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lol you mixed them up

libright should be on the right, libleft on the left

It rotates…

lmao what

look at the backround

What do you do when the Rich, the Jews, and the State are one and the same?

we blame the dad

What do you do if your dad is a rich government jew?

That is sad, actually. You know, in soviet times my people have a dream – to run away from this frozen gulag to America, “country of freedom” as they believed. But today America is more totalitaristic then Russia, and have the same Jew-Commi infestation problem as Russia and Europe. Nowhere to run.

The Nazis had a vision of a wholesome society for white people that comes through even when you try to portray a fictional Nazi American civilization as a dystopia. Goes to show that you can lose a war without necessarily also losing the argument for your side.

Most people have been brainwashed into believing that superior ideas win wars like in fairytales instead of superior numbers and armies.

If you explain the core elements of National Socialist economics, you’ll find that most people will support it — until you tell them what the system they agree with is called.

So explain the core elements.

A system by which the economy is seen as a means to an end rather than the end itself, and the end is the health and prosperity of the nation, and the nation is the ethnic group responsible for said nation’s existence.

• The opportunity within our society is ours alone
• Self-sufficiency, and as little reliance on foreign markets as possible
• No usury, and control over our own financial systems and physical currency
• Financial incentives for women to have children provided it is the first marriage for at least one of the partners.
• Illegality of unemployment; if you are a male, then you can join the army if you can’t find another job. More soldiers will increase the need for more weapons and ammo, people to transport it, etc. This all creates a trickle-down effect of job creation.
• Health, education, and programs like “Kraft Durch Freude” are publicly funded and, of course, only available to ourselves.
• No non-whites (or non-whatever your ethnic group is) allowed to live in your nation or own land and companies, whilst encouraging women to be mothers instead of workers means that you will have greatly-increased worker wages and affordable housing.
• State ability to regulate or otherwise intervene in the market where necessary to keep the power and accountability of private companies in check; so that we don’t get Google/Facebook types of scenarios.

I could go on, but that usually gets the idea across — the only people I have found who will oppose these ideas when you suggest them is boomers or lolbertarians who all hate anything vaguely “socialist” because they see private companies’ right to subjugate the population as the most pious and sacred of all religions.

Both Communism and Capitalism ultimately seek to reduce nation states to propositions; loyalty to an “idea” rather than a homeland for a race of people. Communism does this quickly, but the tradeoff is that its motivations will be made readily apparent. Capitalism is superior in these aims because it frog-boils the population, and loyalty to consumer products has proven to be more insidious than loyalty to Marxist ideas of equality themselves.

A malleable mixture of socialist and capitalist economic policy that is designed to benefit the race of people of the land is the only way in an industrialized economy to actually serve the interests of the people instead of corporate profits or political power.

That’s why it had to be destroyed, and slandered for all history.

As Mc Chuck implied, Nazi politics aren’t designed to benefit individuals, but the “ethnic collective”. And like most collectivistic systems, what that counts as is up to the authoritarians in charge. That’s why I oppose it.

Though I will agree that Capitalism is just a means to an end. Except that end should be Liberty for all Individuals.

Authoritarians are always in charge; humans have never lived away from it, and we don’t now.

Though I will agree that Capitalism is just a means to an end. Except that end should be Liberty for all Individuals.

and someone has to define “liberty” and exactly what liberties you need in order to be a “free country”. Beyond “free speech”, you’ll find that people’s interpretations vary dramatically.

Wrench throwing monkey? LOL! That’s one of the funniest and poetic things I’ve ever heard. Congratulations!

As for your point? Who says I want to save The West? It’s a sick society and seems to want to die. But I do have solutions, if you’re interested. We need more Gay. Or at the very least bring back “Bros before Hoes”.

P.S. I used to worship you, until I had my Ancestral Awakening.

“We do not tolerate our workers to become the proletarians of the world, that’s why we are nationalists. We do not tolerate our workers to become the proletarians of the nation, that’s why we are socialists and through this union of thought we are national socialists.” – Joseph Goebbels.

I’m surprised you don’t get more push-back on making unemployment illegal.

First off, bums rounded up and forced to be soldiers are probably going to make really unmotivated soldiers.

Second, war spending to improve the economy is like breaking windows to improve the economy. Sure, you’ll give the window industry more jobs and all of the upstream businesses that support the window makers will prosper, but the people had to spend their money and are no better off than before. Soldiers don’t produce anything of economic value besides providing the security necessary to have a market, any amount spent beyond what it takes to keep their society secure is spending that gives you no return. The money spent on broken windows or excessive security is money/effort that now can’t be spent on things people want, and people buying what they want reorients the economy towards serving the people.

Thirdly, if someone has the means to be unemployed; support from family, inheritance, sustenance farmer, eats other’s garbage, coasting on savings, etc, why do you care if they’re out of the work force? Should a state created for the benefit of an ethnic group really bully people from that ethnic group into being soldiers if they stop pulling in a wage?

None of what you said here matters because the history of National Socialism (Google Nazi’s Germany’s Economic Miracle – History Hit) proves that it works.

Your point about “soldiers producing” is a strawman because having more soldiers creates more need for every type of resource the military relies on. I didn’t suggest that “soldiers alone will fix the problem” as is the position you seem to be arguing from.

My grandparents lived in Nazi Germany, my Great Grandfather was SS, and they would all tell you 33 – 39, before the war, were far, far preferable to what came before and after.

Also, your point about unmotivated soldiers. This is easily-disproved by how the fact that, just as in world war 1, the Germans would’ve won were not for the Americans and an unfortunate Russian winter.

The German soldiers, in both World Wars, were extremely motivated. National, racial pride does that. The world would’ve known peace if the British had accepted the Germans (we didn’t have our territory invaded at all) peace proposals in 1916, where we also offered to give back all the conquered territories. Such was also the case in WW2, where Hitler offered dozens of the same offerings, all of which were rejected, by Churchill. If you don’t know why the English refused to give up, and why they pulled the Americans into WW1, I suggest you read the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

The reason National Socialism was destroyed and slandered forever, is because it was effective. The British and French Empires, and basically everyone else undergoing the great depression, would’ve lost control over their empires if their subjects got to sympathetic to the nationalist ideas the Germans had which created full-employment and made money actually worth something within just 3 years, and by the end of the decade was the economic powerhouse of Europe. All just by being racist and putting their own people first, last and only.

Then, there’s the fact that a certain tribe of people’s control of banks and media across the world was in danger if the Germans and their ideas about who a nation is meant for weren’t stopped.

Multiple factors went into the economic miracle, but I didn’t see illegalizing unemployment on the wiki. Germany had many soldiers motivated to defend their people, but how many of them were bums forced into service, and did those ones do any better than late-war Vietnam draftees?

Having more soldiers creates more need for every type of resource the military relies on. More food, more training ammo, more personnel carriers, etc. However, what does society get in exchange for it’s gift of food, ammo, and trucks? It gets the power to repel invasions and coerce foreigners. What if you’re already able to deter invasion and adequately have your say in world affairs? What if you then spend additional resources on your military? You get nothing but less food, ammo, and trucks, and the labor that went into making that extra food, ammo, and trucks could have been re-purposed as labor to make, say, highways. Now instead of having additional highways (which does help the economy), all you got was more military strength than you needed.

Incase what I’m saying isn’t clear yet, it doesn’t help the overall economy to spend resources on excessive security even if the military buys those resources from domestic industries. For instance, boot makers produce boots for the military and civilians. The boot makers do great financially when there’s an up-tick in military spending and they get to sell more boots. They can now hire more workers, buy more leather from ranchers, get more toilet paper for staff bathrooms, etc. The boot makers are doing better, the ranchers are doing better, the paper mills are doing better, so what’s the gosh darn problem? The problem is that is that the funds for military boots come from people’s taxes, and those people wouldn’t have spent their limited resources on boots for excess soldiers to provide unneeded levels of security. The people as a whole become poorer to benefit a few industries who’s extra output is ultimately useless. Contrast this with the people as a whole becoming a little poorer now to have a highway in the future that gives them logistical advantages.

So, in one scenario, there’s a bum on the street. What does that cost us? We miss out on the productive labor the bum would perform if he held a job, but unless we have social spending on the homeless, he costs us nothing. Now, what if that bum was thrown into the back of a squad car, dragged into a military induction center, forcibly shaved and shoved into a uniform, and provided a gun despite how often he yelled at his proctors to go to hell. Well, that cost a bit of tax money from everyone, took up time that could have been spent on willing recruits, and probably gave us a shitty soldier, which might have possibly been worth it if we really needed more soldiers, but in this case we didn’t; it was just for the economy.

>This is easily-disproved by how the fact that, just as in world war 1,
the Germans would’ve won were not for the Americans and an unfortunate
Russian winter.

1) You do realise, that germans never invade russian turf in a world war 1? Battle took places in Poland, Eastern Prussia and austrohungary.

2) You westerns always blame our winter, like we not suffer from it as well. Our soldiers suffer severe winters and die from cold, just like germans or french or whoever else invade this lands. If your ancestors are stupid enough to not equip your armies with warm uniforms, blame their stupidity, not winter

I’ve heard that the best shows airing right now would be TMITHC and Handmaid’s Tale. People have been arguing that the writers are going so far in displaying their distate for order, beauty and justice that watching it became a wholesome experience for people to reminisce about the days that never were. So much that both series have been cancelled. I might as well give it a try and make sure to skip the political bullshit whenever it comes on the screen.

It would be lovely if there were people passionately enough about it to release new filters the same way they do with videogame shades that are too dark. I hate that grey/green tint they impose these shows, trying their best to deface it. Maybe woud someone even make a compilation of the wholesome aspects of the series? That woud be great.

I wonder how Outlander got turned into a TV series, based on about the whitest source material imaginable, and set during the time of white ascendancy.

Jews are truly the master race.

Printing out your own money and dictating who gets to high level academia does not make the kikes any more intelligent than your average dune coon

if anything, they are a cunning alien race that excels at manipulating and leeching off hard working people

Hmm, so they own the banks and universities and are also apparently involved in a world domination conspiracy as evil masterminds, yet, jews are not any smarter than the average nigger?

Cunning does not equate to intelligence

because Jews do not produce, they do not create
they only leech from others
look at Israel for example, it’s the biggest Nigger Welfare Nation on Earth
they produce nothing but get a fuckton of gibs from America
the only things they do produce is war and causalities for American troops

a jew like you might say “hmm but see they are manipulating others to their benefit! which makes them smart”
it makes them Malicious, nothing less
have kikes got to the moon? have kikes invented the TV? the Radio? the automobile? no.
they didn’t
those are white inventions, white produce, whites creations

if anything the kikes are gonna drag humanity to the fucking bottom while IF we would’ve vanquished them in WW2
we would be exploring the stars as we speak…

it’s a real thing btw, they are actually refusing to honor the person who got us to space because of his political affiliations

Yep, im buying it, they are indeed the master race. They somehow manage to turn the white people inventors of everything in the universe against themselves by simply using gender ideology and immigration, whitey intelligence simply cant compare against the masterminding behind world events of the jews.

Sort of. Empirically, they have disproportionately become the masters, and they are mostly a race (although people of any race can convert).

Their high verbal intelligence, strong in-group preference, ability to delay gratification, religious doctrine that everyone else was made to serve them, and disdain for physical labor do all add up to “master” being their ideal role.

However, they aren’t necessarily ideal masters from the perspective of their subjects. All masters exploit their subjects, but some are more given to pity than others. One would prefer a master that considers one’s concerns and invested in one’s skills and infrastructure, even if that master wasn’t as cunning as the one that regarded you as cattle.

Oh! Wait a minute… who are those mutilating their own kids in exchange for social score points but their parents? I don’t blame millenials for engaging in warfare against their own. At the minor sign of disagreement with the narrative, besides the whole abandonment “the state is your parent now” thing, parents were the first one to pump their kids with chemicals and lobotomize then in the name of the democratic state. It is no surprise that we have a whole generation of young and mentally ill soy gulping zogbots. There is a downside to that, millennials are inflicting their suffering on their zoomer kids. The healthy/fit lifestyle, not eating processed foods, not using drugs is a thing of the generation X, it only became mainstream because of them and we should be thankful that we have such a library to be able to avoid the poisoning of our body and mind.

The only problem with boomers dying of is that the fabric of society is tied to them, but (((they))) are trying to pass that role on women now, so much bullshit jobs. If women think they are oppressed now, I don’t think they really know what it’s in the store for them. It wont be pretty for sure, I just hope to be there to watch when the table turns.

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