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  • Indra Kaw


    • a posing fedora


  • Zambon Zakias

    I don’t get it.

    • Leonard Inkret

      A are the jews, B are the whites, C are the blacks~

      • Alternative für Fredolin

        Maybe A,B and C represent the most used letters in the internet, but then B and C see that the N is behind A and everyone knows how the often and in which way the N is used online

    • Meme Lord

      B and C are afraid of the letter N (because it stands for nigger, get it, lol, hahahaha) but A doesn’t notice it.

      The joke is that the word nigger exists. You’re welcome

    • amplifact

      i think it’s just meant to be letter power rankings. A is usually synonymous with top tier, high performance etc, but that meaning pales in comparison to the power of the letter N in 2019.
      i dunno it’s kinda dumb

  • Stupid N’s, always ruining everything.

  • Joel Neumann


    • Steffen


  • Albionic American

    Our fantasy lives, which don’t lie to us about what we really want, still celebrate inequality despite a quarter millennium of propaganda since the Enlightenment about the evils of hierarchy, aristocracy, racism, tribalism, tradition and patriarchy. If someone wrote a series of novels set in the modern world where the elected politicians in competing democratic states schemed against the leaders in other such countries, and went to war with them, so that a democratically elected politician in the victorious nation could earn the right to sit in a special chair, the story would make no sense. You have to reject many of the assumptions of the modern world for this sort of epic to engage the audience and work emotionally.

    The traditional model of human society even works in science fictional settings about technologically advanced societies, as we can see from the fact that Frank Herbert’s novel Dune and it sequels have fans going into a third generation now, with a third film adaption of the original novel in the works.

    • Meme Lord

      I’m not disagreeing with anything you’re saying but I’d just like to remind you that you’re putting this much effort into a comment on a meme comic. I mean, maybe put your words on a page or something. Wrtie for American Renaissance. They’d probably love you.

      • C Codreanu

        I didn’t vote. I don’t believe in Democracy..I believe in Thule, the ancient city..and raising Thule.
        I believe in global cooling, cooling the earth-the sea levels lowering..and I believe in land rising from the bottom of the ocean with ancient ruins on it, like the ruins of Thule

        • Hail Atlantis! rise, Rise, RISE!

          • Alistair Grove

            PRAISE KEK!!!1!

        • Zóbány Állam (jobbel göjény)

          Cthulhu Fhtagn!

  • tfw you have to make your racist shitpost comics so abstract that the message is barely decipherable

    • Alistair Grove

      Maybe that’s the joke?

    • Matt

      Because dogwhistles

    • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

      Tfw brain-dead, cocksucking, faggot liberal retards hate great art yet are mentally incapable of understanding it.

      • aww i’m blushing

        • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

          Get the dick out of your mouth then, cuck faggot.

          • Hammerstrike

            Degenerate scums like thatquietkid belongs in a trench filled with fire ants. )

          • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags



        This is the funniest shit I’ve ever read you sound like a cuck

        • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

          It’s funny because it’s true, and no amount of projection will ever unmake you a cuck, faggot. Kill yourself.

  • Rando Numba Nine
  • Anon
  • if pebblethrow didn’t care he wouldn’t bury his racist messages under so many dogwhistles

    • Punk Moon

      Stop trying so hard to be so gay and niggerish.

  • David

    If you want an alphabet based comic strip I have one for you.
    Year is 2030
    Kids are in school
    Tranny is teacher
    “Okay kids, it’s time to learn the alphabet. After me now…”

  • Bismark

    I could’ve sworn at least one of them was married to a japanese woman.

  • İbrahim Çetin


  • epicskoobi

    ohhhhh i get it! GOD the n word is funny i just get a thrill every time i hear someone make a joke about it

  • Shaun

    White women are ugly

  • Default Name

    When the entire comments section becomes a debate over the meaning of your joke, that’s how you know it was poorly delivered.
    Maybe this one shoulda stayed in the drafts..

  • dcanaday

    I’ve just accepted that I’m never going to get this joke.

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