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  • Even then there extreme shortages and goods are only distributed once a year.

  • A Snake With Bread

    Fascism solves all problems

    • Crayven

      So does a bullet to your stupid head.

      • A Snake With Bread

        Fascism isn’t as authoritarian as people try to make it look like.
        You can own guns (unless you’re a commie)
        Also the govt only has power over economics, politics etc

        • Crayven

          Pretty sure in the USSR the govt had “power over economics and the politics”.
          I think i’ll pass…

          • A Snake With Bread

            Fascism is different and it’s much better than communism

            By politics i mean the political system so you cant start communism, democracy

            This should do a good job explaining it

          • Robs

            Fascism means colonizing mars, Communism means sitting on earth rationing the last resources until humanity dies.

  • TCC

    Hey, if you’ve got a problem with Nike or some other sector of the clothing industry, bring it up with them.
    Only a few niche markets practice “slavery” under capitalism, whereas communism is an economic system built on the backs of enslaved citizens.

    • Crayven

      Everything is made in China. It even says so on the label.
      By the way that are slave labor pal. Unless you call 2$ a day fair wage.

      If it were made in the US 99% would not afford shit.

      • Rancid Trombone

        China is a Communist country where it’s legal to have nightmarish corporate slaves, dipshit.

        No matter what you may qualify them as, they still claim to be commies.

        • Crayven

          Another retard…
          And the DPRK claims it is DEMOCRATIC, stupid.
          That does really make them that, does it, shit for brains??

          • Rockwell

            >what is maoism
            stop thinking china follows marxist-leninism for its economic policy

  • santa is actually capitalist as fuck. a good cartoon

    • Stiffy Weiner

      I’m pretty sure the guy is apolitical. He uses magic to speed up production, elves are basically quality control.

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