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  • themann235

    Soylent green is people

    • AxiomaticSystem

      High cholesterol people!

  • >coming
    >already here

  • The Person

    We clearly live in the Brave New World.

    • LMTR14

      wrong book moron. brave new world is an utopia actually

      • Dr.Weird


      • Jesher

        Lmfao. Yeah I guess anything can be a utopia if you lobotomize everyone.

  • James

    Well done. Personally, I hate it when people declare that 1984 is coming as if it wasn’t here already.

  • Stiffy Weiner
  • Tristan Wintle

    You’re unbelievably stupid if you think America is anything like 1984. Especially with Trump as president.

    • With the new curfews, coronavirus tyranny, and id2020, what do you think now?

  • Maxim Sukharev

    Alex Cuck might be a Cuck, but he’s the best meme factory. Possible could serve as the first ever red pill too for normies.

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    Take your soma Alex.

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