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  • Punch Manga

    Monster, kill it

    • AxiomaticSystem

      Mortal weapons cannot harm it

  • quickshooter

    truly ascended

  • Stiffy Weiner

    I’ve has some of the best anal orgasms on nofap.

    A good cartoon.

  • patchouli_life

    My experience with nofap:
    Like most people, I was depressed before nofap. I tried to kill myself several times each day. I found myself googling some incredibly morbid questions like: what is the meaning of life? When will the world end? How do I get away with killing all my enemies?. I was also a crack addict, a meth addict, a weed addict, a heroin addict, a jenkem addict, amongst other things, so I decided to try nofap.
    After only 90 days of nofap, my life changed completely! I kicked all my drug addictions, I became immune to: cancer, aids, diabetes, ebola, I’m pretty sure I became immortal, and I even got the ability to fly, turn invisible and shoot lasers out of my eyes!
    Nofap has been incredible for me, and I hope you guys try it as well!

  • Elastic Probe

    Unironiclly, I think not having sex for non-reproductive purposes is an awesome idea, just shows how you can handle regular human impulses and thus you become an ascended creature.

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