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  • Foteen Ateyate

    Don’t be a faggot. There were plenty of overweight NSDAP and SA members.

    The only optics that matter are the ones on the rifles we’ll use to slaughter the traitors.

    • Some nobody

      i seen this comment on other ones. nice try schlomo.

      • 2Liberal4You

        tfw Hitler’s second-in-command was obese

        • James Coats

          Yes, he was wounded very badly in WWI as a pilot. His injuries did not allow for much exercise.

          • American Apartheid

            so he should have been euthanized with the rest of the undesirables.

          • Chris Redfield

            *Communists projecting their own traits*

          • AxiomaticSystem

            I’d say something about valuable tactical knowledge but it’s not worth the effort

          • Stiffy Weiner

            It’s as if nazis didn’t only value people based on physical function.

            *surprised pikachu*

        • KingofIronFist

          Hitler was kind of a chubster himself.

      • Chris Redfield

        The soldiers of NS German were the most well trained army in World War 2.

  • Some nobody

    >tfw no ubermentsch aryan chad bf

  • ComicsFan

    I don’t get it. Optics?

    • dzsozi30

      Well, I’m a military fag so I assume they are referring to the at the time superior German optics used in tanks and other military appliances.

    • ChristopherMarlowe

      I think this is mocking the political choice of “optics”. “Optics” refers to making choices about doing something according to how it will be perceived in the media. In WWII Germany occupied France for 5 years. This was not a matter of “optics”, but rather brute force overcoming the weaker French force.

  • quickshooter

    unbeknownst to the world
    the French didn’t surrender because they were cucks
    they surrendered because some of them agreed with the Germans ideology of National Socialism

    • brinbrin62 62200

      NO ! Their army resisted as long as it could with outdated equipment and 19th century strategies, along with the English army. Then it was crushed and disbanded. Then all the political power disbanded and fled to London or french colonies. Then Philippe P├ętain tried to save what could be saved. In 1940, 99% of the French people HATED Germans. The historical antisemitism that was present in France (mostly, an ultra-catholic one) had nothing to do wit national-socialism.
      As of women during the Occupation… They did what women all around the world all along human history have been doing : Surviving by siding with the winner. Women nature.

      • xvtc

        nah, they knew hitler was right

    • pacmom

      this is a false

  • BearGlitch

    Imagine thinking that the mass oppression of the French people by one of the most evil regimes in the world is “based”.


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