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Peddling Marxism is big business.


>paying a six figure loan with interest to the government to pay off social security debt that actually pays for loans people take to pay for stuff they couldn’t afford after taking loans to pay taxes and tax-loan payments for 40+ years
>paying off greedy bankers
Sounds legit.

Pretty sure last panel is a bit of an oversimplification.
Greedy bankers would certainly know better than to take out loans, but they’d be more than happy to orchestrate loans for other people.

Yeah, I know this comic is a joke….but you’re actually wrong about bankers knowing better than to take out loans. They’re some of the biggest loan junkies in the world.

Once upon a time I was told I couldn’t be paid as a German TA anymore until “Hilary Clinton was president and started giving more tax money to universities.” I realized becoming a professor wasn’t a free market friendly career, so I quit graduate school and now I’m a house wife.

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