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...and both are racist.


Does that mean he got the kno-. Nevermind. I don’t want to know.

Its a rectal exam

ohhh if it isn’t the jew

>Acting like jewish decent is a bad thing


What does this mean, I am confused

I believe this refers to the Indian (native American) allegory of having two metaphorical wolves within us. The good and evil. And which one wins depends on which you feed.

He’s just making it literal, as you see the bulges on him.

No he just stuck two wolfs up his ass

>… and both are racist (Mouse over the image)

This is clearly referring to how no matter what “side” a white person shows, they are racist regardless in today’s terms.

> No he just stuck two wolfs up his ass

You would just love to see something like that, wouldn’t you furfag?

Then respond to this

>dont understand why people keep using sterotypes as a reason to hate furries

You say that but at the same time you say… “I mean, are they anthro wolfs?”

That clearly gets your knob hard, you wouldn’t be desperately wanting to know whether or not they were “wolf daddies”, own up, you are a sodomite.

It was a joke, but anyways, I do like whatever you called “”””wolf daddies”””

So, what exact is wrong with that? You have a taste in a partner, I do too. Its obviously not harming anyone, nor is it dangerous (such as something like, pedophilia)

So, what exactly is so wrong with having a taste in men like that? Nothing is wrong with being gay

I never said there was nothing wrong with being gay, but with being gay there are many people who easily cross the line into heresy and heathenism.

Literally you get attracted by “wolf daddies” because they are anatomically incorrect animals, that is extremely close to being attracted to animals in general.

You clearly are just in denial that you find the family dog sexy.

1.) I based the whole “You think being gay is bad” off of the word “sodomite”. Its basically a trigger word to the gay community lol, sorry about that

Anyways, No? I find it sexually attractive because its anatomy is based off of humans. When you see what artists use for reference, they almost always use humans to help base the main anatomy structure

New Age beliefs and their consequences have been a disaster for the female race.

Upsets me to see these stupid “Alternative” medicines and health gurus. No, there aren’t wolves in you, no your magic snake oil and crystals aren’t going to make you healthy. Maybe tea and a few roots but they’re no super cures. People really need to stop progressing backwards in the medical field.

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