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Homophobic tweets cost you your job. Trumpaphobic tweets however…

“global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make the U.S manufacturing non-compatitive”
“If she wasn’t my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her”
“the beauty of me is that i’m very rich”.
“I have a good relationahips with the blacks”
“we’ll build a wall, and make the maxicans pay for it!”
All of them are real,You can check.

still makes more sense than rambling about Russians for years based upon no evidence at all, but the moment someone *names* an openly operating Jewish lobby everyone loses their minds. Or thinking that Trump is literally the Fuhrer and being emotionally affected by him being in office

-The first one, Chinese do actually produce a butt load of the pollution and America even while not following the Paris accords officially is becoming greener by the year.
-Second, yeah it’s weird I’ve heard weirder but pretty weird
-Yep, according to records he’s rich enough to donate to several major political candidates over the last 20 years including the Clintons, Mccain(Rest in hell you piece of Vietcong loving traitorous shit) & several minor senators and governers. So He’s pretty rich even if it’s only on paper for the most part and can be gone tomorrow.
– He’s actually got the best black voting of republicans for the last 30 years and even before he was president he was mentioned in several rap song on the positive of: “I want to be that level of rich where I can hang out with Donald trump & bill gates. chill with Hugh Hefner by the pool”. Also many black people have joined the republican party following his election.
– Yep and that’s turning out to be a lie at the moment, however the idea of the wall was always more of a mindset than anything of “border protection” after the last 20 years of ignoring the southern boarder as a potential issue with cartels and human trafficking.
Didn’t vote for him, but even I realize, Donnie has some points even if he’s not all there.

Globull warming is a scam.
Leftists are intrinsically more incestual than anybody.
Blacks may not like Trump, but he has done more for them in a couple years than you slave owners ever have.
The mexicans should pay for the wall. It should be getting done quicker though.

None of these even lift a finger to the dark and hidden disgusting stuff your sides elite are doing.
Fully understand you serve people who rape, murder, then eat babies and kids.

it’s possible to be a hateful piece of shit while smiling. a good cartoon

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