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  • the skin is too thin

    I see your comics posted everywhere on reddit and 4chan yet no one ever comments on your new comics, strange.

    • fuckingstoned

      Because they’re sophomoric and shit.

  • John Adams

    Homophobic tweets cost you your job. Trumpaphobic tweets however…

    • dzsozi30

      Instant hire at some bullshit liberal “news” site.

    • Hason2003

      “global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make the U.S manufacturing non-compatitive”
      “If she wasn’t my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her”
      “the beauty of me is that i’m very rich”.
      “I have a good relationahips with the blacks”
      “we’ll build a wall, and make the maxicans pay for it!”
      All of them are real,You can check.

  • Erohiel


  • co

    I love being a child, except when I’m being threatened by adults who have somehow become more immature and intolerant than I.

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    lt’s okay to smile

  • it’s possible to be a hateful piece of shit while smiling. a good cartoon

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