism and communism are Jewish.

      • Drew W

        Haha, dude. Libertarians advocate minimal involvement, not zero involvement. Screen for criminals, not to shape markets. Markets shape themselves.

        • Put twenty libertarians in a room, and get the to agree on a definition of ‘criminal’.

          We’ll sit back with popcorn and watch.

          • Alistair Grove

            Easy. Anyone who violates the NAP is a criminal.

          • Drew W


          • Drew W

            Works for twenty people of any ideology, that’s kind of our point.

      • slither16

        But at least it stops the left from saying “no” to us.

        • That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

  • Rick Sanchez

    Each illegal immigrant that takes a job cuts off a citizen that wanted that job. Sure illegal immigrants want to work because they want to send money back home to bring in more relatives.

  • T4M3R

    Then how come unemployment is so low in the West right now?

    • Government cooking the books after redefining “unemployment”.

    • TCC

      It’s not. Maybe lower than during the recession, but it’s hardly “low”.

  • Guacamole

    So are they taking jobs or are they being lazy welfare leeches?

    • Alistair Grove

      Some do one. Some do the other. They are a collection of individuals, after all.

    • Embrace the healing power of AND.

    • TCC

      Juans gets a job.
      His wife Paula, and their six kids, go down to the welfare office and say “Juan works, but can’t afford to feed all of us”, get welfare money, then have six more kids at taxpayer’s expense.

  • Taha Ghassemi

    Then try harder. No one owes you a job. Don’t you see that the reverse is also true: that by restricting immigration, you are depriving the immigrant of that job? So who should get the job? Whomever the employer chooses.

  • Someonekul

    wait, why would you be mad at the immigrant and not the person who fired you? and if you need a job and that dude took it, you probably should have unionized so that wouldn’t have happened. or just make your own buisseness. I hear the free market is a great way to get rich.

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