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  • David Sage

    Assuming that they had any. It’s usually all daddy’s money or they have to pool together with 6-8 flatmates to barely make ends meet. After all, is they had any marketable skills they wouldn’t be commies!

    • rdococ

      I’m surprised that the right wing has to resort to ad hominems and strawmen…..actually, I’m not that surprised, it’s all they have to back up their ridiculous nonsense.

      • David Sage

        It’s ironic because that’s literally what you are doing right now.
        Also if you read my other comments you’ll see that I’m not even right wing. I just have a particular distaste for champagne socialists and middle class Communists in general. Why should I not look down upon hypocrites and useful idiots?
        My argument isn’t evena a strawman as you’ve said: it’s simply anecdotal because it reflects my experience with young adults who advocate for any kind of socialism. Seriously have you ever seen a working class Communist in this century?!

        • antifa supersoldier

          Your first comment on this page said commies were poor

      • Grabadora 304

        They’re not leftists, they’re only pretending to be leftists.

        • Renato Bonfanti

          This is the no true scottman argument, even worse than strawman and used every time socialism fails very bad, maybe Nicolas Maduro is no a real socialist?!

      • Blarg Blarg

        You are talking about yourself and your side faggot.

        You are projecting.

      • ssgtnelson

        So why don’t Communists start redistributing their wealth now? Nothing prevents them from forming a giant commune and living their values… why drag us into it?

        • Deus Dex

          They want everyone to be as poor and miserable as them. Seeing the rest of the world do well while they live a hardworking humble subsistence lifestyle would be intolerable for them. They hate that others can do better than them.
          Their precious communism could actually work if they bought a piece of land, farmed it, built a factory and pooled their labor to grow food and produce goods/services for sale.The Amish have been doing it for hundreds of years. But that would require maturity and self discipline that leftist children just aren’t capable of.

    • Pedro Henrique

      Tech billionaires are leftists, tho.

      • The Sanity Inspectorن​

        As long ago as the 1930s it was observed that, in the U.S., the working class was Democratic, the middle class was Republican, and the upper class was Communist.

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