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Pre-pubescent drag queens are only the beginning



Numbers of jews gassed by national socialists since the alleged holocaust: 0. Zero.

Numbers of penises mutilated by jews since national socialist Germany: millions
Numbers of animals slaughtered with inhumane kosher slaughter practices since NatSoc Germany: probably billions.
Boycotts against domestic gentile trade with the kosher label and prerequisite for jewish patronage: countless.
Instances of masquerading as whites of European descent by ashkenazim for the purpose of race baiting and other sabotage: countless.
Resources drained from gentile nations and people, including the alleged saviors of the jews, the Americans: many, many billions worth.
Numbers of chickens waved around in the ritual of kapparot that transfers sins from the jew onto the chicken: probably billions.
Numbers of oaths and promises voided which whites take seriously and at face value via the ritual of kol nidre: countless since it happens every year at yom kippur.
Amount of antiwhite propaganda produced and aimed at even their alleged saviors: countless.
Amount of atrocities committed against gentiles: countless.
Amount of usurious FIAT currency created, peddled and cultivated by jews: a figure that doesn’t fit inside this comment due to the sheer number of zeroes.
Amount of meddling in foreign affairs despite usually being only 1-5% of the population: nigh infinite
Amount of marxism, bolshevism, globalism etc: infinite
Amount of kvetching in general: infinite.

And many, many, many other things that happened after the alleged holocaust, including the lie itself and all the atrocities against whites derived from that.

Now to the important tally:
Number of worries about jews voiced by gentiles based on actual things happening like genital mutilation et cetera legitimized by jews and golems: 0
Number of worries about nazis actively hunting, killing, persecuting, gassing jews despite none of that happenin legitimized by jews and golems: as many as there are claims made.

tl; dr:
jewish fear of persecution, which they deserve due to their heinous acts and despicable nature but is, sadly, not happening is routinely legitimized.
Gentile fear of the degrading, parasitical, atrocious effect of the jewish race in the light of their many, many actions which they commit daily is stamped away as irrational.

Chutzpah is a mental illness, though, and whitey has long grown tired of this stupid game.

Enjoy being banned from Discus.

FYI, silencing (or even the attempted silencing) of opinions you disagree with legitimizes them in the eyes of others. You are having the exact opposite effect you seem to want.

Unless you actually wanted to legitimize and confirm everything they wrote, in which case: well done.

r/antifastonetoss has more followers than your own twitter, moron.

What do I care about a parody page?

We have only your claim that it’s a parody page. Why should anyone believe you?

You’ve already boasted in this discussion about trying to get people banned who disagree with you, so you’ve already admitted that you’re a liar and you couldn’t care less about truth.

Also, I heard you like diddling little boys.

um excuse me sweaty, r/ antifastonetoss is moderated by Stonetoss himself

Red for their prolapsed anuses (“rosebuds”).
Orange for their weeping HIV sores.
Yellow for the piss they drink.
Green for the infected pus they ooze.
Blue for their unceasing depression.
Purple for their corpses after they hang themselves.

That’s the pride flag.

Meanwhile, a rainbow is a brilliant display of light that shows beauty and radiance.
Just in case people think that homosexuals actually have a rainbow for their flag. They don’t. They merely have some colored stripes in according to their deficiencies.

Gay people seem to make you upset….Want to talk about it?

Gay people make themselves upset.
I’m not the one giving them anal prolapses to the extent that plastic surgery has developed a branch for butthole tightening and anus bleaching, too. Lel.
I’m not giving them HIV. I’m not nurturing bugchasing fantasies in them, that’s their moribund minds wanting to die faster.
Et cetera, I’ve covered this in other comments.

Plus, I want them to be healed, but for that to happen, several things need to be changed.
homosexuality and its ilk must be seen as the illnesses they are.
then, what must lose its stigma is to be treated for it. That it is okay to be gay beause it’s easy to fix (someday in the future, hopefuly) and people can and do lose the mindset of “I’d never be happy as a normal straight man/woman” and instead get a chance of having children, continuing their now fixed bloodline, like the chain of continuation before them.

>but men are shit
>but women are shit
>but everything is depressing just let me have my anal fun
Fixing these things comes with the territory of being an antisemite and “nazi”.
And, for the benefit of the ones that come after you and I have died, I am not deterred by people like you or anyone else in the way of fixing the world.
You argue from a broken standpoint. I work towards the future where that standpoint is not there anymore.

Yeah, well, some people just want to be left the hell alone. You’re the one in the wrong there, not the people who just want to live a normal life.

Y’know the only real faggot here is you considering the complete gay-ness of the shit you post.

>the people who just want to live a normal life.
Abnormality is not normal.

>Y-you’re actually gay
Now that you know ‘nazi’ doesn’t work on me, you try this angle, huh?
Doesn’t work, either. You still have no leg to stand on, and you’re still the real faggot here.

The anger you are feeling is brought upon you by yourself and your inverted view on life.
Those who you oppose can only be decent folk. Nobody aligned with someone who can’t even grasp basic human reproduction is not the norm, no matter how much you try, in vain.

Maybe you were ‘educated’ to be this inverted, maybe you are naturally abberant, but the suicide rate of people like you, just like any other inverted degenerate that clings to themselves as the norm, perishes early, by themselves.

Like the bugchasers who know they’re living an unlife and would never accept being made straight and hold their biological inversion as the standard, begin fornicating with the most diseased and moribund.

Someting that will never be the norm, it is living death, walking corpses for whom right is wrong and wrong is right.
You are an honorary member of that group. You defy what is right, and suck upon society as a parasite, trying to debase it so your pain ends.
The pain that you could end on your own, not by suicide, but by embracing the fact that what you advocate is the inversion of life and all that stands for it.

Alright buddy. I’m on my way to have a massive gay sex orgy involving dozens of muscular men. It’s gonna be fucking cashhhhhh. Like truly, top of the line material. And after that, I think I’ll attend all the pride parades in my area. And after after that, I think I’ll continue to work on developing in vitro gametogenesis so I won’t even need sex cells to create new life, only somatic cells. Have fun being sad and lonely my dude.

How can I be sad if you’re this butthurt? You wouldn’t be able to be butthurt if you stopped listening to jewish and liberal (tautology) ‘teachings’.
That way you won’t be raised, won’t cut your teeth on strawman/parody nazis, which develops a misunderstanding about them in your brain.
Leaving you completely devastated when you bump into the real, non enemy parody deal.

When all you get fed is “fuck those dumb bigoted nazis” and nothing else, on repeat, how can you even hope to stand a chance here?

But yeah, sure, continue on your in virtro gametogenesis, it’s gonna be just as great as the MGTOW artifical wombs and sexbots. Which are totally a thing and will continue your bloodline for sure, so you really won’t need all this heterosexual dna swapping bullshit all the people responsible for your existence went through.

You want to do research? Research a way to heal homosexuals from their illness.
A sterila man and a sterile woman are not healthy. They can live a relatively normal life “despite that”, but they’re not healthy, normal people.
Neither are homosexuals, but unlike the sterile people, homosexuals are built up to parade their unfortunate illness as a virtue and often cannot even fathom “being straight and happy”, in any capacity.
Which is sad. They will not ever feel the same thing people felt in even worse situations throughout time, but still made them continue the species.
When the black death raged. When the ice age starved the humans back then. Horrible wars, famines, calamities, yet those more primitive people did it all to hold their babies to them, for a better future. To feel their softness, their heartbeat, a testament to the chance of not getting extinguished.

Meanwhile you, and others try to defy this needlessly. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to argue for a ‘transsexual’ to completely mutilate their body into the other direction rather than something more closely to their biological makeup.

Not I. I want the confused and ruined to be healed, and get a chance to experience the same things those earlier humans, including their parents, get to feel.
And sure, many families are broken, the past was shit, too, but ‘evil nazis’ like I am one of, fight to fix that, too.

Not that you’d know that, since, again, you’re trained by retards and therefore have become a deficient human, yourself.

Such is the price of listening to jewish teachings.

jews are creatures that debase others. Due to them you have to say no when yes is the truth, due to them you have to say yes when no is the truth.
When good is bad and bad is good, and they slowly make you one of them.
Abberations that should be left by the wayside instead.

Your masters, your idols, your teachers all make you a worse person. You could be different, but will you ever be? Will you ever make it past your indignant anger? Or will you have to be this pathetic, inverted creature that, like a parasite, looms on the backs of those still sane, forever trying to poison their minds too, just so you feel like you didn’t make these grave mistakes in your life.

You must fear such loneliness. Why else would you wish that what you fear the most to me.
But I am not lonely, and neither do I fear solitude. For I am not scared of my mind. I can be with it, comfortably. I don’t need constant diversion. Constant hedonism.

But yeah, go enjoy your pride parade. Go, go and have that gay sex.
You’ll be trolling me so good with that, it’s gonna be great.

Hey look, as a right-leaning individual, let me share my opinion on homosexual marriage. We should let gays exist, marry, not breed, do whatever they want without stigma or repression. Why? Because by doing this, we can isolate the individuals with homosexual genes and get them to not breed. Since genetics are at least SOMEWHAT related to homosexuality, if people with homosexual-inclined genes are not made to breed but instead allowed to die off, then those genes will INEVITABLY decline in the gene pool. If we can just let nature take its course and allow gays to not breed for several generations, and through properly indentifying that gene since there would be no stigma so those with the gay gene would be almost certain to life a gay, non-reproducing lifestyle, then after a few generations the entire gay population would logically be wiped out, since no-one left would have the gay gene. What do you think of the idea?

Wow, are you actually using the word ¨faggot¨? Don´t you know that´s a homophobic slur? What´s with all the anger here? Are you secretly GAY or something?

Also, there´s nothing wrong with not reproducing, but I don´t want some corporate-funded pride month shoved down my throat. A homosexual life certainly isn´t a ¨normal¨ one, if it was, why would we need a whole pride month for it? SOME people just want to be left the hell alone. You´re the one wrong there, not the people who just want to live a normal life without LGBT stuff shoved down our throats.

>Wow are you actually using the word “faggot”?
>Don’t you know that’s a homophobic slur?
Yes. I just don’t care.
Are you secretly GAY or something?
I’m bi.

Also yeah pride month is fucking retarded and the people who celebrate it are fucking retarded. Being gay doesn’t make you special or interesting you absolute fucking lemons.

you seem very angry… is your anger somewhat stemming from your internalized homophobia overriding your obvious attraction to the same sex? hmm hmm

Holy fuck this is going to provoke an immense amount of butthurt

And not the kind they’re used to

Fuck I’m against this comic but that genuinely made me laugh I’m a sucker for dark humor

Are you a masochist by any chance? You go to a separate website to read a comic you do NOT like …out of spite for yourself or something? I’m kinda lost here.

It’s called being a tolerant liberal. Being able to receive other views and opinions without hiding from them or calling the other party bigoted, kike, etc.

Hearing opinions that one doesn’t agree with is not a form of masochism, it’s called being a rational human being.

Experiment: Talk to 10 gay people for about 10 minutes each, and I GUARANTEE you AT LEAST 6 will be VERY upfront about being sexually abused as a child.

It’s quite logical, too.
The human sex drive is incredibly strong, that’s why celibacy and asceticism is such a thing one has to keep quite a bit of effort into.
Now, you have a homosexual man, and he’s tired of being celibate, or jerking it and he really wants to get off.
Women? Not doing it for him.
Girls? Not doing it for him.

Grown men? Homosexuals are actually quite rare, and most straight men see through the mist and recognize the grim reaper smiling from that direction, eliciting disgust.

In other words, he might get into a fight if he macks up a grown straight man.
Old men? Some homos are into that, but even then, rarely into the really feeble and harmless geezers.

Now, the urge to get off is incredibly strong, and, again, the homosexual is thorougly sick of celibacy and jerking it.
Which target remains? Which target is most vulnerable, most promising to get him off without repercussions.
Boys. They are dependents, they can be blackmailed easily, they can’t really fight back. It’s a lot easier to excert power and authority over a young boy than a grown man, even if one is effete and weak.

The past of least resistance to satisfy ones deviant urges: Young Boys.
They’re male, often have a little bit of rounded features, weak, impressable.

An unfortunately alluring target for the ill.

bruh what are you even smoking rn

Unlike you, not male genitalia.

What I am smoking right now is:
Birdsong (In my opinion the Blackbird is superior to the Nightinggale, but both are amazing, really).
Sun. Fresh, sweet smelling air from my garden.

I’m going for a walk through the forest later, too.

But then its back inside in front of the computer. We all got our vices.

so by your logic, if women were generally uninterested in sex, most men would start raping little girls?

What little girls? The ones not born because the baby birthers are not doing anything to get pregnant?

Furthermore, the men would probably just fight one another over the women that do want to have sex.

As I edited into my comment. The men would fight one another.
Homosexuals don’t need to do that because they’re not competing for baby making opportunities.
Raping little girls would also yield no continuation of genes.

There’s also the possibility that the men fucked one another, like they do in the army and co.
I just don’t see any regular, non insane man raping little girls when there are women to continue the species with, since that is what their , unlike the homosexuals, sex drive dictactes.

Anyway, this is all speculation, since women do want to have sex and make children.
A reason why they are worth so much more biologically too.
1 man can knock up as many women as he has sperm.
One woman can only get pregnant every 9 months.

Women are precious, hel, men are already fighting over them.
Homosexuals just don’t have this prejogative, that’s why its a stigma THEY have, and not heterosexuals.
And why pedos are considered mentally ill, too.

Yeah, reality.
Also, check the other threads, one idiot tried to show up ‘my camp’ by posting a study on how gays are born and not made by childhood molestation by homosexuals and, despite trying hard (by including samples that weren’t part of the claim, like plain old neglected children), that study still leaned toward my claim, than theirs.

I have and none of them were sexually abused. Actually i have talked to at least 30 +1 Who is myself and none of them have been sexually abused

Pedophilia is 10x more common in the gay community and no surprise, every gay youtuber seems to love to talk to children about sex.

Why do heterosexual people focus on adults when talking about sex but gay people focus on talking to children?

1 Talking to kids about sex is in no way pedophilia. Kids need to learn about this kind of stuff in order to have safe sex and to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
2 I heard out there that some Gay Pedophiles aren’t even gay, and some Pedophiles don’t have pedophilia, but instead they’re just desperate straight man that want control. Take that as truth if you want, just wanted to say that.

1) Why is it the people with no training/experience/reason to talk to strangers kids about sex happen to be almost all gay? Also, pedophilia is 10x more common in that community than the straight community?
2) Oh, so you’re a pedophile who supports pedophilia? Nice. Many pedophiles aren’t gay, but they know they have the support from the gay community and people like you.

Pedophiles disproportionately identify as LGBT. It’s a fact. A forum poll of 150 admitted pedos showed only 1/3 were heterosexual with a split the rest mostly split between homo and bi.

I’d like to look at the sources you’ve used, because too often gays will twist things around, depending on their conversations and aims/goals.

Talk to 10 gays people 6 will be upfront about their abuse and 4 are just liars.

The ones who were born that way are a minority among gays. Sad that their sexuality has been taken over by fetishists.

Being gay is a curse, I speak from experience. I’m sure most would agree that they would prefer to be straight.

Jesus Christ died for your sins on a cross and rose again after three days. You have committed evil deeds, as we all have done. God is a just judge, and must punish you for these sins, because he is perfect by his nature. But God loves you, does not want to punish you. This is why God took the form of a man, Jesus Christ, and died as a sacrifice for your sins on a cross. He was punished for your sins, so that you could be made righteous in God’s sight. After three days, Jesus rose again, because it is impossible for him to have been held down by death.

This is great news! Repent, (that is, change your mind,) and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and be saved from the judgement of God. God will reward you for your faith with eternal life, and forgiveness for your deeds. I sin, and you sin, and we both will continue to sin, but Jesus Christ died for these sins, and God is willing to forgive them. Please, repent, and believe the Gospel.

I have to say that the resurgence of pro-white traditionalism/nationalism in response to this abomination says something encouraging about man’s nature. Despite the machinery our elites have set up to make us acquiesce to preposterous lies, based on indoctrination, propaganda gaslighting, shaming, humiliation, bullying and even brute force at gunpoint, some of us still have the inner resources to see the truth, state it openly and push back. We have become the heroes in our own dystopian novel.

Get fucked, bigot.

When you wield power over people, and you have to lie to them consistently to continue to get their way with them, that shows a real lack of respect for them.

If our elites could show that their utopian ideology (1) made sense, and (2) that its implementation would make white people’s lives better, then they wouldn’t have to lie to us; the results would speak for themselves.

The fact that the real, existing results show that this ideology have made white people’s lives demonstrably worse, and the additional fact that our elites have revved up the propaganda machine to try to cover up the first fact, explain why more and more thoughtful white men have given white nationalists a hearing.

homophobes are, as you might expect, homophobic. a good cartoon

What’s good about claiming only molested kids are gay? It’s just a fucktard nazi being a nazi.

obviously that’s not good! however it is internally consistent, since that character is homophobic and is saying homophobic bullshit

basically what i’m doing in these comments is deliberately misinterpreting these garbage cartoons as having far more correct and far less fascist meanings. it’s pretty fun, and the locals really seem to hate it. i got the idea from the blog “a good cartoon”, which does much the same thing with various conservative political cartoonists, hence the “a good cartoon” suffix on my comments!

If you don’t have the courage to say what you think then you might as well say nothing.
Don’t be a passive aggressive bitch, be honest about your intentions.
I am incredibly honest and stalwart with my antisemitism, and due to that there is no nebulous mire to play grabass in.
When I argue the parasitical effect of those degenerates, I talk smack, and you should talk smack, too.
Unless you are afraid that your honest and sincere self speaking up loses, then, of course, I could understand a more flowery and indirect approach.

I consider it a bit like procrastinating on something difficult one thinks they can totally do…but secretly is afraid of to actually try in case they were wrong about it the entire time.

So, technically you can put me into the “angry local” category (even though I am not actually angry), but not for the reasons you cite.
You waste peoples time by being shifty. It’s not without reason why Hitler went “Gradually I began to hate them” when he was referring to the weasly nature of jews and how they conduct themselves in discussions and debates that don’t go their way.
If you’re not a jew, then don’t argue like one.
This applies to some stonetoss comics, too, and I am a stauch opponent of “irony” in the people from “my camp” as well.

Being a nazi is a high virtue.

A nazi will not:
Mutilate your penis.
Celebrate three genocides per year (passover, purim, hanukkah, killing babies, persians and selucids, in that order, the selucids for demanding the jews to integrate).
Celebrate an occasion that is strictly for oathbreaking (kol nidre).
Slaughter livestock in an inhumane way (kosher).
Use chickens in sin transfer rituals (kapparot)
Masquerade as someone of some other race to sabotage and race bait (ashkenazim ‘dear fellow white people’ while returning to ‘I’m jewish” when the heat gets turned up)
Mess with your culture.

Warp laws.
Warp education.

Warp science.
Make you beg to support you. (You cannot ever stop being a philosemite, and you cannot stop serving them, or would you ban circumcision? kosher slaughter? forbid kapparot? Disallow them to be both ‘white’ and jewish? Etc )

I will not do any of these things, especially not for the benefit of a foreign, hostile, thankless, suversive agent.
Especially since they only make up about 0.4% of the world population.

I fight these degenerates. You call me a blight on society, but if we removed jews, or people like myself from it.

Which would have the more positive effect?

Stop trolling yourself, jewish thankfulnes does not exist, and homosexuality is a defect. Like a deformation.
It is, however, not ‘nature knowing the world is overpopulated’ or any of such things.
Nature has no such sense. Overpopulation results in starvation. If nature knew that the world was overpopulated then it would not allow homosexuals, who still need resources to live, to be born in the first place.
Nature would make it a miscarriage or stillbirth.

The Nazis promoted some progressive (in a defensible sense) ideas about public health: Physical fitness, vegetarian diets, an anti-smoking campaign and pollution controls on industry. And on the whole they presented a model for a wholesome way of life that many white people find attractive.

Ironically that came out in Amazon’s film adaptation of The Man In the High Castle, where the Nazi dad character gives morally uplifting advice, and the Nazi high school looks clean, safe and inviting. Clearly no healthy white youngster would want to live in such a dystopia.

While I live a generally happy life, I do not enjoy the fact that jews are the way they are.
If it were up to me, I would prefer it that they didn’t do all the things I listed, and more.
I am not making them do that. They make themselves do that, and, sadly, non jews often enable them to do so, with no real benefit for themselves.

America has saved and liberated the jews from the evil nazis, right?
Do you feel enriched and thanked by “You have elected orange hitler, here have another holocaust museum so you don’t forget, here have the ADL, the anti defamation league (which was created after an all white judge, jury persecution and police believed the words of two black factory workers over an entire crack team of jewish defense lawyers who tried to, thankfully fruitlessly, protect the jew Leo Frank, who murder raped a young white girl, Mary Phagan and tried to use a black worker to, heh, blackmail another, the case being cited as the greatest act of antisemitism in the USA, and this very same ADL now enables, encourages and protects jews who pretend to be white to incite the ire of colored people against whites. A joke I don’t find too amusing)
They sunk the USS liberty, killing many many soldiers on it. They demand aid and reparations.

They are even throwing the Polish under the bus now, even though Poles died trying to smuggle jews out via tunnel networks and co.

This is not the way of a pityful people who were done wrong.
Japan, peaceful, demure. France, peaceful. Germany, peaceful. Russia, mostly peaceful. Britain, peaceful. China, mostly peaceful.
These nations lost millions in the war, and suffered greatly for it.

But who wages wars? USA, the western nation with the highest amount of jews in it, and israel, place with the second most amount of jews. That is, indeed, not how someone who lost millions acts.

I do not warmonger. I am on the side of the 99.6% of the world, not the degenerate 0.4.

Antisemitism IS a virtue, and has no drawbacks to humans, only advantages.
Philosemitism is the obverse.
The proof is in the pudding of post world war reality.

If you are not jewish, then, by opposing me, you oppose benefactors towards you.
Maybe you will some day recognize that through your indignation due to me slandering the defects that are homosexuals.
A dead end people, moribund and antithesis to life, just another stressor to the rest.

And if you are a homosexual or one of the other warped things, well, you proved my point, then, too.
In that case, clean up your act and don’t make the insanity your lifestyle or champion cause.
I’m nearsighted and need glasses and I’m not glorifying that. If I get cancer then I won’t be glorifying that. Et cetera.
People get big starry eyes at pretty cats and dogs and strong horses and even plants. Marveling at them.
When all they did was selecting themselves strictly without going crazy like some humans do.

Nature itself is homophobic.

it really isn’t. not that it matters, since being nature doesn’t imply being good or correct. dying from a venomous snake bite is perfectly natural.

If your being lacks basic facilities to fulfill the chief basic biological principles of your own species, then you will die off. 100% natural.

Furthermore, I have not said that nature is good or bad, it is, however, homophobic, just like nature opposes the crippled, deformed, unfit, et cetera.
You know this, hence you bringing up the snakebite. It is, indeed, perfectly natural. If a snake kills you with its venom, then the snake has eliminated one threat to it.
Of course homosexuality is not like that, homosexuality removes yourself, first and foremost.

Disgust isn’t fear, sweetie.

ah, my mistake. homomisiac assholes are, as you might expect, homomisiac. a good cartoon

Not a real word, and your pathetic insults don’t invalidate the very factual nature of this comic.

There are many replies on this comment. So, here’s a tl;Dr

“What if your son turns out to be gay?”
“I mean, what’s wrong with being gay?
*Some HIV tests later…*

some hiv tests later… everything is fine because it turns out being gay isn’t actually the cause of hiv

Optimistic, aren’t you?


representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life.
“a realistic human drama”
synonyms: true to life, lifelike, true, truthful, faithful, real-life, close, naturalistic, authentic, genuine, representational, graphic, convincing;

Whom do you think you’re fooling?

Until actual ones conducted by real doctors prove otherwise, because the sphincter doesn’t have natural protection from STDs like the vagina (Generally speaking to the latter) and the homo in question deliberately decided to get pozzed.

The B in LGBT means there are only two genders

Get fucked.

I like the fucking idiots that reply to me as if I can see their comments but, nope, y’all blocked. I’m here to spread the word that nazis can get fucked.

At least until the staff as disqus stop being fucking morons and remove revoke this little comment-section from stonetoss for being a racist cunt.

>I got you all blocked
You’re an attention whore furfag who’d cartwheel backwards over hot coals and glass shards before you blocked anyone who shakes up the yawning void in your life a little bit.
At least you won’t have to suffer it for too long, you’re getting in that suicide age zone of your kind. Good luck with your endeavors.

Traditionally racist white American men, and not just Southern slave owners, had no trouble finding white women who wanted to marry them and bear their children. This shows that racism doesn’t interfere with white people’s flourishing.And it might even facilitate it. I find it interesting that white fertility started to crash around the time our elites imposed on us at gunpoint their arbitrary ideology which makes racism the most horrible thing in the world. If racism in the white population became socially acceptable again, I conjecture that white fertility would start to pick up, as young white men and women felt that they had a legitimate reason to exist and to propagate.

Awwwyiss, motherfucking fucktard in the house. I was wondering when you’d get around to shitting up these comments.

Your last account got banned ’cause I reported it. I wonder how long this one will last, given all the hatred you vomit everywhere.

So what? i’ll just sprout another and another account

i don’t care about Dirty inbred Jews trolling the forums, the spirit of Aryan is eternal

you can try to silence us, you can try to kill us
but we will NOT capitulate!

By the way, the guy is a furfag with a cheetah fursona,and a pedophile.
And, no, he’s not trolling. Despite this youtube channel:

He really is a degenerate.

A total laughing stock, and surplus to requirement, self loathing, completely meaningless and useless.


Reminder that nowdays, telling degenerated people that they are degenerated is a form of hate speech. It will make you get suspended on 98% of popular platforms. If they know your in real life identity, it will probably make you lost your job. This is just a reminder.

Do I look like I am afraid of that? My username is “Antisemitism Isavirtue” and there rarely passes a day where I don’t argue against the holocaust and other topics like that.

If I get put on trial then the persecution better bring an extra large binder for my testimonies and evidence.
I’m not self censoring, I won’t do the work of the enemy for them. They’ll have to do it all themselves.

He changed his name now and deleted the Youtube channel. The furfag profile is still up because he got banned from there for being a pedo.

I got it archived though, somewhere. I didn’t bookmark it, but I have it somewhere. Both his youtube channel and his previous name on Disqus, which was Alorwin.

Again, there is no harm in fighting these degenerates. They are shadowcreatures, the moment you shine light on them they shrink back and shrivel up.

There is no hatred in antisemitism. Antisemitism is a virtue.
Literally zero drawbacks and only advantages to it.

Yeah, or you could not be an asshole given that it’s dicks like you, not random minorities that you happen to hold an unjustifiable amount of hatred towards, that denegrate the global welfare.

Dude no. Any sort of hate to any race is deplorable and should be condemned as such. I don’t care if they’re saying that they hate white people or men or whatever, that shit is still racist/sexist no matter how you spin it. You don’t get a right to be a bigot because “well my in-group was discriminated against so it makes it ok.”

I’m sorry, but are you brain dead? That’s the literal excuse that minorities use to discriminate against whites. It is why they can spew their hate on social media, and NOT get banned – and it’s causing a lot of people to get angry at the double standards and blatand hypocrisy of it all. The only thing they need to say is “Whitey is oppressing me!” and voila – they got a free ticket for all sorts of bile and racist shit, all day every day. If you wanna be objective, please try to do it across the board.

How do anti-racism, diversity, indiscriminate immigration, feminism, and the normalizing of broken sexuality make white people’s lives better? I want specifics, and I want evidence.

I have a better question. How exactly do they make them worse? What does it take away from you to not be an ass to people solely because of factors beyond their control? Does my existence somehow invalidate yours?

Jeez, where do I start? Suburban sprawl happened because competent whites wanted to rear their their families away from incompetent blacks, and that has wasted trillions of dollars of capital that could have gone to other uses. In a functional white America, millions more people would live in decent cities and consume far fewer resources.

Immigration by diversitarians increases white Americans’ cost of living by bidding down wages, bidding up the price of housing, competing with us for groceries, using our health care system but not paying for the services because of their poverty, making public schools unusable so that functional white Americans have to send their children to private schools, crowding our prisons, raising our car insurance costs because diversitarians either can’t or won’t buy car insurance, etc.

Not to mention the long-term cognitive costs, like the fact that Hispanics have low IQ’s and generally don’t read. The Food City supermarket chain in Phoenix serves the Spanish-speaking parts of town, and its stores don’t carry magazines, not even in Spanish, whereas the other chains do, even if they have a lot of black customers. Yet our elites have bet the country’s future on a population which won’t have the ability to supply us with the high IQ people we need to maintain an advanced civilization, like physicians, engineers and software professionals.

No you don’t, and if you can’t answer the question with a direct response, explaining why it would benefit whites, then you have no right to say anything on the matter, and we have no reason to support it and shouldn’t.

When it comes to immigration, especially that of Mexicans and other hostile nations, it makes whites’ lives worse by planting the seeds for future irredentism (See: North Ireland, East Ukraine, Kosovo, etc.) and culling of our resources by those with no attachment to America to speak of (See: Indian senators in fucking Congress).

This also isn’t helped by your faggots’ desire to end any and all assimilation and white culture that comes with it, thus preventing us from living as equals. Too much damage has already been done, and with your sickening delusions and responses, it is clear that the only option left is violent opposition, and it will be warranted.

Multi-cultural societies existed throughout during the times of Empires, and they all ended the same way – in complete destruction due to too many opposing forces being forced to live with each other without assimilating to the local powers, and today is no exception.

Oh fuck dude, you’re serious?

Destroys social cohesion; overblown “anti-racism” policies and attitudes that label anyone and everyone as a “bigot” have progressed to the point where many young white people hate their own race and relations between different races are actually worse than they were after the slaves were freed.

Leftist “diversity” destroys cultures. If you force all of the world’s cultures together not only are you left with an unproductive society that is prone to violence (see: almost all of Europe), but you’re eliminating actual diversity in the process. By mashing everyone together into one race and culture that “lives together”, you’re getting rid of the world’s unique cultures and countries. No longer will Europe have several unique cultures with their own unique customs, languages, foods, tourist attractions, etc- soon it’ll just be “united” with one race, one culture, one language (most likely Muslim).

>indiscriminate immigration
See above; a country without borders has no reason to exist as a country at all, and will soon abandon its culture to the new majority- most likely after a violent revolution.

Indirectly responsible for more decay in the modern world than anything else. The destruction of the family unit and change from a two-parent household to a “one mother and no father” household lies entirely at the hands of this odious ideology, as is the idea that masculinity is “toxic” and little boys need to be “taught not to rape”, that they are by default brainless criminals rather than the builders, maintainers, inventors, and protectors of society. And the only cure for this is, of course, feminization.

Despite the equality experiment, “educated and liberated” women have proven to be utterly incompetent at taking a male role: with the average woman still costing western governments a net loss even after the taxes she pays from her career(s)- and still being unable to compete with men on a physical, intellectual, and practical level despite laws that award them massive advantages, incentives, and head-starts over their male peers.

Moreover, females have overwhelmingly voted in favor of uncontrolled immigration and welfare and shown extreme ignorance of world events. The only argument for feminism would be “but it’s *just morally right*”- yet, surveys have found that today’s “liberated” women are much less happy now playing the eternal victim than the “oppressed” women of the early 1900s.

>normalizing of broken sexuality
I don’t care what you do behind closed doors; the problem is the PROMOTION of abnormal sexuality (and other mental illness; even depression and anxiety is a “cool” thing now) to be worn like a badge of fucking honor. The dressing up of boys far too young to even consider their sexuality in dresses and lipstick by single mothers with a political agenda to push until they DO feel like a girl or become gay/trans.

>Does my existence somehow invalidate yours
No. I don’t care if you’re gay or fuck other guys. I don’t even care if you get “married”, I’m not a religious person. Homosexuality just (and especially trans shit…) does not need to be promoted on the street in parades by men flashing their penis and wearing costumes adorned with rainbow dildos. 9 year old “trans” boys shouldn’t be in adult gay strip clubs with adult men throwing money at them. Surely you wouldn’t disagree on that point?

Fascinating, isn’t it?

“One of the reasons pedophilia is bad is because the children who are molested come to believe it’s normal, and grow up to do it to other children.”

“What about little boys molested by men? Do they grow up to think sex with males is normal, and imitate what they’ve been taught also?”


In a tiny, tiny number of cases–generally we are talking about women who delay childbirth until they are just shy of menopausal, then the embryo is exposed to the mother’s hormonal imbalances in vivo–then, yes, there is empirical proof going back 30+ years that there is a biological mechanism that reliably produces homosexuality in the offspring.

Otherwise? In 99.9% of instances homosexuality is learned behavior. Those who dispute this are invited to go to Urban Dictionary and ponder all the definitions given for “Jailhouse Gay.”

Pederasty is how homosexuals reproduce. This is why they fought so hard for so many years for “marriage,” so that they could gain legal standing to adopt little boys and raise them as catamites. “Ten percent is not enough! Recruit, recruit, recruit!” “Eight is too late or they’ll grow up straight!”

Ah, this is a fun myth. It’s also fun and quite easy to debunk.


>Ah, this is a fun myth. It’s also fun and quite easy to debunk.

You sure about that?

The claim is that homosexual abuse, usually boys, as well as in the case of this comic, are responsible for ‘making children gay’.

Even at first glance, the article you linked:

Concludes a leaning toward this in its abstract.
Even this dishonest and deceptively worded study concludes it.

What do I mean with deceptively worded? First of all, it’s a mixed group, when the main issue is men, but the overall study included women.
The article starts out with the “suggestion that sexual and physical abuse” cause homosexuality, but then follows up with ‘abuse/neglect’, when neglect was not claimed to cause it.
Yet, the neglected, non abused children were the majority in that study, only 72 of them, out of 586 total were sexually abused.
Nevermind the “at age 40, participants(483 women, 416 men, a bit of a discrepancy there) further dilute the numbers.

Still, even with those skewed numbers they used an “overall sample” meaning, again, using data not associated (neglect) as the value to calcue percantage with, and it still came out at 8%.

8% of 586 total = 46 people.
72 sexually abused out of 586 is ~12 % of the overall sample.
46 out of 72 people is 63%.

Now, this is not a fully correct answer, either, the page you linked only showed the abstract, and more calculations with more data is needed, since my calculation at the end assumes that only the sexually abused children produced homosexuals.
If that were indeed the case then, well, it would mean that sexual abuse during does increase the chance of becoming a homosexual SIGNIFICANTLY.

Don’t let out a sigh of relief, yet, though, again, the article uses its own data in the abstract rather slovenly.
The lower the amount of boys in those 72 of the sexually abused children the worse (for your side of the argument) the results get.

But yeah,even the abstract ended up concluding that indeed, boys who were sexually abused had the overall biggest incidence of homosexual behavior.
They tried by spraying a fog cloud of extraneous data and handwaved samples that had nothing to do with the claim (the neglected) and they still ended up having to admit this.

But thanks for the link, I’m gonna grab the actual issue of the book this is from later. Its available on library genesis.
Then I’ll really read through it.


I mean, it was 2009, which is 10 years now. If you know what I mean.

Skeptically, human learn from their history so they won’t make a same mistake twice. It shouldn’t be their own mistake, but other people we love or caring too, even though they haven’t experienced it themselves.

People need other people. That’s how the society work.

Nice breakdown. A little confusing at your point about the boys in the group of 72, but yes, if 12 of those were girls and the 46 were all in the remaining section, yeah, that’d be a pretty high percentage. So really all this study shows is that 8% is the absolute minimum possibility; it gives nothing on the maximum or actual percentages.

Would be interesting to see this done with an honest sampling – only men, and split evenly between two groups (abused and non-abused) to see what other things we could expect to come up from abuse in boys. There’s little research done into that, and more information would probably help other victims a lot.

I mean, ok, I’ll be sure to listen to the guy with the username “Antisemitism is a virtue” over a rigorously done scientific study.

Y’know for all the bitching that you like to do about the left being unscientific you sure do love to ignore all possible evidence whenever it’s convenient.

…from your own link:

“Individuals with documented histories of childhood sexual abuse were significantly more likely than controls to report ever having had same-sex sexual partners (OR = 2.81, 95% CI = 1.16–6.80, p ≤ .05); however, only men with histories of childhood sexual abuse were significantly more likely than controls to report same-sex sexual partners (OR = 6.75, 95% CI = 1.53–29.86, p ≤ .01). These prospective findings provide tentative evidence of a link between childhood sexual abuse and same-sex sexual partnerships among men, although further research is needed to explore this relationship and to examine potential underlying mechanisms.”

Go for it. Believe the rigorously done scientific study. Even with the glaring concern of unrelated samples lowering the percentage of affected people… they STILL found that child abuse increases the chances of a boy becoming gay. So the person’s name aside, you haven’t dispelled any myth – only underscored that there is evidence it could actually be true.

Potentially. Could work that way with male abuse too; being abused by a male he looked up to might make the boy feel like he needs to abuse other men too – kind of like how children in households with domestic violence end up abusing their wives/becoming abused wives.

Would be very interesting to see more research into the details though to know for sure.

>rigorously scientific
>fudges numbers

When you’re so mindfucked by the gay that you can’t even THINK straight anymore.
Lel, go eat some cum off some floor something, you don’t need to be both stupid AND hungry.

>At least I ain’t a fucking nazi

Neither am I, nobody in the history of the world was a nazi.

Nazi is a fabricated name¹ for members of the NSDAP, and the NSDAP is no more.

¹There was an attempt in ‘making the term Nazi ‘real” with the faked publication of “The Nazi Sozi”, which was not NSDAP material, but third party detractor material.

So, yeah. If we are really strict, there are no nazis, were no nazis, only phantasms.

>You’re off your fucking meds.
The gay version of

>oy vey you don’t like jews you must be meshuggah

The only reason I, or anyone else actually sane, would be off any meds is because the healthcare systems have to deal with bugchasing homosexuals and their lifelong dependency on HIV suppressing medicine, among all the other required treatment to keep those walking, not wanting to be helped at the real cause of their problem, corpses.

um, yeah. most lesbians are girls. i’m sorry you had to find out this way?

>trans lesbian
What did you ‘trans’ from (aka, still are)?
So you got two X chromosomes? An uterus? You could get impregnated? You have menstruation?

Being mentally ill and wearing “programmer socks” doesn’t make you a girl.

wow, okay. i didn’t “trans from” anything, duh. trans is obviously an adjective, not a verb.

like most people i have absolutely no clue how many x chromosomes i have! you can pay for my karyotyping if you really wanna know ¯_(ツ)_/¯

i don’t know whether i can get impregnated, since i haven’t actually tried, but yes i do menstruate. neato burrito?

>trans is an adjective
Why do you have that adjective?

It’s not weird at all. Mister “I have a longer ribcage than a woman. Mister I have a male pelvis. Mister I have a male shoulder arrangement. Mister I don’t have an uterus, which women start out with, even if they get theirs taken out. Mister I became an adjective because doctors saw my little baby pecker.”

If you weren’t this many misters, then maybe I wouldn’t be calling you a mister, mister.

Yeah, I am. Just because you’re huffing and puffing with your long and closer to your narrow male pelvis ribcage doesn’t mean it’s not a physical manifestation maleness.
You’re literally a dude, bro. Even if you chopped off your equipment or dressed up like a girl (funny by the way, how so many of your crazy ilk wear the most blatant and cishet stereotypical girl clothing in a desperate attempt to signal how well you disguised yourself. Are you saying that girls have to wear pounds of makeup and girly clothes to be giiiiirls? Don’t answer that question. It’s rethorical. Your deceit is intentional and not ironic or hypocritical, you just take what you can get to run away from your madness. )

That cleaning up your act thing I suggested some time ago? Why not consider it. Instead of being forced to be this much of a slimy weasel? Always wasting time. This is what your jewish mentors have turned you into.

A ruined man, warped and insane, having to say yes to no and no to yes, just like the others.
And, yes, the pioneer of ‘transgender’ stuff was a jew, who has driven many of his patients into suicide.

So indignant. I didn’t make you like this… I’m trying to persuade you into leaving this behind.
If I could change the past for you, I would.

But hey, at least you can swing a baseball bat at ‘evil nazis’ harder than an actual woman with otherwise a similar musclemass, thanks to your superior biological pulley system.

Which you probably think is magic, or something, instead, and not cold hard physics.
With your male ribcage and your male pelvis and your male shoulders.
These all give you a physical advantage over not even the average woman, but the vast vast majority, you’d have to find a serious outlier for that one.
It’s that much of a sexual dimorphism thing.

You are allowed to embrace this truth. You are allowed to not be insane.

>humans aren’t sexually dimorphic

They really are, though. You’re not the norm, far from it. You need help, even though some things you have lost cannot be fixed anymore.

I’ve been a hypocrite for long enough now, too.
As in, I, correctly, claim that nobody should concern themselves with dead ends, the walking dead, because it’s like breastfeeding a corpse.

Take my advice, or leave it. Work towards sanity, or spiral away in your delusions. Your pick.

It’s perfectly debunked, since humans ARE sexually dimorphic.

That’s why you got all those man parts inside you, and formerly outside of you.
It’s why you had to get mutilated. It’s why you have to take hormones. It’s why you need programming socks. It’s why you need makeup. It’s why you are insane, instead of sane.
There is literally nothing female about you, beyond a superficial dressing.
You are a man, to the core, to the very blood and bones.

Your skeleton will be sexed correctly by those who find it. Once its free from the malfunctioning glob of cholesterol it currently has in its skull.
The thing that ruined its body. A twisted mockery of the human form. A parody that you try to sell as the real deal.

You are a mentally ill eunuch.

If you had your genitals mutilated in a fit of insanity, then good luck, bro.
You’re gonna need it should you ever snap out of this. A significant amount who did that regret it later, even the ones that don’t get ‘cisbullied’.

Don’t go blaming that on me, though. I didn’t tell you to get your bollocks and sausage chopped off…
This is the kind of shit I try to prevent. If you’re wanna be insane, keep it in your brain. Don’t ruin your body.

A.k.a. you’re a brain-dead, sickening, deluded tranny faggot that wasn’t beaten enough growing up; what a surprise. Make like your fellow statistics and kill yourself, mentally-ill faggot; it’s obvious you’re too brain-dead to distinguish fact from fiction, and will mindlessly regurgitate other liberal garbage in order to rationalize your obvious mental illness.

No it isn’t – it’s asking valid questions based on clear logic, something you tranny faggots evidently know nothing about. The only one whose used fallacies so far are you (Ad Hominem, Bulverism, “Everyone is wrong except me”, etc). This is to be expected, however, as sickening, brain-dead tranny faggots’ entire existence is an irrational one to begin with.

An immediate reply from the degenerate tranny ponyfaggot with no life or value to speak of – typical. Stating to beg the question is a valid statement towards comments that go against common sense and/or basic logic, neither of which you have due to being a walking contradiction that only deserves death. It’s no different than sealioning because they both don’t exist. Your whole existence is a fallacy, faggot, and as such, you should follow through with the logical conclusion that is your own demise.

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