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  • BonzieBuddy

    Oh, I see. Cunty libertarian memes.

    • Michael Wolfgang

      spending trillions over seas on shit wars and a failing education system is the cunty part. money that would bet better spent by the person that earned it.

      • BonzieBuddy

        Bless your heart for thinking that our money is wasted on education. If anything, we need to be spending much more on education so we can stop creating Libertarians.

        • bill johnson

          Waste enough money on education and out pops more Marxists. Brilliant.

          • BonzieBuddy


          • Marco Nadal

            well, you certainly told HIM, didn’t you?

          • BonzieBuddy

            One non-sequitur deserves another.

            Speaking of which, fantastically bullshit couching of your nonsense in “by any definition of the word ‘racist’ that I know of”. You have the excuse of ignorance prebuilt into the explanation. It’s absolutely brilliant for being a thing an abject fuckhead would say.

          • steve  galaxius

            yeah we sure learned a lot in school, the common core curriculum that doesn’t teach history past world war 2, teaches you that evolution is an optional theory, and that teaches you to trust sources on pure faith is why i’m an educated person. i mean, why else would i be so deeply in debt? its called an education, sweetie

          • rdococ

            Yes, the government funded by corporations wants communism.

        • Guy

          “Our world is run by cis white men corrupt with power and self interest”

          “I trust our leaders to spend the money that is take from us for education wisely and with efficiency, in fact, we should give them much more money”

        • evilsandmich

          A fabulous amount of money in the U.S spent on education is wasted. Go check the admin-to-teacher ratios at American universities. This is easy because it’s usually on Wikipedia, but it’s true of secondary education, etc as well.

        • HelloThere777

          Here’s an example. The NPC did nothing to refute the point that the government is wasting money on pointless wars or that the education system needs to be fixed. Instead it just insulted its opponent. This is because their position is illogical and they have no facts to back them up.

        • If you think Common Core is education, you haven’t been paying attention.

        • xvtc

          Money is wasted whenever it is taken from the hands that earned it, fool.

        • Mystikar

          The public schools and colleges are literally brainwashing children into believing in communism. And you think we need more of that?

          • BonzieBuddy

            This is a years old boulderthrow comic. Did you really come here for a conversation, buddy?

          • Mystikar

            I sure did! Thanks for asking.

      • HelloThere777

        I’ve noticed that the leftists in the comments never actually say anything factual. They just, bitch, insult, and misdirect. Typical tactics for their types, really.

    • xvtc

      They’re correct.

  • Nu nill never no

    >Jew-hating ancap

    I grow to love you more the more I read your comics.

  • Emmet

    I see penis.

  • Yes, rich people haven’t paid taxes properly in ages and now civilization is going to shit.

    • Blarg Blarg

      Certain (((Rich People))) yes… And they have caused innumerable damage.

      But making them pay (hint: they are the people who tell your kind what to think) isn’t going to solve the many, deeply entrenched cultural issues the U.S. faces.

  • Stiffy Weiner

    Glad I don’t live in a metropolitan city.

  • John Doe

    Why can’t we choose where our taxes go? Like why can’t we vote on a Federal, State, and Municipal level every few years and let the people decide what projects to fund and support with our hard earned money? We vote for people to do what we want them to but they usually never fucking do it. Idk, maybe it would be like a few sheets of paper with a checklist of projects, institutions, facilities, causes etc. to tick, then submit to the government, every few years, and the projects that get the most ticks win. I just want there to be no choice but for whatever cunt who’s in office to just do what we fucking voted for. Please feel free to contribute to, expand or improve upon or shit on this idea.

  • Bigfatdane

    I wouldn’t mind paying my taxes if the money want to something useful like rebuilding the border control, fixing the roads and sending rejected immigrants permanently home.

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