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  • We all know that Kurdistan is our greatest ally.

  • NPC the Clown

    Hand rubbing and grinning intensifies.

  • Dave The Impaler

    The last part went over my head.
    “You’re going to lose voter”?

    • Maxwell Macdonald

      Pretty sure it’s just a reference to a meme

      • Cresset

        Yes, the meme uses “subscriber” in the singular

  • Mister Twister

    Israel is basically a US base in the Middle East, ready for use when any major power tried to grab the region for themselves.

    • Albionic American

      No, you’ve just repeated Noam Chomsky’s characterization of Israel, and he gets it backwards. Israel treats the Unites States as it overseas colony, where it extracts resources from us at gunpoint, and it uses our military as its foreign legion to beat up on its enemies in the region. Israel even blatantly sends over colonial administrators to look after its interests here, like the Israeli banker Stanley Fischer who served on the board of the Federal Reserve System under President Obama.

      • Mister Twister

        How many people can you prove that to?

        • Martin

          The problem is when you actually make an attempt to do it – you immediately get labeled as an anti-semite regardless of the facts / truth, and you get discredited because of the slander.
          That’s how (((certain people))) fight against arguments they don’t like / cant refute – they smear the person, and the rest falls like a domino.

        • Jesher

          It takes too many examples being corroborated together to break the spell and prove it to people whose 8th grade trip to DC was a Holocaust memorial trip in disguise.

        • free_peach

          The truth doesn’t need proof pal. Do you need proof that the sun warms the earth? Do you need proof that water is needed to make plants grow? When I see people asking others to give proof when they are talking about facts, It gets me thinking they just want to keep being lied to.

          • Mister Twister

            Preaching to the choir does nothing.

            But perhaps that is the only thing you want to be doing. For ever.

          • free_peach

            Again, I don’t think you understood me in the first time. There is no revolution, there is no movement, there is no falsehood you can rise against truth. Because in the end truth comes to the surface again and again. You can only postpone it.

            The holocaust didin’t happen.
            There is only two genders.
            Jews are responsible for all of the modern wars.
            The clock is ticking. Tic Tac juden!

  • Major Matt Mason

    We have always been at war with Eastasia.

  • Alistair Grove

    Yeah, I have to sort of agree. As much as I love The God Emperor, he isn’t perfect. And he really should tell Israel to go fuck itself.

    • Jesher

      He lowkey does. He gave them fuckoff money and lipservice but hasn’t expanded their war efforts no matter how hard they try. If you’re waiting for camps and right wing death squads then lol. People think Trump is a zionist puppet? No. Hitler, now there’s a zionist puppet. He completed like five of their biggest objectives all in one fell swoop.

      Eugenically filter riff-raff commoner jews? Check
      Eugenically caused the strongest and bravest goys to die in a meatgrinder of a war? Check
      Provoke a war to destroy Europe for easy buying? Check
      Catalyst for Israel’s statehood? Check
      Created an eternal boogeyman for the jews to hide behind? Check
      Gave the jews their holocaust smokescreen? Check
      Forever stained Europe with suicidal white guilt? Check
      Commenced rigorous searches and experiments for occulted and ancient knowledge, including setting base in antarctica? Check

      The man was a scion of the Rothschilds. He even has connections to them via, iirc, his mother. AshkeNAZI anyone? Muh racial supremacy being a 1:1 parallel of Zionist supremacy?

      What, you guys thought he ignored his generals and their advice for no particular reason? Please. Look into Termudi. Members of his party were silenced for inquiring about officer and party ties to Kabbalah.

      • Alistair Grove

        No, I don’t want death camps. I’m not (((Alt-Right))).

        And thanks for the info on both Trump and Hitler. I didn’t know either.

        • Jesher

          Kek. Sorry I wasn’t saying all that at you so much as it gave me a jumping point for things I’ve been thinking about. And yeah, I think Hitler’s paternal grandmother was a maid for the Rothschilds. Two sources connect Hitler directly to Rothschilds iirc, one being Fritz Springmeier’s declassified (by FOIA request) book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”. But other sources have said it too.

          • Alistair Grove

            No worries, I liked the info.

          • Chris Redfield

            Adolf Hitler looks nothing like a jew. One would think that someone sired by a jew would look a little bit jewish.

            If Adolf Hitler was a jew, he would never have allowed destruction of the Soviet Union. He was a staunch anti-communist. Communism was created and perpetuated by jews. Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists saved Germany from being taken over by Communism from the inside.

          • Necrophage

            Don’t get your panties in a bunch. If Hitler had any Jewish blood, it would have been a quarter or less on his father’s side, which (by Jewish standards) would make him hardly Jewish at all.
            Also, even if he was half Jewish ethnically, that wouldn’t automatically confer Jewish (or communist) ideology into his brain. That garbage has to be learned.

    • Jesher

      That said, my real concern about Trump is how often he’s thrown up satanic hand gestures. But again this could just as easily have been to blend in with the crowd he was immersed in. Not sure what Jesus would say, but lying to preserve youself and bide time to more effectively strike against something wholly unholy, is something I would personally consider doing. Unless you can’t hold your spaghetti and want to be martyred the second you open your mouth.

      • Alistair Grove

        Satanic hand gestures?

        • Jesher

          The “ok” sign has been used by elites for decades (a century maybe?) to mean 666. When that knowledge started to become more widespread these last three years, they ran a psy-op to change the meaning to “white power”. But satanists in hollywood and government have used it since the 60s, if not earlier. The other satanic hand gesture is the “devil horns” rock n roll gesture.

          These gestures mean something totally different to them than it does us. Jeremiah Cohen on YouTube has hundreds of hours of clip compilations of admitted satanists all over the place, in hollywood and government. Look into it if you want more compelling evidence.

          Also, LXXXVIII finis temporis has breakdowns of predictive programming, hidden messages, and gematria in film and media, if you want another good one. It might take a few hours before you appreciate the consistency of their subliminal messages and don’t just write it off as schizophrenia. I highly recommend “it’s time to get SIRIUS about climate change”…

          I’ve had too many “They Live” moments my good man. Can’t help but act a little crazy, lol.

          • Alistair Grove

            You do know that 666 isn’t the Number of the Beast, right? Of course the yahoos in power are probably mistaken too. Most of them are just play acting, they don’t really believe.

          • Jesher

            Are you referring to it technically being 616? It’s almost a colloquialism to use 666 at this point though. It has the same meaning even if it’s not biblically correct. Like Google for example, uses 666 for the Chrome logo, and the sigil of Lucifer for the Google Play logo.

            PS. I always assumed 616 was so because it represents Lucifer and his 6 pairs of wings; ie 6 left wings, 1 body, 6 right wings.

          • Alistair Grove

            It has nothing to do with Lucifer. It’s just the numerical conversion from the Hebrew.

            As for literal meanings not mattering? Yes, to an extent. However, making mistakes with the Memetics has consequences, even if it’s just a lessened potency. For example, the Internet was meant to be the Mark of the Beast. But because they used 666 instead of 616 they lost control of it and it’s losing potency.

          • Jesher

            Nothing to do with Lucifer? Come on now, when Google uses the sigil of Lucifer for Google Play, and uses a ring of 666s for Google Chrome, I’d say they’re related. And Google isn’t the only one making these references.

            But none of these things have “literal” meanings. All symbolic meaning is interpretive. And the modern cults very much identify Lucifer with the 666 and the all seeing eye.

          • Bismark

            The “OK” hand signal became associated with “white power” because of a 4chan troll. I’ll need more evidence that it was a deliberate psy op.
            The “devil horns” thing in music was like that because the musician that first started it had to use his middle fingers to hold on to the guitar pick as he was gesturing to the crowd in rhythm to the music. Holding the pick between his first two fingers would have made the gesture look dainty, like he was holding on to a teacup or something.

        • Jesher

          Trump specifically has used the rock n roll devil horns on occasion. And iirc doesn’t he have a 666 street address somewhere? But again I can chalk it up to trying to blend in. Lots of presidents do these gestures, knowing what they mean. Even Nixon used it once iirc.

          Again they are surrounded by people who know exactly what these things mean, even if to us it’s all cute and innocuous.

  • Rhode Islander

    our greatest ally is those Canada Geese that shit on baseballs fields.

  • Albionic American

    Jewish elites treat America’s and Europe’s white populations as throwaways they plan to drain of resources on our way to extinction. White teens like Greta Thunberg have a legitimate grievance, only they have identified the wrong villains responsible for destroying their futures.

    • Bismark

      Almost reminds me of the foundation of the Vampire myth.

    • epic gamer man 123 gmaer boy 2

      Something doesn’t quite add up

      • epic gamer man 123 gmaer boy 2


  • Someonekul

    finally something everyone can agree on

  • QuickshooterMk2

    i’m not sure if mr Jew Jew Cum even operates his own twitter

  • Brendan O’Neill

    “The UK is our greatest ally.” – *crickets*
    “Israel is our greatest ally” – “OMG, he’s a zionist puppet”, “Cringe”, “You’re going to lose voters!”

  • Jesher

    I didn’t vote in 2016 but I will be 2020. Trump’s entertainment and public personas are just that: personas, and I have a great deal more trust in him thanks to Q than I would have otherwise. I’m genuinely disappointed in people who didn’t bother to really try to understand Q and just gave up due to shaming and trolling.

    And now I can’t mention him without drawing SJW-levels of absolute asshurt and ostracism. Look niggers, if peer pressure didn’t make me cave to white guilt, then it sure as well won’t make me cave on Q. He addressed why Israel is not mentioned while still giving you every breadcrumb in the world leading directly to them. Zionist and Kabbalist conspiracy discussions were at the forefront of qresearch. Why the fuck would the kikes want us to know all about the kikes? They wouldn’t, which is why Q is not a Kushner/Bannon/etc. psyop, and Trump is not a zionist. The man lowkey drew attention to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, while Bibi tweeted a pic of JFK lowkey threatening to do the same shit to Trump if he doesn’t stfu and wage their wars for Greater Israel.

    If you already knew how things worked without Q, then nothing Q said will contradict that. Hence why I genuinely believe Trump is on the ball. He married his daughter into their circle and he learned the language of Kabbalah, which is the epitome of 4D chess. Marrying your daughters to the enemy is what powerful saboteurs have done for millennia. And if you aren’t learning Kabbalah, Gematria, and all the Zionist’s and Luciferian’s methods of communication, then you’re effectively blind, deaf, and dumb as an asset and ally.

    Stop trying to impress people who either don’t actually know anything, or are otherwise borderline disorder blackpilled narcissists. That’s what you’re doing when you hide your powerlevel to ingratiate yourself to such lowlifes.

    Unless you think that redpilling millions of boomers and millennials about the CIA, shadow government, mockingbird media, pedo rings, mk ultra esque programming, pyramidal and compartmentalized power, the saturn death cult, and international jewry (Rothschilds are Q101), was all a plan by the very people implicated, then you have absolutely no reason to dismiss Q.

    As for why Trump does what Trump does? Imagine you needed populist consent to out maneuver the treasonous puppet government that surrounds you; now imagine half of said population were bluepilled lemmings who viciously want agendas that will kill us all. How do you balance that? You make token gestures and pay lipservice.

    Otherwise, if you choose NOT to balance your rule, then you become the fascist dictator they are accusing you of being.

    More people are aware than ever. More pedorings have been busted than ever. The MSM, gov, hollywood, academia, and compromised religious institutions have less trust from the public than ever. The public has more than enough evidence to hate and want to destroy Obama, the Clintons, democrats, socialists, and neocons, for the rest of their lives, whether the incumbent government can do it or not. The public is more aware than ever that DEWs and psychotronic weapons exist, false flags happen, conspiracies are everywhere, and the government is hiding some serious, gigantic secrets are under profound levels of resentment and suspicion.

    You wanted the economy fixed and the illegals sealed off with a giant wall so you could go back to sleep, be comfy, and forget you’re cattle in a war for your soul? You’ll get your economy and wall but it comes with a price: blood, sweat, tears, and vigilance.

    Fuck you. Too bad. Second term.

  • Chris Redfield
  • Mexican Shitposting

    Jokes on you, Trump has always been a pro-Israel person.

  • Zarvia Khaldera

    Canada: Am I a joke to you.
    Trudeau: honk honk
    Canada: we’re not all like him.

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