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  • RaySmuckles

    you so desperately want to get laid, don’t you? rofl

    • dumbnigger69

      you come to an obscure comic page to roast a guy about not getting laid? i think it’s obvious you’re the faggot here

      • RaySmuckles

        lol nice meltdown, weirdo

        • Rudy

          It not the world. It’s you.

    • Jack

      Lol why would you say that ? How triggered are you by this ?

  • wadi

    food an wealth are things

    • SigniferLux

      And so are women. Mostly.

  • seize the mean of (re)production!

  • Punch Manga

    You have just to name it socialism

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Is true? did you have her blowjob vids? for a friend of mine.

  • An Cat Dubh

    Women are people you dipshit. They’re not a resource to share.

    • Pedro Henrique

      Not in islam, in which they may have a point since things started to go south when women stopped being property.

    • Lahel Light

      Means of reproduction

    • You are Not a Victim

      Missing the point once again in favor of posting another brainless emotional, knee-jerk reaction. You’re useless.

  • Grabadora 304

    Women aren’t property.

  • hips

    Of course the capitalist is afraid that the redistribution of the means of production will include the redistribution of women, because he perceives women (and the worker) to be mere property or capital.

    • Daniel Stearns

      No this is exactly according to the Marxist view. Families are an invention of the bourgeoisie to teach children to be submissive to hierarchies and to allow the upper classes to pass their wealth on to their children. This is all in the communist manifesto.

      The alternative to a nuclear family structure would be a “promiscuous horde.” That’s Marxist theory, not capitalist sexism.

      • KayGee

        except that a promiscuous horde essentially enables primal female sexuality to tkae over and create soft harems and matriarchies. Why should the men agree to such a system while their natural male sexuality is violently suppressed by militant blue-hairs? Why would you want to end up in a situation where 40% of males are relegated to sexless lives?

        The funniest thing is, it will never be the “Angry Incels” here in america or Europe that start the new angry men rovlution and topple gov’ts over lack of mates (like they did repeatedly throughout history)… It will be in china and india, where skewered sex ratios are leading to men returning to bride kidnapping or the pakistani gang rapes in the UK, just like the days of the Mongolian horde. 500 years of polite society doesn’t undo millions of years of mammalian evolution, my dear blue hairs.

        • Daniel Stearns

          According to Marxist theory, men don’t have to compete for mates. Competition is a capitalist invention that keeps the proletariat divided. So when the inevitable comes and men are without mates, people will say it’s not true communism and move on to the next country.

  • AxiomaticSystem

    Hey, where’s the other guy’s robe?

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