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  • Fantaman

    Yeah, damn those pesky facts, statistics, biological difference and reality in general. These are racist now

    • RutilantBossi

      More than genetics those are social things, genetics honestly has nothing to do with society and its behaviour, even when talking about intelligence, only 58% of it is purely genetic, as a matter of fact African countries are experiencing an increasing in average IQ thanks to the raising economic status, almost 3 every 10 years, it’s called Flynn effect, also, to do an analogy, Italian Immigrants in 1900 weren’t skilled, mostly were criminals, then a Genoese guy founded the “Bank of America” and gave them loans, with those they easily improved their social status and now are among the best school scoring and top earning ethnicities of the USA, ironically, Germans and Italians still are at the same level of Syrians, actually a bit behind, you know why ? Same education lead to same results, oh but sorry, i know you don’t care about facts, if you’re on this website you mostly want to find confirmation for your hate, and spread that hate, i don’t know why you want to spread that hate, what happened to you to be like this, but please, hate and misinformation (mixed to fake facts) won’t help anyone.

      • King_Anonymous

        Well said, these people are a joke.

      • Dr.Weird

        you’re a fucking retard

      • Leon Groff
        • antifa supersoldier

          At no point does your first source “debunk” the Flynn effect. It talks a bunch of shit about Flynn’s explanations of the effect but never challenges the effect itself.

      • Gatreh

        I hope you realize “Only 58%” is “most of”

      • Crayven

        His comic have always been full of shit

        • Moonman45

          better to have a comic of shit than have your skin be shit

          • Crayven

            Except one cannot change his skin while he can stop making these retarded ass comics anytime he wants.
            He even has his own page on BadWebcomics

      • Metaphone

        Anyone really interested should just check out AltHype/People’s Veto on YT. Most thorough channel

      • Bismark

        If it’s all the fault of culture, then why does every culture overwhemingly populated by black people seem to have the same characteristic elements, when compared with nearby white cultures? This goes for neighborhoods, cities, and countries, regardless of what continent they’re on or history they have.

    • Oh, you’re one of those “race realists”.

    • Shaun

      Intelligence is defined by upbringing and g factir is made up anyways.

      • ssgtnelson

        I watched a video where took chocolate to coco farmers in Africa. For generations they farmed coco that became chocolate but had zero idea what it was used for… no idea… never wondered why. Imagine doing something like that, for generations, and never even asking why.

  • Blarg Blarg

    The “purge coons” guy probably isn’t that bad. He probably was seeing stuff back then that we’re only really starting to get a grip on how bad it actually is.

  • “You and I tend to be better at different things” doesn’t mean “You’re ultimately inferior to me”. When will egalitarian individualists realize this

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