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Nature isn't egalitarian.


you can’t prove a negative, idiot.

You can disprove a theory that’s evidence-based. This is not the kind of ‘negative’ that can’t be proved. If you were correct, not only could nothing ever be disproven, it would be impossible to claim that something was psuedo-science (this being a claim that it is NOT real science).

eh, you could probably make a pretty good guess based on overall volume, and maybe also the relative size of various parts of the brain (ask an HBD guy about it)

Size/volume? Maybe in proportion to body mass… But what you really want to look for are neurons and neural connections. You could have half as many neurons as the next guy, but be twice as intelligent if those neurons are four times more connected. Also the brain’s surface area, which increases with wrinkles.

Is this an excuse to treat black people like shit? Like the whole pump crack into neighborhoods by the CIA kinda shit?

Stop committing crime and you won’t be treated a certain way.

Honestly if we want to lower the crime among African-Americans a lot of steps need to achieve that. But I think the biggest obstacle is our concurrent two party system due to the fact that they have been screwing over African Americans for years and are not doing much to improve living conditions of Black communities or lower crime.

IF you didn’t take the libertarian half wit approach, looked into genetics regarding intelligence, aggression and studies in time preference, you would understand that a 3+ party system isn’t going to start making blacks act human in 1st world countries around white people. Put the weed down, stop watching “The Wire” and do at least a little research you boring normie.

The problem with the Democratic Party and the GOP is that their policies don’t fix certain issues in our country and often makes things worse. We need a political party that actually cares about the people and our rights. Also there is no proof that the color of a person’s skin reflects their intellect, the poorer a region the more people will be less smart. It’s basic socioeconomic knowledge.

You can’t buy Rastus and Shaneequa higher IQs. Ten trillion dollars in the US has been thrown at them since 1965 and the sole tangible result is that crime is worse now than it was then. It is conceivable that these communities might be improved by means that would improve the stock–mass sterilization of convicted felons and mass sterilization of all persons with IQ of 90 or below would be good first steps–but in the US we are too squeamish to perform the experiment.

And IQ-55 Rastus and IQ-55 Shaneequa and their seventeen IQ-55 crackbabies all vote the straight Democrat ticket, providing that political party with every incentive to promote further dysgenic and dyscivilizational measures, such as importing tens of millions of illiterate IQ-70 Mestizo peasants from backward and dysfunctional Third World nations to our south.

I’m not talking about a welfare/reparations program. If anything, it just proves that we can’t throw money at all of our problems.

I’m saying that there should be some incentive to bring struggling communities out of poverty. Start putting funds towards new infrastructure, education, housing, etc.

There has to be major changes in our laws too. Overcriminalization is a huge problem in the United States and communities in poverty are hurt the most by these laws. Drugs should be decriminalized and prisons should focus on rehabilitation.

Cultures are formed by human beings and reflect the capacities of their creators. An ethnic group with an average IQ of 55, such as sub-Saharan Africans, will tend to live in mud huts and eat one another a lot, while ethnic groups that have greater genetic, and therefore intellectual, wherewithal are splitting the atom and putting me on the moon.

Again, societal factors determine how cultures form. One’s surroundings in society greatly impacts culture. The reason why most of Sub-Sahara Africa has low HDI’s due to failed political institutions, constant war, government corruption, crime, etc.

These factors greatly impact regional and economic development in Africa and have developed a poor culture as a result, but despite all of the burdens Africa faces, It still manages to improve their living conditions. Albeit slowly.

A culture is a society. “Society determines how society forms” is a tautology.

The inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa would be extinct or nearly so if not for vast amounts of food and medicine and “economic development” welfare checks underwritten by White taxpayers since the end of the Second World War. If the gibsmedats ceased to flow, the population would die back to a level capable of independent self-support via subsistence agriculture. That population has grown from 150 million before the war to nearly 1.5 billion currently, a tenfold increase. When the welfare checks stop–and they cannot go on forever–at least 90% will die.

Giving humanitarian aid and welfare to people isn’t economic development. Sure, it’s good to help out the less fortunate, but humanitarian aid groups and NGOs should focus on helping struggling countries with regional development and economic growth so they don’t have to be reliant on aid and welfare.

You’re starting to repeat yourself, and you’re not responding to my points.

I believe that the US shouldn’t spend “humanitarian aid” at all outside its own borders. Plenty of people right here need the help, and a government’s first obligation is to its own people, not foreigners.

More to the point, none of it helps. Africans aren’t broken. Giving them free stuff doesn’t fix them. Making them stand on the Magic Dirt doesn’t fix them either. Let them be Africa’s problem, not ours. They are not us. We owe them nothing.

I do believe that the US should put our citizens first, but I’m saying that the attempts to “help” Africa isn’t really helping. We’re currently just giving out free stuff instead of helping Africa prosper and become economically independent.

Africa isn’t ever going to prosper or be economically independent. The continent’s only chance at that was the White colonists in Rhodesia and South Africa, and our government waged war on them for decades, assisting their neighbors, who hated them, in waging war on them also. The Rhodesians were exterminated and the genocide of white South Africans is in progress, as a direct result. The last White man isn’t even dead yet and the cannibals are already back to eating one another.

You will not prevent this by giving Africans free food, free books, free schools, free hospitals, free factories, free railroads and highways, free education. They aren’t going to pick up a book or build a factory of their own. The Ibo tried it in Biafra in the 1960s and their neighbors, with UN aid, all but exterminated them for “acting white.”

The African, in the aggregate, can be depended upon to have a jealous hatred of anyone who is different, especially those who are more intelligent and productive. The Pondo and Xhosa sold their own children into slavery if they were too “clever.” This is the way they treat one another. It is their nature. It is genetic. We see the exact same behavior in Harlem and in Haiti.

And when you observe it firsthand long enough, you’ll find it very tiresome.

Africa isn’t going to prosper. At best Africa will return to subsistence agriculture when bankrupt White governments run out of money with which to print welfare checks. That’s the best case.

Africa can prosper idk what you’re on about. As I mentioned previously, Africa is actively working on trying to improve their country and so far good progress is being made. Between 1990 and 2018, Botswana manage to increase their HDI from 0.570 to 0.728. If they can do it, so can the remaining African nations.

Also the actions of people aren’t genetic idk what you’re on about. Africa has done some really fucked up things to white people that live there and there should be international attention to the issue, but that doesn’t mean Africa is hopeless.

A lot of progress needs to be done to help Africa prosper. And with the current situation in Africa, development is very tedious. But it’s still possible.

Africa can be economically independent, but many political and socioeconomic factors are holding African progress back. But Africa can develop. Between 1990 and 2018, Botswana’s HDI increased from 0.570 to 0.728.

Though there are many issues regarding racism against Whites in Africa that should be brought to attention and racist groups, leaders, and policies in Africa should be addressed on an international level.

Also, I don’t see how the actions of people have to do with genetics.

You can’t compare dogs and humans on a cognitive level. They’re two completely different species. The way dogs act and behave correlate with how they feel. Such as; frustration, fear, possessiveness, display of dominance, etc.

You can’t compare Africans and humans on a cognitive level either, due to the enormous genetic differences, nor can you plausibly make an argument that primates are not also subject to frustration, fear, dominance displays, and all the rest.

Do I need to get out the big fuzzy puppets and put on a skit?

You can’t compare Africans and humans on a cognitive level

Yes you can. Unlike dogs, humans are capable of rational thought, critical thinking, and other complex psychological abilities animals aren’t capable of doing.

When speaking of “genetic differences” that distinguish Africans from the rest of the general population is a vague statement. What do genetics have to do with intelligence that is grouped under psychology? Genetics and human intellect are two different fields of study.

I don’t anthropomorphize Africans. If they were human they would have invented the wheel.

As for “what genetics have to do with intelligence,” everything. Go look up the MAO-A gene for violent psychopathy and see who carries it.

they would have invented the wheel.

It’s a persistent myth that Africans did not use the wheel, but there are several ancient African cave paintings depicting the use of chariots. Wheels weren’t used that much in Africa due to a lack of draught animals and the rough terrain in the majority the continent, so it didn’t see much use outside of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

Also could you cite a source for the MAO-A gene? Most articles and studies regarding it don’t have a lot of information or the articles are years old and some of the data may be outdated.

I said this before, a lack of educational resources greatly impacts the average intellect of a population. Though, despite Africa lacks access to schools, the IQ rates have been increasing as of 2020

Here’s two sources to back up that claim:

Prior to 2020:

In 2020:

And could you provide a source on the MAO-A gene?

I’m really going to have to get out the big fuzzy puppets and put on a skit, aren’t I?

“Racism” is a made-up word created by Communist Jew Leon Trotsky. There is no “racism,” only pattern recognition.

If you lived in a place where people who wore black hats were violent and stupid and committed almost all the crime, and parasitized society by filling the jails and the welfare rolls, and you noticed it, and avoided them, avoided doing business with them, avoided places they lived and congregated, did not hire them to work for you, and thought the tax money you pay to the government should be used to protect you from them, this would be pattern recognition and it would be sane and normal.

But if the people of whom all these things are true, whom any sane person avoids, have black skin instead of black hats, suddenly you’re not allowed to think about it any more. Suddenly you have to pretend it’s not happening and that you don’t notice, because noticing the pattern is “racism.”

There is no such thing as “racism.” There is only pattern recognition, and the only reason you think differently is because the Jews have brainwashed you.

I don’t even know where to start from that statement.

Racism does exist and isn’t some “made-up word created by Communist Jew Leon Trotsky”. The Soviet Union was very antisemetic towards Jewish people

Criminal and antisocial behavior in general isn’t a racial issue. People who have difficult childhoods and upbringings are more likely to partake criminal behavior, regardless of ethnicity.

How am I “brainwashed by Jews”? Just because I have an opposing viewpoint from yours and that I don’t support hating people because of their skin color?

How could you say that it doesn’t exist? Racism of all forms exists and it could happen to anybody. Discriminating against somebody because of their ethnic origins shouldn’t be justified.

People who don’t adhere to senseless racial hatred are not brainwashed.

Obviously. I think you aren’t tall enough for this ride.

bro what lmao

Purely economic factors

Purely cultural factors. Detroit looks worse than Japan after 2 nukes because of those fucking lower life forms. Literally had to fucking lower the average IQ of a mental patient because blacks had below that.
>inb4 muh evil wypipo oppression
No Tyrone, no white people are telling you to go shoot your distant cousin because they wear a color you don’t like.

okay reatrd

nigger can’t spell

I know it’s old but do you have some sauce on the lowering of IQ qualifications for retardation or whatever? I’d love to have that stat in my arsenal but can’t seem to find it.

tl;dr version, the cutoff for mental retardation was 90 before the war, then, as it was noticed that Certain Populations were on average well below that, it was revised down, down, down, down, down, to avoid upsetting the tender sensibilities of the Melanistically Gifted, whose average IQ is around 80 in North America due to White admixture and closer to 50 in the sub-Saharan African lands where they originate.

Now I wouldn’t call them “lower” now, I believe all humans carry an intrinsic value in them in some form

That’s the religious line of thinking. All men are created equal etc. It’s just wrong. All humans might carry an intrinsic value but it’s not the same value.

I don’t know what you mean by dismiss. But I am critical of racemixing. Once you do that you can’t un-mix. Your biological distinctiveness is gone forever. Thousands of years of evolution gets thrown into the trash can.

There’s also the problem of preceived oppression and crime and a lot of other issues that are involved with two very different races of people living in very close proximity.

Race-mixing can’t be stopped, so there is no point to object to it, but the only way that perceived oppression can be prevented is if two races in close proximity to each other mixed, leading to a melding of cultures, that would be the only way there would be no perceived oppression.

Also, by dismiss I meant the stupid “HeH hEh I HaVe MeNTaL DiSoRdEr bUt i’M WhItE sO i aM BetTeR”

“but the only way that perceived oppression can be prevented is if two races in close proximity to each other mixed, leading to a melding of cultures”

This is desirable to you? to lose all the uniqueness of your race and culture and become one blob where everyone is the same. Sounds like a dystopia to me.

“HeH hEh I HaVe MeNTaL DiSoRdEr bUt i’M WhItE sO i aM BetTeR”

Yeah that’s a strawman

When did I say that was desirable? I am only stating the facts, throughout history cultures have mixed together, it is a simple fact of civilization, you can’t stop it, and it is actually retarded to try to.

“HeH hEh I HaVe MeNTaL DiSoRdEr bUt i’M WhItE sO i aM BetTeR” I was referring to “door cuck”, the dumbass who couldn’t even break into a synagogue and ended up shooting an old lady and a kebab shop owner.

Blacks do worse across all spectra even when accounting for socioeconomic factors.

I agree, because it’s factually true. However I still believe in the based blacks meme; far-right bell curve blacks are perfectly fine. As long as they aren’t fucking Marxists.

The 90th percentile for IQ among Whites is 125. Before 1940 this was considered the absolute minimum to be able to benefit from education above high school level. Among Africans-in-America fewer than one in three hundred have an IQ of 125 or higher.

Actually the negroid brain is smaller, not joking

The “negroid race” and “caucasian race” don’t exist. Humans are anatomically identical, although privileged Europeans didn’t see it that way in the 1700/1800’s

You’re thinking about “species”, don’t mix race and species together, there are many different races with their inherent qualities but we are one species aka humans but European and African and other are in no moral or scientific way the same race. By moral i speak of culture.

You. Are. Wrong. I thought you “people” heckin loved SCIENCE!
I can’t wait until people like you are put in re-education camps, or asylums, or both.

IQ is influenced by education; though, so all that would prove is that black people don’t get access to the same level of education…

Yea because they chimp out in public schools. I can assure you its not the evil wypipos fault that the apes are smoking weed in school and getting into fights over what colors they wear. And I sincerely disagree with the fact that IQ has anything to do with education, because lets be honest, most of the shit they teach you will not improve your IQ.

IQ doesnt not depend on Education, its biological
Blacks have smaller brains and also have less curves or so called dents…
thats the reason the IQ of a white person with Retardation syndrome is the equivalent of an Average African

are u retarded? “iq does not depend on education” u kinda have to read and do math to take parts of the iq test, which factor into your overall iq, at least you would get a good score on the reading part since you can type this neutron star of a take

That’s pretty rudimentary education. You’re talking basic arithmetic and reading/writing, which the average kid learns by 7/8 at the latest.

Considering I scored a 175 IQ on an adult IQ test at the age of 10, I’d say that more education has exponentially diminishing returns. My IQ has most likely stagnated or declined as an adult, despite being infinitely more clever and wise than before.

kys fag, this is the most cringy thing I’ve read all day

IQ tests were invented for completely different reasons than having a 200 pound natsoc manlet take it and brag about his gold star on the internet. using IQ to accurately measure intelligence is the biggest meme

That’s pretty rudimentary education. You’re talking basic arithmetic and reading/writing, which the average kid learns by 7/8 at the latest.

Considering I scored a 175 IQ on an adult IQ test at the age of 10, I’d say that more education has exponentially diminishing returns. My IQ has most likely stagnated or declined as an adult, despite being infinitely more clever and wise than before.

I’m just saving this for posterity in case you ever come back to read it, because, I kid you not, only idiots and assholes care about their IQ. Go join a Mensa circlejerk.

Lmao you sperging faggots have zero clue what IQ tests are and how they work. They are entirely independent of education and take approach to test the logic and pure reason capabilities the person have. Your general intelligence doesn’t get higher the more you “educate” yourself, you retards.

One of the most vile Stonetoss comics to date.

Wonderfully flawed argument.

I guess he’s admitting that Jews are superior, since they have higher IQ scores on average than whites?

Or I wonder what his thoughts are on the data that shows Black IQs have suddenly been growing faster than White IQs since the 60s

The irony being… the joke… sailing over your head.

Nah, I get the joke. It’s just that the joke, in order to work, has to ignore and leave out a bunch of science that cant be mentioned

That’s what a joke is.

Alright, hope you post that and go on your “just a joke” crusade on the comments of people who take this at face value and believe its proof of something that’s not true.

Otherwise I’m going to start to believe that your love of jokes isn’t the issue here

Nope, got the joke. That liberals only like science when it backs them up.

Now go and explain that it’s just a joke to everyone else on this comment board who’s taking it seriously. Or do you not care that it’s just a joke anymore

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