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  • ImaMeatPopsicle
  • Maxim Sukharev

    The redpill starts of you understanding that the top tier capitalists exist is because the government is stealthy merged with top tier corporations and impose (((progressive tax))) which destroys healthy market competition and thus the monopoly is born.
    The redpill proceeds is when you realize that all of the communists, leftists, socialists and other scum are always funded by the top tier capitalists that merged with goverment.
    The redpill finishes when you learn that government that promotes leftists reforms and merge with top tier capitalists are always (with rare exceptions) jewish.

  • Sex haver

    Very good Comic Stonetoss! You’re possibly one of the best webcomics out there! Don’t listen to the screeching leftists, they don’t want you to succeed, they want to see you fail.

    • kingoftheworld

      Based motivationalposting

  • NPC the Clown

    Oi Vey, how convenient how someone can flip flop from being white and then when it’s “bad” to be white to really say they are just Jewish race.
    And the best part is that people eat this up.

  • slither16

    Ever notice that black people will call them “white Jews”.

  • Albionic American

    A few years ago Israel blatantly sent over the Israeli banker Stanley Fischer to sit on the board of our Federal Reserve System and act as a de facto colonial administrator for Israeli financial interests here. Imagine if the Chinese government wanted one of its bankers to enjoy the same privilege.

    • Bidewfus


  • shapolo

    But the jews are good people, they cannot make a multinational plot to destroy modern society and slave all the gentiles. That cannot be possible, people!

    • And bumblebees can’t fly, either.

  • Alistair Grove

    Yet they’ll still vote for Biden, a Straight White Man.

  • Major Matt Mason
  • Best comic in months.

  • Ender Einstein

    End (((white))) supremacy.

  • Jerell Amadi-Emina

    Naming the jew is the most important thing to do right now. We have them on the ropes and normies are starting to notice.

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