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  • 12judges

    No need to fear, KEK is a meme of peace.

  • NPC the Clown

    The real question is does he have the fun size bars or the king size?

  • Divosa Uplanovytch


  • Blackbeard

    Dancing Israelis

  • Meme Lord

    The literal demon is perfect

  • First Groyper battle. Groypers:1 Tiny hat shill: 0.
    TP-USA is shedding membership, even chapter leaders are quitting in disgust.

  • so, a Grand Old Partist is spooked by a groyper?

    Happy Halloween, stonetoss.

  • William Nelson

    I think Lindsey grahmn has a little bit of immunity to groyper..he comes out every once in awhile then heads back to the closet..but it is reelection time he hangs out with groyper longer

  • Major Matt Mason

    Groyp therapy? 😉

  • Lhassir

    The republicans are at one hell of a crossroads. They either continue to cater and attempt to (and fail) to appease the left and eventually become irrelevant . Or they start paying mind to the issues being brought up by groups like the groypers, instead of focusing purely on the economy and GDP numbers. It’ll take a generational change to do this, and in all honesty, it’ll be too late at that point.

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