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A hard obstacle, for sure.


I’ve has some of the best anal orgasms on nofap.

A good cartoon.

My experience with nofap:
Like most people, I was depressed before nofap. I tried to kill myself several times each day. I found myself googling some incredibly morbid questions like: what is the meaning of life? When will the world end? How do I get away with killing all my enemies?. I was also a crack addict, a meth addict, a weed addict, a heroin addict, a jenkem addict, amongst other things, so I decided to try nofap.
After only 90 days of nofap, my life changed completely! I kicked all my drug addictions, I became immune to: cancer, aids, diabetes, ebola, I’m pretty sure I became immortal, and I even got the ability to fly, turn invisible and shoot lasers out of my eyes!
Nofap has been incredible for me, and I hope you guys try it as well!

idk, when i try nofap i wanna kill everything that irritates me, and this is, again – everything 🙂 so, if u cant rationally use your energy, just fap and chill, it’s better, than going to jail

No, those desires are the product of your addiction and do not solve the core of the problem. You have a terrible lack of self-control that leads you to feel that if you do not satisfy your addiction you could end up doing atrocities and consequently going to jail.
Also, you have a terrible lack of Jesus in your life, but don’t worry, both problems can be solved.

Unironiclly, I think not having sex for non-reproductive purposes is an awesome idea, just shows how you can handle regular human impulses and thus you become an ascended creature.

I can eat nothing but bread,

I controlled my urges, but, why?

Sex doesn’t kill you, eating doesn’t kill you

Its excessive sex that hurts you

Enjoy sex.
That’s what we’re built for. But enjoy it with your wife, not a computer, a stripper, or a girlfriend.

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