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  • 2Liberal4You

    Bell Curve is pseudoscience

    • Divosa Uplanovytch

      believe in your dreams

    • Blarg Blarg

      Your sub 85 IQ average is showing.

  • George King

    sloped forehead

  • Wumple Dumple

    you can’t prove a negative, idiot.

    • James

      You can disprove a theory that’s evidence-based. This is not the kind of ‘negative’ that can’t be proved. If you were correct, not only could nothing ever be disproven, it would be impossible to claim that something was psuedo-science (this being a claim that it is NOT real science).

      • Rithmy

        poseudo science isn’t evidence based. Thats what makes it pseudo.Like saying tha thomoeopathic pills heal people.

  • eh, you could probably make a pretty good guess based on overall volume, and maybe also the relative size of various parts of the brain (ask an HBD guy about it)

    • AxiomaticSystem

      Doesn’t sound like something you can eyeball, however.

    • Jesher

      Size/volume? Maybe in proportion to body mass… But what you really want to look for are neurons and neural connections. You could have half as many neurons as the next guy, but be twice as intelligent if those neurons are four times more connected. Also the brain’s surface area, which increases with wrinkles.

  • BearGlitch

    Is this an excuse to treat black people like shit? Like the whole pump crack into neighborhoods by the CIA kinda shit?

    • xvtc

      Where are you getting that from? Hitting the shrooms again?

    • Anony Mouse

      I agree with you. So many people walk around believing that the “negroid” or “caucasian” races exist, and that that makes humans better or worse. The world really sucks

    • Industrialist Machinist

      Stop committing crime and you won’t be treated a certain way.

      • kill_me

        Honestly if we want to lower the crime among African-Americans a lot of steps need to achieve that. But I think the biggest obstacle is our concurrent two party system due to the fact that they have been screwing over African Americans for years and are not doing much to improve living conditions of Black communities or lower crime.

        • Industrialist Machinist

          IF you didn’t take the libertarian half wit approach, looked into genetics regarding intelligence, aggression and studies in time preference, you would understand that a 3+ party system isn’t going to start making blacks act human in 1st world countries around white people. Put the weed down, stop watching “The Wire” and do at least a little research you boring normie.

          • kill_me

            The problem with the Democratic Party and the GOP is that their policies don’t fix certain issues in our country and often makes things worse. We need a political party that actually cares about the people and our rights. Also there is no proof that the color of a person’s skin reflects their intellect, the poorer a region the more people will be less smart. It’s basic socioeconomic knowledge.

  • FizzFried

    Purely economic factors

    • Purely cultural factors. Detroit looks worse than Japan after 2 nukes because of those fucking lower life forms. Literally had to fucking lower the average IQ of a mental patient because blacks had below that.
      >inb4 muh evil wypipo oppression
      No Tyrone, no white people are telling you to go shoot your distant cousin because they wear a color you don’t like.

      • Chonezzz

        okay reatrd

        • Desmond

          nigger can’t spell

          • Mikee Daherr

            i will wait for the day you make a typo and destroy u with my high intilect you fucking redditor

          • Anon


          • İbrahim Çetin

            lol “intilect” how do you manage that? is “i” right next to “e” on your keyboard? 😀

      • TrueWOPR

        I know it’s old but do you have some sauce on the lowering of IQ qualifications for retardation or whatever? I’d love to have that stat in my arsenal but can’t seem to find it.

        • Yeah, people who play sports aren’t known for their I.Q.

          Same with human flesh lights.

        • TRVTH

          tl;dr version, the cutoff for mental retardation was 90 before the war, then, as it was noticed that Certain Populations were on average well below that, it was revised down, down, down, down, down, to avoid upsetting the tender sensibilities of the Melanistically Gifted, whose average IQ is around 80 in North America due to White admixture and closer to 50 in the sub-Saharan African lands where they originate.

      • Logshaman

        Now I wouldn’t call them “lower” now, I believe all humans carry an intrinsic value in them in some form

        • İbrahim Çetin

          That’s the religious line of thinking. All men are created equal etc. It’s just wrong. All humans might carry an intrinsic value but it’s not the same value.

          • Logshaman

            That I agree with, but to completely dismiss an entire race based on percieved better value in oneself would just be plain stupid.

          • İbrahim Çetin

            I don’t know what you mean by dismiss. But I am critical of racemixing. Once you do that you can’t un-mix. Your biological distinctiveness is gone forever. Thousands of years of evolution gets thrown into the trash can.

            There’s also the problem of preceived oppression and crime and a lot of other issues that are involved with two very different races of people living in very close proximity.

          • Logshaman

            Race-mixing can’t be stopped, so there is no point to object to it, but the only way that perceived oppression can be prevented is if two races in close proximity to each other mixed, leading to a melding of cultures, that would be the only way there would be no perceived oppression.

            Also, by dismiss I meant the stupid “HeH hEh I HaVe MeNTaL DiSoRdEr bUt i’M WhItE sO i aM BetTeR”

          • İbrahim Çetin

            “but the only way that perceived oppression can be prevented is if two races in close proximity to each other mixed, leading to a melding of cultures”

            This is desirable to you? to lose all the uniqueness of your race and culture and become one blob where everyone is the same. Sounds like a dystopia to me.

            “HeH hEh I HaVe MeNTaL DiSoRdEr bUt i’M WhItE sO i aM BetTeR”

            Yeah that’s a strawman

          • Logshaman

            When did I say that was desirable? I am only stating the facts, throughout history cultures have mixed together, it is a simple fact of civilization, you can’t stop it, and it is actually retarded to try to.

            “HeH hEh I HaVe MeNTaL DiSoRdEr bUt i’M WhItE sO i aM BetTeR” I was referring to “door cuck”, the dumbass who couldn’t even break into a synagogue and ended up shooting an old lady and a kebab shop owner.

          • İbrahim Çetin

            And how did you figure a guy with a Turkish name would know such an obscure reference? nevermind. Throughout history cultures only mixed up in multinational empires. Nation states can remain homogenous just fine.

          • Logshaman

            Then it would become a cultural salad bowl instead of a cultural melting pot, I can assume you are able to ascertain as to what that means.

          • Logshaman

            Also here is the article incase you didn’t figure out who door cuck was


    • Blarg Blarg

      Blacks do worse across all spectra even when accounting for socioeconomic factors.

      • Jesher

        I agree, because it’s factually true. However I still believe in the based blacks meme; far-right bell curve blacks are perfectly fine. As long as they aren’t fucking Marxists.

        • Bismark

          High bell curve people, sure, but what about their descendants? Can you guarantee they won’t regress back to the mean?

        • İbrahim Çetin

          They are fine but even they would be happier in Africa among their own people.

  • AxiomaticSystem

    Actually, they’re both a sickening greyish brown and I’d like to go home now.

  • Roberto Torres

    Actually the negroid brain is smaller, not joking

    • Anony Mouse

      The “negroid race” and “caucasian race” don’t exist. Humans are anatomically identical, although privileged Europeans didn’t see it that way in the 1700/1800’s

      • Industrialist Machinist

        Got another smooth brain here. Shape of bones, especially skulls tell you the sex and race of the person. How do you think detective work and autopsies happen nerd?

      • Nope

        You’re thinking about “species”, don’t mix race and species together, there are many different races with their inherent qualities but we are one species aka humans but European and African and other are in no moral or scientific way the same race. By moral i speak of culture.

  • Nyerguds

    IQ is influenced by education; though, so all that would prove is that black people don’t get access to the same level of education…

    • Yea because they chimp out in public schools. I can assure you its not the evil wypipos fault that the apes are smoking weed in school and getting into fights over what colors they wear. And I sincerely disagree with the fact that IQ has anything to do with education, because lets be honest, most of the shit they teach you will not improve your IQ.

    • Ryan Smith

      Why do the Democrats that run all the districts that black people live in not give black people access to good public schools?

    • Blarg Blarg

      Blacks do worse on all spectra even when accounting for socioeconomic factors.

  • Luka Mestek

    IQ doesnt not depend on Education, its biological
    Blacks have smaller brains and also have less curves or so called dents…
    thats the reason the IQ of a white person with Retardation syndrome is the equivalent of an Average African

    • Mikee Daherr

      are u retarded? “iq does not depend on education” u kinda have to read and do math to take parts of the iq test, which factor into your overall iq, at least you would get a good score on the reading part since you can type this neutron star of a take

      • Jesher

        That’s pretty rudimentary education. You’re talking basic arithmetic and reading/writing, which the average kid learns by 7/8 at the latest.

        Considering I scored a 175 IQ on an adult IQ test at the age of 10, I’d say that more education has exponentially diminishing returns. My IQ has most likely stagnated or declined as an adult, despite being infinitely more clever and wise than before.

        • Anthony

          kys fag, this is the most cringy thing I’ve read all day

          IQ tests were invented for completely different reasons than having a 200 pound natsoc manlet take it and brag about his gold star on the internet. using IQ to accurately measure intelligence is the biggest meme

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Ofc you say that untermensch dipshit, I bet you’re just a braindead niggerfaggot retard with 60 iq score that want to be valued like any White in a White conquered country by dismissing IQ tests.

        • P.N.

          That’s pretty rudimentary education. You’re talking basic arithmetic and reading/writing, which the average kid learns by 7/8 at the latest.

          Considering I scored a 175 IQ on an adult IQ test at the age of 10, I’d say that more education has exponentially diminishing returns. My IQ has most likely stagnated or declined as an adult, despite being infinitely more clever and wise than before.

          I’m just saving this for posterity in case you ever come back to read it, because, I kid you not, only idiots and assholes care about their IQ. Go join a Mensa circlejerk.

        • Anony Mouse

          I’m sure you did, buddy. We can clearly see you’re of a much higher intellect than we, and we kneel before your mightiness. /s

        • İbrahim Çetin

          “175 IQ” I smell that smelly smell
          You guys smell it too?

      • Maxim Sukharev

        Lmao you sperging faggots have zero clue what IQ tests are and how they work. They are entirely independent of education and take approach to test the logic and pure reason capabilities the person have. Your general intelligence doesn’t get higher the more you “educate” yourself, you retards.

  • themadpsychologist

    IQ tests are garbage. There is no such thing as an objective measurement of overall intelligence; people are just too specialized.

    • Blarg Blarg


  • Leviathan Xyzzy

    Anyone who bases intelligence on IQ are actually fucking idiots as IQ has no bearing on intelligence. So I guess you can feel better since you got a 68 while the national average is roughly 100.

    • ssgtnelson

      ….. wait a second….

  • Krynique

    Ok boomer, show me the difference between a human brain and a gorilla’s brain.

    • “Boomer” ok Zoomer.

      Go back to jerking off to incest tranny porn.

  • Jesse White

    Is this where all the Elliot Roger types gather to beat off like they’re trying to reenact a scene from Mississippi burning?

    • ssgtnelson

      I noticed you’re here too.

  • CoolCreeper39

    One of the most vile Stonetoss comics to date.

    • I agree.

      Makes me sick.

      I mean, just having human brains openly drawn in a comic like this is graphic and should have a warning.

    • Adriaan

      Yeah I thought we Jews erased any notion of biological differences between humans back when we created critical theory!

  • What do you mean?

    The current year?

  • Didn’t everybody who went to space get radiation poisoning?

    Low earth orbit is different from space.

    Dolphins still seem smarter to me.

  • Lefty

    lol stonetoss believes in iq.

    • Unfortunately, almost everyone does 🙁

  • Twilk9

    Wonderfully flawed argument.

    I guess he’s admitting that Jews are superior, since they have higher IQ scores on average than whites?

    Or I wonder what his thoughts are on the data that shows Black IQs have suddenly been growing faster than White IQs since the 60s

    • ssgtnelson

      The irony being… the joke… sailing over your head.

      • Twilk9

        Nah, I get the joke. It’s just that the joke, in order to work, has to ignore and leave out a bunch of science that cant be mentioned

        • ssgtnelson

          That’s what a joke is.

          • Twilk9

            Alright, hope you post that and go on your “just a joke” crusade on the comments of people who take this at face value and believe its proof of something that’s not true.

            Otherwise I’m going to start to believe that your love of jokes isn’t the issue here

          • ssgtnelson

            Good to see you still dont get the joke.

          • Twilk9

            Nope, got the joke. That liberals only like science when it backs them up.

            Now go and explain that it’s just a joke to everyone else on this comment board who’s taking it seriously. Or do you not care that it’s just a joke anymore

          • ssgtnelson

            Still not getting it.

  • Nick

    wow this is cool

  • James Daley

    Well no government support and no opportunity leads to this so.

    • ssgtnelson

      … that’s not how IQ works.

  • Maxim Sukharev

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