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  • Sex haver

    Your subtlety is a talent. Keep it up Stonetoss!

    • Bidewfus

      This comic definitely isn’t subtle, but I do agree with the content it holds.

  • I’m surprised the cop isn’t bludgeoning his supporter.

    We have pondered for decades which side the cops will take in an insurrection. Now we know. They will obey their pay master.


    No one should be surprised. First priority in riots by Reds, Africans-in-America, wetbacks, and other undesirables is always to set up a police cordon to protect the rioters from those evil wypipo. This has been the case in Ameri-Kwa since the 1920s, ever since the citizens of Tulsa embarrassed the law enforcement establishment by doing their jobs for them, cleaning up the city, and calling into question the need for cops in the first place.

  • Heir of Sigma

    How long until people had enough of all these lies?

    • TRVTH

      Some of us had enough before some of the people commenting here were born–or their parents.

      • Lauren Froment

        lol fossil spermskins like you ?

    • When you see politicians, professors, and journalists decorating lamp posts and filling ditches, then you’ll know.

  • irandom419

    Those are peaceful Molotov Cocktails.

  • Black Spruce

    The police are on antifa’s side. Why do you think they always disarm rally goers and then back off when antifa gets bused in and let them attack people? Try defending yourself against a violent mob of antifa black bloc soy boys and watch how quick and how hard the police swarm and arrest you.

    • QuickshooterMk4
      • TRVTH

        Anyone could have told you that was true 75 years ago or more. “The boys in blue all work for the Jew.”

        • QuickshooterMk4
          • TRVTH

            For generations, the Jews complained that they were the only people on Earth without a homeland of their own.

            Well, since 1947 they’ve had one. Why won’t they stay there?

          • QuickshooterMk4

            because it’s a land that consists of jews only
            who they’re gonna steal/leech off? their fellow jews? the impoverished arabs?

            nah of course they wouldn’t live in it, they need goyim to feed on because jews do not live off the land, they live off people
            that’s why israel lives off gibs, from america, from england and europe
            it’s the biggest welfare N-gger country in the world and they know it
            they pride on knowing it, because (((they))) own the fed which prints their fake jewbucks which both enslaves the goy and empowers the jew

          • TRVTH

            To be entirely fair, since the Camp David Accords of 1978, every cent that US taxpayers give to Israel is matched in US foreign aid for Egypt.

            I am not sure why we give money to anyone outside the US. I haven’t the faintest idea what we’re buying with all this money we give away, what it gets us, especially in Third World shitholes inhabited by stunted little brown IQ-55 Mohammedan goblinoids who have always hated us and always will. What would Charles the Hammer say?

          • Jas

            Foreign aid is a scam. The politicians and elite own/are invested in the defense contractors. They steal our income, and do an end around through a foreign country but say they must spend most of it on military equipment from us, from “their” companies, enriching themselves. So it is just another way to transfer money from the masses to the elite.

          • Dan Goldman

            Some have. Jews from poor countries do come to Israel (South America, East Europe, Africa) but its not as great place to live at as the US or Western Europe. Immigration laws allow some jews to leave Israel to those better places so they do. It’s their personal choice.

          • TRVTH

            What if we want to live in the nation that’s ours, that belongs to us, that our ancestors bought and paid for, in full, with blood and iron? What if we don’t want foreigners here?

            I thought Leftists loved independence, the right of all the world’s peoples to self-determination, and national sovereignty. Or is that only for little brown Third Worlders, and not for White men?

          • Hillel pash

            What about freedom of movment?

          • TRVTH

            There’s no such thing and never was. No nation is under any obligation to allow in hostile foreign invaders and illegal colonists.

            In most 21st Century governments, you’re allowed to leave. However, o randomly chosen nation has any obligation whatsoever to let you in.

            In any event, that’s not part of Wilson’s Fourteen Points. Does every people get autonomy and self-determination, or are those things not for Whitey?

          • Mystikar

            Freedom of movement is contrary to property rights and border rights (which are the foundation for all other rights). If you can just go onto somebody else’s land even when they don’t want you to, then you are robbing them of their property rights. Nobody has the right to live on other people’s land. You do NOT have the freedom to take away other people’s rights, since that defeats the whole point of rights.

          • Hillel pash

            Whilst I’ll agree you can’t just barge onto somebody else’s land without their consent,democratic countries are obligated to protect all human rights (freedom of movement being one of them). So unless there is clear justification for doing so,limting one’s movement is not allowed by any democratic country.

          • Mystikar

            That is completely and utterly false. Democratic countries are only required to protect the rights of their OWN citizens, because it is the citizens who vote. NO country is obligated to extend its rights to non-citizens. That’s why freedom of speech does not apply to China (e.g. TikTok). That’s why immigrants do not have the same rights as citizens.

            If you actually bothered to look up “freedom of movement”, you would see that it specifically says “the freedom to move WITHIN a country, and the freedom to LEAVE a country” but NOT the freedom to ENTER a country:


            You are simply false and wrong, in every conceivable way. Because different countries have different laws, border control is MANDATORY. Otherwise you will have human trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal goods smuggling, etc.

            In order to protect human rights, borders are necessary, because most countries have terrible human rights. Without borders, you will simply have the “lowest common denominator” human rights, i.e. the rights of China, the Middle East, and Africa.

            Even the EU has strict border control with non-EU countries. And the only reason why the borders are loose *within* the EU is because all EU countries must follow the same EU laws.

            The only possible way a “no borders” world could work is if there was a one world government that controlled literally the entire world. As long as different countries have different laws, borders are mandatory, and freedom of movement into the country must be restricted.

          • Lauren Froment

            lol yeah right

      • Lauren Froment

        did you cry the vancouver peoplesmashed Brian Ruhe’s camera too

    • Lauren Froment


  • QuickshooterMk4
  • Albionic American

    Somehow we wound up living in a bad SyFy Channel movie, only instead of a plague and zombies, we got a plague and anarchists.

    • And the plague is fake.

      • Charles Dostoevsky

        The plague is ideological

    • Alistair Grove

      Is there that much of a difference?

    • Lauren Froment

      lol Idiocracy

  • Albionic American

    White nationalists offer the solution which really solves, in that it would make the lives of normal white Americans better. Steven Pinker defines humanism as the promotion of human flourishing, and white nationalists want normal white people to flourish. Why can’t these pro-white humanists get a hearing for their views?

    • TRVTH

      Wypipo are only allowed to consider certain ideas so far and no further. They’re for (((our betters))) to explore and apply, not for us.

      Humanism is only for tiresome, soppy people who claim to love mankind–not men who love their own kind. Its main purpose is to undermine our traditions.

      Evolution explains and predicts everything in biology and zoology, but God help you if you ask whether in humans it stopped from the neck up.

      Nationalism and self-determination are only for little brown IQ-55 Third World goblins who hate Whitey and have a grudge against civilization for putting a stop to their beloved, scared traditions, like thuggee and suttee and carving the hearts out of captives to sacrifice them to Quetzlcoatl. They’re not for Whitey either, just for undermining our social order and preaching white guilt.

      It’s really quite extraordinary. What would Orwell make of all this?

  • Alistair Grove

    Why should he care if the Democrats destroy their own cities?

  • John Doe

    I’ve heard that more than 100 police organizations have left the DNC and are not going to protect it XD

    • TRVTH

      Hilarious if true, but it won’t stop the local mayor from calling up the Governor and demanding the National Guard protect the convention instead.

  • Maxim Sukharev

    Can someone please tell me what is the flag the guy is holding? I can’t seem recognize it. Some dark colored flag of usa?

    • TRVTH

      It is an American flag rendered all in black with a single blue horizontal stripe as the only color. It symbolizes the “Thin Blue Line” that, they tell us, is all that protects us from anarchy. Clothing, bumper stickers, and so on, that display that flag–amusingly, always made in China and imported through Amazon–are a cottage industry in the US now and have been since the symbol was created about 25 years ago, replacing bumper stickers with wordy slogans and donations to police charities as the preferred form of virtue-signaling among that group.

      The “thin blue line” flag is displayed by American cuckservatives as a demonstration of their support for “law enforcement,” for the police. That those same police for whom they display their support might conceivably be be the very same ones who kick down their doors to seize their guns, arrest them for wrongthink, even put them and their families on cattle cars to go to “reeducation camps” some day soon is an irony they haven’t processed. If they had the requisite clarity and will required for processing it and comprehending it, they wouldn’t be cuckservatives any more.

      Me, I think it’s time to do the experiment. Without agents of the State with big shiny badges and big shiny guns to enforce it, Clown World crumbles and society reverts to something more sustainable. Anarchy is vastly preferable to anarchotyranny. I’m ready. The soyboy college Reds with the A-in-circle t-shirts and red-and-black masks have not thought their cunning plan all the way through.

  • Ender Einstein

    It’s kind of like when a white BLM protester fights a black cop.

  • Black Spruce

    Just in case anyone still doubts the fact that the police are on antifa’s side.

    • Alberto Soares

      This is why guns are much important.

  • QuickshooterMk4

    Arabs are semites, therefore not goyim (Ismailis)
    while the jews see them as inferior and beneath them they are still considered “cousins” because of the DNA they share
    and they both worship “HaShem” which is the same Volcano Demon the jews worship (Yehovah used to be the god of metallurgy and fire in the cannanite Pantheon)

    if memory serves, the closest DNA link to jews were the Phoenicians since they both lived in Canaan, worshipped the same gods
    and even practiced genital mutilation (circumcision) which arabs still practice to this very day

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