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  • Griffin

    Chunky water is my favorite kind of water

  • Actually, blacks commit more like 60% of violent crime.
    If it weren’t for niggers and wetbacks, America would have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

    • TheBigMan

      Man I hate niggers

      • Alistair Grove

        So do black people.

        • Soviet_ Samuelson

          Depends who you ask

          • Alistair Grove

            True. But a lot of niggers hate niggers too.

      • McGarnagle

        All of them? Or just the ones who bang your wife?

        • Guy Fawkes

          Lmao, fucking epic reply bruh.

    • Albionic American

      Every major American city has “bad neighborhoods” that rational people know to avoid. We wound up with those because of our elites’ stupid and damaging utopianism about diversity, inclusion, open borders and suspending judgment of the people who need judging good and hard. If white nationalists ran the country, we would own every square meter of every American city, and we wouldn’t live in fear of any part of them..

      • We don’t use meters here. Jimmy Carter tried to force the metric system on us, but he failed. We’re too stubborn to change for no good reason.

        Getting rid of the non-Americans is a remarkably good reason to change things. “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!”

        • Albionic American

          And yet the effort to impose the metric system on us in selling us soft drinks has succeeded.

        • Nope

          “no good reason”

          How about synergy with the bloody world, logically?!

          • We went to the moon with feet, pounds, and gallons.

            Why should we care what the rest of the world does?

          • Nope

            Because of Germans inventing the rocket with superior Metrics.

      • Jesher

        Oh, the elites knew exactly what they were doing, and it was not innocent idealism.

      • KingAdrock

        Thank FDR for inventing redlining…

    • closetjuice

      And it’s also mostly black males, so more like 6.5% of the population.

    • Clawfoot King

      page 3 of
      >Black males had the highest homi-cide rate (72 per 100,000 population),
      >followed by black females (14 per 100,000),
      >white males (9 per 100,000),
      >and white females (3 per 100,000).

      If I’m reading that correctly, a black man is 8x more likely to murder than a white man?

  • Would you expect cops who can’t discipline their wives to be able to survive on the streets of crime-ridden hellholes like DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Newark, St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis, Detroit…

  • Major Matt Mason

    And 99% of smug [CENSORED] get their faces beat in at some point… ;D

  • 12judges

    “…40% of cops commit domestic abuse.”

    Sorry, you’re thinking of lesbians. 40% of lesbians…fify

  • Steffen

    Sorry. I’m too German to understand this water reference.

    • TrueWOPR

      Back in the day the USA had second-class citizenship. Blacks were forced to drink from grungy unkempt fountains, whites got the clean and maintained ones.
      I’m assuming Stone is implying we’ve come flipped the script, cops fought to make sure all were equal and we got rid of those “3/5ths of a human” fountains – only to find themselves drinking at them.

      • Steffen

        Now I see. Thanks.

        • Also, unlike in Germany, our police aren’t allowed to beat on people all they want. People here (mostly Leftist Democrats) have some sort of problem with police beating up on people (mostly blacks and Latinos) who resist arrest. Yeah, I know, we’ve got a lot of stupid people.

      • Albionic American

        Nothing kept those blacks from cleaning their dedicated water fountains.

        • TrueWOPR

          True, but I was simply trying to communicate the cultural meaning without trying to take a take on it.
          Personally I’d love if we could self-segregate so when their cities go to shit they have no one to blame but themselves. I’m sure it would also strengthen white/asian relations.

      • TRVTH
  • Acktucus

    FYI that 40% statistic is a myth.

  • Matt

    6% commit 70% of terrorism 🙂 HINT: It’s not muslims

    • I think Leftists are over 6% now.

      • Matt

        It would really be more accurate to say 97%, because muslim terror attacks are usually also right-wing.

        • Balpa

          You fool no one with your fake graph done in 3 minutes on ppt, lefty.
          Left wing terrorists are actually like 90% of terror attacks in the West, but actually under reported because leftists are controlling the stats.
          We know you and your kind are burning the world. One “liberation” after another.
          BTW what are you doing on a right wing blog ? Trying to corrupt something else ? Trash.

          • Matt


            And if you think all the stats are controlled by leftists (pretty sure the word you’re looking for is left-wingers), I think you’d be interested in Last Thursday-ism. It’s a belief equally as substansiated as you the one you currently hold.

          • eternalweasel

            Because the ADL is such a credible source of information.

          • Balpa

            Why would you take your stats from a hate group ?

          • free_peach

            Because he works for them and he is given what they have, which is lies. If he doesn’t work the picture gets even worse, because he is doing it for free.

    • slither16

      The Muslim ban is working.

  • Freethinking Влади́мир

    Cops are now second class citizens just like soldiers are for centuries. I was in the army myself and it’s one of the reasons I left.

  • Meme Lord

    To anyone who honestly thinks that Stonetoss supports law enforcement, read the alt text

  • Alistair Grove

    I admit I have mixed feelings on the police. In the UK, the institute is utterly corrupt, but not every member is. However, they are also incompetent and get the shit kicked out of them by real criminals, to the point they’re now begging the public for help.

  • Lefty

    Stonetoss attempted to own the libs with that last panel, but instead crafted an ideal world.

    • EPGAH

      Ideal for criminals maybe?

    • ssgtnelson

      *oof* Man… this didn’t age well.

      • TRVTH


  • Steve Johnson

    Isn’t the usually cited domestic violence rate something like 35%?

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