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  • Nuke Mecha

    Reminds me of when the Tea Party was besmirched by the (((media)))

  • rdococ

    Obviously the left means “big government”, not “equality” or “basic human decency” or any of that shit.

    • xvtc


    • Carlos Navia

      Basic human decency doesn’t correlate with equality always.
      Nor does the left correlate with those terms, it just invokes them vacuously to centralize power after a brief utopian stage.

  • antifa supersoldier

    Technically it’s a larval swastika

    • Technically you’re a moron.

    • Allon Keller

      ‘Don’t impose upon my rights’ is a larval swastika.
      Only in the same world that your brain is as smooth as a bowling ball.

    • Maxim Sukharev

      Technically you’re a obvious dumbfuck.

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