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  • Dabby Woods

    Thank god, I though you were gonna miss your upload today which is the only thing I have to look forward to on tuesday and thursday <3

  • QuickshooterMk2
  • Antisemitism Isavirtue

    The lines ‘leftist’ scum and their ilk will never cross.

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Modern leftist scum you mean. Dudes like Marx and Stalin didn’t give a shit if they were kikes, if you were a capitalist, you were dead.

  • so some people worked harder than others? as long as they aren’t white it’s alright.
    white people have not worked for literally anything. it has all been given to them all their lives.

    • Lesbian

      didnt you say you were jewish before?

      • yeah, i’m jewish not white
        it wasn’t given to me we took it from you.

        • Speg.

          Lmao what are the jews gonna take, Our woman. That’s about a fallacy of a threat as he jew’s not giving babies an std

        • Lesbian

          you act like you were one of the six gorrilion but you are probably a quarter mutt jew who grew up in some middle class suburb

    • co

      disproportionately. also i think you meant goyim*

    • Speg.

      Hahaha, Classic left ideology. Because a skin colour determines the molecular correctness, fantasies and acts of life. I had a hella hard time growing up and im white. This man has the thinking skills and mentality of a Jewish priest. Go give some kids aids, your kind are fucken sick and your religious practices are for the benefit to take days of work, It’s a big scam like Christianity but Christianity was for the socialist concept. This is what we call ladies and gentleman genetic fallacy. Behold the biggest fuckhead and entitled incel of 2019.

    • Antisemitism Isavirtue

      >white people have not worked for literally anything. it has all been given to them all their lives.

      Do you even know what a serf is? What a “Leibeigener” is? A peasant under a king?

      The vast majority of ‘whites’ were basically slave caste and they still are apex.

      Only difference is that serfs from back then could buy themselves free and become literally Free men, Freiherren.

      Can’t do that today, not even jews can do that, other jews ruined that for the common jew, too.
      It’s just that ALL jews are surplus to requirement to the world, to white people, so there literally is not a single reason to keep any jew around.

  • Evidently I’m an idiot and can’t pick up on the subtlety of this. Can someone break this down for a dumb dumb like me? Why is the protester nervous that 2% are 40% of billionaires?

    • BOB

      It’s because Jews are 40% of the billionaires, despite being 2% of the population.

  • Adzl33t

    Conquer the bread, conservatives bitch about capitalism too, when it’s inconvient to them

    • Painting Guardian

      a nation’s ideals and fantasies can be observed by looking at the iconography put on their flags; empires and regencies display dragons, unicorns, griffons, golden lions and other such beasts of myth and high power in an attempt to attain their might. communist regimes display full wheat fields and peasant labour tools in an attempt to get their dysfunctional and poorly maintained farms to work properly for once.

      • Adzl33t

        The Soviet Russia was just a hyped up company town, with hierchies

  • Adzl33t

    White slave owners raped Black women, that’s African American have lighter skin than regular Africans

    Piss on Robert Lee

    • Antisemitism Isavirtue

      >White slave owners

      The ‘greatest instance of antisemitism in America’ was the trial and hanging of the jew Leo Frank after a whole white jury, judge, persecution, police force believed the words of two black men over an incredibly infuentlial jew and an all star jewish defense on the case of the jew trying to pin his murder rape of a little white girl on a black worker by blackmailing, heh, another.

      This one single jew getting rightfully hanged had so much of a splashback that the ADL of Bnai Brith was formed.
      Yeah, Leo Frank of Bnai Brith. His hanging led to the creation of the ADL, the anti defamation league that has done nothing but race bait whitey against blacky ever since.

      But one day blacks will learn to distinguish whites from semites, and then the jews will have lost their greatest bioweapon.

      • Adzl33t

        I hope for a White Entho state, inbreeding for Kansas

    • Heather Cross

      Black owned slaves outnumbered white slave owners for a time. A black man at one point had the most slaves in the southern USA for a time.

      re-read history, not the shit they taught you in middle school, faggot.

      • Adzl33t

        Ha, I barely remember Public school, which were made for factory workers fodder

      • morgondag

        “Black owned slaves outnumbered white slave owners for a time” what is the source and what exactly is the comparison supposed to mean? Are you denying the vast majority of slave owners were White?

  • Adzl33t

    Legalize incest to keep whites “pure”

  • Adzl33t

    Alt Right hates liberty and freedom, and are Putin’s whores

    • jeff “Xxx_The_Faceless_Man_xxX

      >The right
      >Literal communists
      ok reatrd

      • Adzl33t

        Pfft Putin a communist, hahhahaha

        Also China are capitalists

    • Dr. Congo Ebola

      “Muh Russia”

      • Adzl33t

        Conquer the Bread comrade

        Also Stalin was a traitor to the workers

    • Blarg Blarg

      You are unendingly stupid.

  • jeff “Xxx_The_Faceless_Man_xxX


  • Malthe


  • morgondag

    I have no idea if that figure is correct (assuming it refers to Jews, reading the discussion here), but if so what difference does it make? If we confiscate their property Lenin-style, we will do it whether they are Jews or not. If we go along a more moderate social democratic route, raising taxes on corporations, capital gains, large inheritances and so on, expand welfare systems, and support unionization so wages can take back a larger share from profits, it will hit Jew billionaires just like other billionaires. Of course it shouldn´t be taboo to mention that the percentage of super-rich that is Jews, just like the percentage that is White, but it is not the most important point.

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Despite being 2%

    • QuickshooterMk2

      of the population
      Jews make up 40% of billionares

  • So retarded, it’s almost approaching the point

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