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  • Even then there extreme shortages and goods are only distributed once a year.

  • A Snake With Bread

    Fascism solves all problems

    • Crayven

      So does a bullet to your stupid head.

      • A Snake With Bread

        Fascism isn’t as authoritarian as people try to make it look like.
        You can own guns (unless you’re a commie)
        Also the govt only has power over economics, politics etc

        • Crayven

          Pretty sure in the USSR the govt had “power over economics and the politics”.
          I think i’ll pass…

          • A Snake With Bread

            Fascism is different and it’s much better than communism

            By politics i mean the political system so you cant start communism, democracy

            This should do a good job explaining it

          • Robs

            Fascism means colonizing mars, Communism means sitting on earth rationing the last resources until humanity dies.

  • TCC

    Hey, if you’ve got a problem with Nike or some other sector of the clothing industry, bring it up with them.
    Only a few niche markets practice “slavery” under capitalism, whereas communism is an economic system built on the backs of enslaved citizens.

    • Crayven

      Everything is made in China. It even says so on the label.
      By the way that are slave labor pal. Unless you call 2$ a day fair wage.

      If it were made in the US 99% would not afford shit.

      • Rancid Trombone

        China is a Communist country where it’s legal to have nightmarish corporate slaves, dipshit.

        No matter what you may qualify them as, they still claim to be commies.

        • Crayven

          Another retard…
          And the DPRK claims it is DEMOCRATIC, stupid.
          That does really make them that, does it, shit for brains??

          • Rockwell

            >what is maoism
            stop thinking china follows marxist-leninism for its economic policy

          • Jesher

            lol @ incompetent pretentious cunt who can’t make solid or deep arguments and just spews vitriol like he’s owed respect for some nonsense reason

      • Jesher

        That’s stupid. As prices rise, so would wages, because the people who make the goods would have to be paid more. Equilibrium. I’m all for bringing manufacturing back to the US. And if standard of living has to take a dip for a while, GOOD. That just means we were living in a bubble and can start from a more solid foundation.

  • santa is actually capitalist as fuck. a good cartoon

    • Stiffy Weiner

      I’m pretty sure the guy is apolitical. He uses magic to speed up production, elves are basically quality control.

  • Frans Cobben

    Hypocrite liberals should go to sweatshops in Cambodja or Bangladesh !

  • Mone

    Because all people being ensalved to work is worse that some people being slaves and the rest willingly working

  • Jesher

    How other countries let their people be exploited is their business. It would be unethical to solve their problems for them. If you don’t want those asian kids exploited, take it up with their government. Meanwhile, capitalism will adjust as it needs to as the supply of labor and demand of labor adjusts wages to equilibrium.

  • Anti-niggas

    You don’t have a clue either

  • nutslapper deluxe

    Oh wow, communist bad, communist exploit children, communist bad because me believe whatever me hear, oog oog.

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