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  • RaySmuckles

    you so desperately want to get laid, don’t you? rofl

    • dumbnigger69

      you come to an obscure comic page to roast a guy about not getting laid? i think it’s obvious you’re the faggot here

      • RaySmuckles

        lol nice meltdown, weirdo

        • Rudy

          It not the world. It’s you.

    • Jack

      Lol why would you say that ? How triggered are you by this ?

  • wadi

    food an wealth are things

    • SigniferLux

      And so are women. Mostly.

  • seize the mean of (re)production!

  • Punch Manga

    You have just to name it socialism

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Is true? did you have her blowjob vids? for a friend of mine.

  • An Cat Dubh

    Women are people you dipshit. They’re not a resource to share.

    • Pedro Henrique

      Not in islam, in which they may have a point since things started to go south when women stopped being property.

    • Lahel Light

      Means of reproduction

  • Grabadora 304

    Women aren’t property.

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