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The Golden (calf) State


I’m from California and I approve this comic.

california is shit now thats why hilary almost won

What? Hiliary was nowhere NEAR winning

She won the majority lmao

Popular vote majority =/= win
Electoral college majority = win

And that was set up to to avoid a situation where a large population center (California, New York, Texas and Florida) could control the country even if it negatively affected smaller population centers (the mid west) but in exchange the larger population centers get a bigger representation in the electoral college.

She needed to win 50 more electoral votes than she did to win the contest. as there’s only 538 electoral college votes she needs a little under 1/10th of what the total to beat trump and over 1/5th of what she had. Meaning she wasn’t anywhere near winning. Especially as all but 2 states trump got (Florida with 29 and Texas with 36 out of 38) are smaller than the 3 biggest ones she got (Californiax with 55, New York with 29 & illonois 20) & one of the two trump won (Texas) hasn’t voted for a democratic president since 1978. So even if Florida flipped, she’d still need at least 3 other states to flip to have won by the winning margin.

So yeah again:
She needed 1/5th more than she had
And was behind 1/10th of the way
That’s no close
No where near.

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