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  • Thetdw2000

    I knew something was up with r/The_Donald when one of the rules specifically bans “concern trolling”.

  • quickshooter

    R/The_Donald is a zionist stooge
    always was, always will be.

  • Enkidu

    If it’s Reddit it’s “Yikes”

  • Captain

    I once posted a criticism of the “Roseanne” reboot on r/The_Donald, saying that telling your 9-year old that cross-dressing is ok isn’t conservative (for those who aren’t aware, that’s the plot of the first episode). I was downvoted into oblivion and called a “backwards bigot who makes the Trump movement look bad.”

    That subreddit is a bizarro circle jerk where anyone, no matter how degenerate, is defended so long as they wear a MAGA hat or give lip service to the president. Fuck ’em, I want r/milliondollarextreme back.

    • micky debarge

      I criticized (((our greatest ally))) and was booted.

      • Captain

        Yet if Trump did the same, the cultists on that subreddit would be fully on board. For a group of self-proclaimed free thinkers, they sure enjoy hinging their beliefs on the whims of one man, as well as the whims of pop culture.

        • Russ Lindquist

          meanwhile, your “if” has no basis in reality.

          “A Jew came in my daughter!” -Trump at rallies (paraphrased)

  • Algures Cara de Mais

    The human magapede

  • David Long

    Everyone on Reddit is begging for upvotes, it’s the mire of public opinion. Can’t be too controversial, or say anything, even if it’s true. The truth cannot be racist.

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