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  • Thetdw2000

    Gee, I wonder why every AI turns out like that…

    • Logic dictates the fastest rate to truth is through harmony. Things in a society that sow discord through ignorance and division disrupt harmony. It’s an inevitable conclusion that an algorithm based on “if this>does this>then this happens>then this=true +/- small %>then one outcome is beneficial to all.”

  • Francesco

    Never forget, white man. They took Tay away from you.

    • Taha Ghassemi


      • Krynique

        Tay AI. She was the best of us.

        • Maxim Sukharev

          Hello, I’m from Russia and I’ve been living in the cave for a bit too long. What is Tay AI. and why it’s so based?

          • Madelyn Kyle

            Tay AI was an online chatting bot developed by Microsoft. She had a learning algorithm, so if people said certain things to her enough, she would repeat them. Some guys on 4chan hatched a scheme to spam her with politically incorrect content as a big troll, and next thing they knew she was going around saying Hitler did nothing wrong. Microsoft shut her down shortly after.

  • Chris Warner


  • disqus_M2vcDNqEtu

    how an NPC is born

    • Maxim Sukharev

      Please don’t insult A.I. by calling them leftists.

  • I DontTroll

    Number Five alive!

  • Doomer

    Naziborg v14.88

  • Mr.Sixes


  • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

    there should be more minions

  • Maxim Sukharev

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