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  • RaySmuckles

    you so desperately want to get laid, don’t you? rofl

    • dumbnigger69

      you come to an obscure comic page to roast a guy about not getting laid? i think it’s obvious you’re the faggot here

      • RaySmuckles

        lol nice meltdown, weirdo

        • Rudy

          It not the world. It’s you.

        • Blarg Blarg

          You are the one melting, cuck.

    • Jack

      Lol why would you say that ? How triggered are you by this ?

    • xvtc

      lmao retard

  • wadi

    food an wealth are things

    • SigniferLux

      And so are women. Mostly.

  • seize the mean of (re)production!

  • Punch Manga

    You have just to name it socialism

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Is true? did you have her blowjob vids? for a friend of mine.

  • An Cat Dubh

    Women are people you dipshit. They’re not a resource to share.

    • Pedro Henrique

      Not in islam, in which they may have a point since things started to go south when women stopped being property.

      • antifa supersoldier

        Man I just can’t figure out why there aren’t any female nazis. Can anyone solve this mystery????

        • Scarcat

          that’s just retarded

      • Tristan Wintle

        Dude, the world has been a shithole throughout most of history, ridden with poverty, disease, and bloodshed. Only in the recent decades have these problems begun to diminish, and has the way of life begun to significantly improve for the masses. When, exactly, has the world started to “go south”, as you say?

      • Mexican Shitposting

        Nice strawman.

    • Lahel Light

      Means of reproduction

    • You are Not a Victim

      Missing the point once again in favor of posting another brainless emotional, knee-jerk reaction. You’re useless.

      • Sayeh

        No, they got the point. They just see past it, into the neurosis that begat this line of reasoning: The redpill crowd is projecting their 19th century understanding of gender/sexual relations onto 20th and 21st century critics of capitalism.

        • Assjacket

          More hamster wheel rationalization from a low-IQ nitwit. Western civilization has taken a nosedive ever since women were given the right to vote. You might hate it with every fiber of your being, but the evidence is undeniable.

          You’ve contributed nothing, ramped up cultural unrest up to 11, injected gender politics into everything, raised men to be women (read: useless to society), told women that *ENJOYED* traditional gender roles that they were bigoted scum suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, impeded scientific and academic progress at every turn, and single-handedly voted in:

          – The welfare state
          – Policies that disallow parents and schools from disciplining children; combined with the above, every generation of children raised thereafter have been useless and entitled as a whole
          – Every single policy that reeks of socialism and/or communism, because you’re too stupid and/or lazy to understand the long-term effects of said policies
          – Open borders policies to import hundreds of millions of Islamic refugees, that will, *in your lifetime*, take over many parts of the western world and take your rights away by force- replacing the reality you know with one much more profoundly “misogynistic” than the fantasy world you project on the internet; one where a man spreading his legs on the subway is a hate crime orchestrated by a shadowy organization of men out to get you.

          • Sayeh

            The evidence is undeniable that the status quo ante you’re lionizing wasn’t much different from the current Islamist orthodoxy. Your hate of immigrants from the middle east is predicated on the notion that every single one of them is, w/o qualification, thoroughly invested in the most regressive institutions of their places of origin. Based on that you see them as morally beneath you, but your positions on
            – the political Left
            – gender relations
            – organized religion
            – democracy
            are no different from Islamism.

            The Taliban agree with you that the Communism is the enemy. Hezbollah agrees with you that 19th century gender relations are a platonic ideal and women are mere property that lack agency and intelligence. The Brotherhood agrees with you that organized religion should be used to enforce class, gender, and race regression. ISIS agrees with you that the will and consent of the people, all the people, shouldn’t be allowed to undo traditionalist power relationships.

            No, instead of embracing regression and denying the overall progress of humanity, I think “Western civilization” should welcome those who wish to live in a society free of class, gender, and race hegemony, and leave those who wish to regress, the extremists, to kill each other off in the Mad Max world they desire. To each, their own utopia/dystopia.

          • Blarg Blarg

            You are profoundly retarded.

        • xvtc

          nah they didn’t

    • xvtc


  • Grabadora 304

    Women aren’t property.

    • xvtc

      yeah they are

    • shaitanic13

      I agree, but tell this to muslim “refugees”

    • James Daley


    • Nope

      Single women*

  • hips

    Of course the capitalist is afraid that the redistribution of the means of production will include the redistribution of women, because he perceives women (and the worker) to be mere property or capital.

    • Daniel Stearns

      No this is exactly according to the Marxist view. Families are an invention of the bourgeoisie to teach children to be submissive to hierarchies and to allow the upper classes to pass their wealth on to their children. This is all in the communist manifesto.

      The alternative to a nuclear family structure would be a “promiscuous horde.” That’s Marxist theory, not capitalist sexism.

      • KayGee

        except that a promiscuous horde essentially enables primal female sexuality to tkae over and create soft harems and matriarchies. Why should the men agree to such a system while their natural male sexuality is violently suppressed by militant blue-hairs? Why would you want to end up in a situation where 40% of males are relegated to sexless lives?

        The funniest thing is, it will never be the “Angry Incels” here in america or Europe that start the new angry men rovlution and topple gov’ts over lack of mates (like they did repeatedly throughout history)… It will be in china and india, where skewered sex ratios are leading to men returning to bride kidnapping or the pakistani gang rapes in the UK, just like the days of the Mongolian horde. 500 years of polite society doesn’t undo millions of years of mammalian evolution, my dear blue hairs.

        • Daniel Stearns

          According to Marxist theory, men don’t have to compete for mates. Competition is a capitalist invention that keeps the proletariat divided. So when the inevitable comes and men are without mates, people will say it’s not true communism and move on to the next country.

          • antifa supersoldier

            Isn’t that supposed to be happening now under capitalism?

        • Sayeh

          Being oblivious to how uncomfortable you’re making other people feel isn’t natural male sexuality, it’s learned behavior. Believing otherwise is itself insulting to men by casting them as weak-ass hostages to their nature instead of people exposed to maladaptive nurture who can overcome that programming. If that sounds like redpilling it’s because it is. Take the *real* redpill and learn that men don’t have to treat themselves as mere beasts of nature and subsequently project that self-objectification and denial of agency onto other people.

      • antifa supersoldier

        Engels thought tribal family systems were a promiscuous horde (he was wrong, by the way). He believed this was the distant precursor to the modern nuclear family. It doesn’t hold that he thinks we should return to that state.

    • Robs

      Polyamory is part of communism.

    • xvtc

      women are property, dumbass

  • AxiomaticSystem

    Hey, where’s the other guy’s robe?

  • Stiffy Weiner


  • Blarg Blarg

    Your comic shows the antifafag sweating about the femtifa servicing the “black bull” but wouldn’t it be more likely that he is perfectly fine being a worthless fag cuck?

    He would probably volunteer to “clean up” after the bull was done.

  • Anon

    Well, according to cucks in the comments, it’s OK to share because women are not property. SO WHAT if your wife wants to fuck a black dude, are you going to forbid her you misogynistic fuck? How about you stop oppressing women. You be a good boy, sit down and watch.

    • Jacfar


  • Max

    I like that hardline conservatives like you have stopped using the word cuck since last year. It seemed like it was giving the game away too much on your real insecurities. Aka “MY WIFE LEFT ME FOR A BROWN PERSON”

    • ssgtnelson

      I honestly can’t tell if you’re being ironic, or a hypocrite.

  • Tristan Wintle

    To be fair, they probably don’t have girlfriends in the first place, so they’d just end up cucking everyone else.

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