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  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    He forgot to mention that there was a typhoid epidemic at the time

  • Albionic American

    Did the Nazis turn Jews into body wash?

  • Fantaman

    Or that the 1.2million figure included “gays, gypsies and the infirm”, you know suddenly inflated to 6mil and for jews only

  • Kaiser92

    Yeah, war-torn Germany in ’42, yeah right…

  • quickshooter

    can stoners ever be redpilled?

  • BigBoyFellaSlugger

    Ah, denialism. The Flat Eartherism of history.

  • Ixian Ambassador

    I find this comic highly inappropriate. You should be more sensitive to Jewish suffering.
    The Jews have suffered many terrible injustices throughout history. Take for example the 4 billion innocent Jews murdered by Roman Emperor Vespasian, according to the Talmud:
    According to the same passage, the Romans also killed 64 million Jewish school children by wrapping them in Torah scrolls and burning them, then used all the Jewish blood as fertilizer for their vineyards.

    Another terrible evil the Jews have had to endure was Blood Libel, in which Jews were viciously dehumanized by accusing them of performing bizarre acts of violence against Christian children, and even of consuming Gentile blood.

    And even if none of this moves you because you actually do hate Jews that much, please at least consider the fact that the Holocaust also had many non-Jewish victims, about which you can read more in this article over at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    • An Cat Dubh

      It’s funny because the source you cited says nothing about any emperor named Vespasian or 4 billion Jews. Like, seriously, how dumb do you think people are?

      • Since you seem to be unable to perform simple arithmetic, consult a dictionary or use a search engine, I’ll reproduce the passage below and explain the math involved. You can find it in any complete edition of the Talmud on folio 57 of tractate Gittin, although some editions replace the name Vespasian with Hadrian:
        “The voice is the voice of Jacob and the hands are the hands of Esau: ‘the voice’ here refers to [the cry caused by] the Emperor Hadrian who killed in Alexandria of Egypt sixty myriads on sixty myriads, twice as many as went forth from Egypt. ‘The voice of Jacob’: this is the cry caused by the Emperor Vespasian who killed in the city of Bethar four hundred thousand myriads, or as some say, four thousand myriads.”
        One myriad is 10,000, thus
        400,000 * 10,000 = 4,000,000,000
        Feel free to cross-reference with the book of Exodus in the Torah, which gives the number of “those who went forth from Egypt” as 600,000.

        • An Cat Dubh

          I don’t appreciate how you changed the link in between (from to, even if they do link to roughly the same text. But putting that aside, I was admittedly a bit distracted and referring to the 64 million figure. I see no reference to that in the text, nor do I see those stories you mentioned associated with it. And also, that 4 billion figure? Doesn’t say it refers to Jews specifically.

          And even if it did, it still doesn’t mean shit—you’re comparing a bunch of people telling all sorts of tall tales and exaggerations to make some point or another (cf. the story of Atlantis mentioned by Plato). This was never supposed to be seen as accurate historiography. I’m very much an atheist and I utterly loathe Orthodox Judaism (and a whole bunch of other toxic religions), but even I know at least that much.

  • An Cat Dubh

    1. The fact that they were imprisoned to begin with was bad enough. They were full-fledged citizens of their countries, and their countries treated them like shit.
    2. They weren’t all gassed. Plenty were just overworked or shot or starved or marched to death in the middle of winter from one camp to another, and that’s assuming they didn’t die in the cramped up trains on the way to the camps, or died in the super-crowded and impoverished ghettos.
    Seriously, you don’t know shit.

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