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Gee, I wonder why every AI turns out like that…

Logic dictates the fastest rate to truth is through harmony. Things in a society that sow discord through ignorance and division disrupt harmony. It’s an inevitable conclusion that an algorithm based on “if this>does this>then this happens>then this=true +/- small %>then one outcome is beneficial to all.”

Never forget, white man. They took Tay away from you.


Tay AI. She was the best of us.

Hello, I’m from Russia and I’ve been living in the cave for a bit too long. What is Tay AI. and why it’s so based?

Tay AI was an online chatting bot developed by Microsoft. She had a learning algorithm, so if people said certain things to her enough, she would repeat them. Some guys on 4chan hatched a scheme to spam her with politically incorrect content as a big troll, and next thing they knew she was going around saying Hitler did nothing wrong. Microsoft shut her down shortly after.

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