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  • Foteen Ateyate

    Don’t be a faggot. There were plenty of overweight NSDAP and SA members.

    The only optics that matter are the ones on the rifles we’ll use to slaughter the traitors.

    • Some nobody

      i seen this comment on other ones. nice try schlomo.

      • 2Liberal4You

        tfw Hitler’s second-in-command was obese

        • James Coats

          Yes, he was wounded very badly in WWI as a pilot. His injuries did not allow for much exercise.

          • American Apartheid

            so he should have been euthanized with the rest of the undesirables.

  • Some nobody

    >tfw no ubermentsch aryan chad bf

  • ComicsFan

    I don’t get it. Optics?

  • quickshooter

    unbeknownst to the world
    the French didn’t surrender because they were cucks
    they surrendered because some of them agreed with the Germans ideology of National Socialism

  • BearGlitch

    Imagine thinking that the mass oppression of the French people by one of the most evil regimes in the world is “based”.


    • nick

      what makes the nazis evil besides the holocaust?

      • BearGlitch

        For one, the slaughter of Eastern Europeans because of their autistic self-righteous nature while their leadership literally look and are built like Untermensch.

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