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  • Ogre

    I’m from California and I approve this comic.

    • TrueWOPR

      I’m a Californian too, thinking I should move to Ohio to increase my odds of going to space and being that much further away from this forsaken state.

      • Ogre

        Ohio looks awesome. So does Wyoming.

      • Guy Estrada

        Why don’t you go to baltimore and improve its future generation genetics

    • Mr.Sixes

      I’m a Californian and I too approve this message.

    • I recently left Colorado and if somebody shot me after telling them I was from California, I’d totally understand.

  • I’ll just be blunt here

    I’m from arizona and yes, get out of arizona. reeeeeeeee filthy califags

    • Van Hammersly

      jerkcity is awesome sauce

  • Algures Cara de Mais


    • Camden

      Californians are cloning themselves in Oregon

  • T-I-G-E-R-S

    Okay, this is epic.

  • Ethelred

    Liberals are like locusts!

  • Jas

    Being from Arizona as depicted here, this is totally accurate.

  • John Javier

    california is shit now thats why hilary almost won

    • Mr.Sixes

      What? Hiliary was nowhere NEAR winning

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