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  • Bandit Keith

    fuck (((hollywood)))

    • TheLulzWarrior
      • rellik009

        Imagine being this stupid. Not defending the dumb shit they say though.

      • ac05jn

        imagine male % Affirmative Action Education 0 receive Alimony 3 initiate divorce 20 Child Custody 21 Master’s Degrees 40 College Enrollment 42 High School Graduates 47 Doctor Degrees 48 death from cancer 52 Unemployment 58 Work injuries 64 violent victimization 67 substance Abuse 68 Traffic fatalities 71 victims of non-reciprocal domestic violence 71 hiv/aids death 72 Homicide victims 80 Suicide 81 Incarceration 93 workplace fatalities 93 Unsheltered Homeless 96 obligated to register for the draft 100% deaths in armed forces 100%

        men are 95-100% of the employees in the worst 10% of jobs. male victims of domestic violence who call police for help are more likely to be arrested than their abusive partner. 41-65 percent of rape accusations are false (Eugene Kanin study US Air force findings). 50% of rape accusations are false -RADAR. wage gap: “never-married, college-educated, full time working men who have never had children, earn 85% of what women in the same category do”. men are punished 3 times more severely than women for committing the same crime. boys are spanked and yelled at 13% more than girls. and 2700 baby boys sexually tortured and mutilated every day in america…

        but the only word people know how to use is “misogyny”.

      • J. Blackpine

        You say misogynist like it’s a bad thing

  • TheLulzWarrior
  • quickshooter

    Just checked the pirate bay, shoah’ed…

    • Afs Don

      Have you tried url ? That one still works for me, there’s also and which i mainly use that also have a good amount of torrents. Funny seeing you here though i didn’t know you also read stonetoss!

      • rellik009

        Hye, if you keep illegally downloading the movies, there won’t be ANY films whatsoever and you’re going to pay for it.

        • Afs Don

          You say that like it’s a bad thing…..

  • Lel

    >Let’s be honest, $10 for a ticket and $15 for popcorn isn’t very Marxist.
    The $10 pays the studio, the $15 pays the theater, you can be Marxist and still have to live in the economical capitalistic realities. Hilarious comic however.

    • art Null

      fuck that studio and theaters are stupid. 😀

      • rellik009

        Complete brainlet

    • BigBox

      >you can be Marxist and still have to live in the economical capitalistic realities.
      Says who? Just because you’re living in a capitalist society doesn’t mean you have to live by capitalist ideals or indulge in its fruit. What’s requiring you to watch films made by companies and sold by big businesses?

      A vegan doesn’t wait until the whole world is vegan to stop eating meat, a religious man does not wait until everyone follows his doctrine to put its principles in action, and a Marxist doesn’t have to keep partaking in the fruit of capitalism because its easier.
      Be the change you want to see in this world.

  • Eddie

    Anyone else who has noticed that all the people who keep on whining about Copyright are total psychos?

    • rellik009

      Anyone else noticed that this comment section(including you) are fucking idiots, just like Stonetoss?

      • Bandit Keith

        oh sick burn dude you sure showed him

  • Grabadora 304

    I’m a far leftist and this comic could pass for a leftist comic.

    • Blarg Blarg

      Your side supports and even adores the Hellyweird director.

  • themadpsychologist

    Or maybe just stop watching movies produced by Socialists?

  • Anthony Walz

    Eh the concept of intellectual property is a concept based in collectivist rights so it actually would go lock step with commie stuff

  • rellik009

    I don’t understand why they’re not allowed to live off their craft according to you complete brainlets.

  • Learnerofskills

    This comic can be interpreted a variety of ways. Is stonetoss redpilled on Intellectual Property?

  • FunFact_IDontGiveAFuck

    save hundreds of bucks on movies by spending 10 bucks on a vpn

  • Tomorrow We Live

    actually it’s extremely Marxist. Cost of basic goods was/is insane in Socialist countries

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