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Ahahaha, as a religious this is degenerated.

I think everything hyper-sexual is degenerated in most of Religion’s view.

Sex serves a purpose in nature, that is, to procreate

In (((modern society))) sex mostly serves to destroy women’s ability to pair-bond and procreate STIs, hence it is degenerate even without a religious outlook

Libertarians and liberalists say that each finger should penetrate the anus as an individual. Combining the fingers into a fist is collectivist, and that’s supposed to be bad for some reason.

Collectivism is only bad if it’s enforced via top down tyranny.

White nationalism drives progressives nuts because it shows a Hayekian spontaneous order. It re-emerged organically, dispersed across society and without central planning – indeed, in defiance of central planning.

The fact that so many white men can resist our elites’ stupid and damaging utopianism, despite the pressures to conform, says something encouraging about the sovereignty of man’s mind.

Well, that’s because Ethnic Tribalism is one of our basic instincts, predating humanity. And it’s not just us whites that have this instinct, In fact, I would say it’s strongest in all other ethnicities. Don’t know whether that’s biological or cultural, but it’s probably the latter.

Not totally disagreeing, but surely it isn’t wholly black and white. What about parents and children? What about when a community has to decide on behalf of someone mentally ill? Lots of things could be construed as tyranny, and lots of tyranny could be construed as greater good.

Governments aren’t your parents. And in small communities everyone basically knows each other. Those are very different situations than modern societies/countries.

Agreed. I certainly wish authority was decentralized back to communities who can most efficiently wield that authority. Big government would be used best for drop-kicking subversive fifth column communities. Too bad they didn’t do it to the ones that counted.

You do know it’s very easy to make a fake flyer right. Oh right, facts are Jewish. Continue with your sperging.

lol @ being unaware of Jews subverting facts and science for thousands of years, whether by Saturn cult Jews or Mason Jews or diaspora liberal Jews.

I know it’s EASIER to pretend everything isn’t disinfo, but you won’t have a meaningful discussion until you accept the subverted nature of all of academia.

If it isn’t mathematics or applied physics/engineering, then it’s not really science at all. The scope of science is not as wide as people want to believe.

got anything to back that up?

Like vaccines totally not causing autism, except when sometimes they do? All of soft/social sciences?

Plus there’s tons of reasons to suspect the Royal Society and Smithsonian are not legit and cover up ancient relics.

My personal opinion is that Darwinism intentionally obfuscates the true origin of man, which is that we were created by another species as many mythologies corroborate.

Or how fats were considered super unhealthy, until it turned out that was a cover for the sugar industry? If you can’t think of bad science being pushed as fact then you gotta be new to the subject.

Or how the climate change narrative totally obfuscated the pole shifting hypothesis and geo/weather engineering tech, with numerous complaints of false or misleading scientific studies; suggesting it was a political ploy the whole time.

Like I said, if it isn’t applied physics/engineering, then it’s not science — and yet we have tons of soft sciences pushed as fact.

It took me some time to comprehend what my eyes are gazing at.

It’s like seeing the light for the first time after living in a cave for your entire life.

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