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  • polk14

    Spot on!

  • Danny

    The funniest thing about this comic is that you can tell it was made by an American. Only Americans seem to believe that their internal racial politics is true everywhere in the world.

    • Justin Vest

      I must have missed the part of the comic where it was implicated to be relevant anywhere else BUT America

    • bill johnson

      Europe is such a bastion of tolerance that they just accept millions of akbars into the country to rape their women.

    • Johnny B

      Just replace blacks with gypsies in Eastern Europe and arabs in central/west Europe and it’s pretty accurate.

    • HelloThere777

      “Only Americans seem to believe that their internal racial politics is true everywhere in the world.”

      Because Europeans are too retarded to understand the world. You have a pointless whinefest after the regularly scheduled terrorist attacks and then go back to offering up your daughters and sons to your conquerors and voting for the same evil overlords. You’re lower than insects.

  • Chrisitan Ries

    Haha I get it because black people are like dogs kek

  • Nik Edmiidz

    Most of the comics on this site are ignorant and based on logical fallacies.
    But this one is good!
    Good job for recognizing superior Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence. As for the other ones, you need to take a trip out of the US and open your mind.

    • Justin Vest

      Eh, I went to Mexico. It was a total shithole.

      • onepiecem7

        Depende de la ciudad, puto

        • Lionhearte

          You can smell TJ from Canada.

    • alexg4711

      complete bs. jewish higher intellect seems to be somewhat manifacutred, but even if we take that they are about 3-5 iq points higher doesnt explain their extreme overrepresentation.

      and even if it did, which it doesnt, it wouldnt matter, or are you in favour of colonialism? whites have a higher iq than blacks, so it is only meritocratic that we would rule over africa.

      • Nik Edmiidz

        Colonialism is tough. It was good when it involved escaping religious persecution in Europe. But bad when it involved apartheid or worse, genocide.

        But I do think that European anti-semitism, including the Pogroms of Russia and the concentration camps of Nazi Germany were directly related to our envy of Jewish intelligence. (Recently did a DNA test and I have 0% Ashkenazi roots)

    • Chris Redfield
  • The Person

    Because they were forcibly bred to be more docile. What a goddamn idiot father as if economic factors would have any effect.

    • Gerry

      Wrong, certain dogs are smarter than other dogs. It’s not all nurture it’s also nature.

    • Francesco

      Yes, and some were bred to be bigger or smaller. That doesn’t disprove the difference itself, it just explains why it exists. It’s still genes in the end.

  • Teamo

    I LOVE THIS ARGUMENT! I LOVE WHEN RACE REALIST MAKE THIS ARGUMENT! Because it makes no fucking sense! If you wanna make an argument that some races are smarter than others, go on ahead, but please for the love of god don’t use dogs as an example. It just makes you look so fucking dumb

    • Jayden Coyle

      So… did you think at any point in your rant that it was pertinent to actually point out what was wrong with the comic/arguement? You think it’s dumb, great, but why?

      • Teamo

        The reason why this argument can’t work is because most species of dogs in today’s time were or are selectively bred to create a specific type of dog, sometimes even inbreeding with their siblings or parents to keep that breed pure.

        You cannot equate this to humans because humans were not selective bred by some outside force.

        • Blaster

          They were bred, by the environment in which they evolved. Evolving in Africa is a lot different than evolving in Asia, which is different that evolving in Europe, which is different than America.

          It’s clearly obvious that races are different physically; it’s naive to think they would not be different in thought or manner.

          • Teamo

            I’m not saying that environment doesn’t play a role in your intelligence, i’m just saying that using dogs as an example is really dumb because it’s a completely different situation. It’s different when a group of ancient humans separate and adapt to their environment than dogs breeding with certain breeds to create a specific one.

          • Blaster

            The base comparison is that humans and dogs are the same species but vary greatly. The question isn’t why members of a species can vary so much isn’t the point, it’s simply that they are. Whatever causes the degree of difference isn’t what the comparison is about.

            If the question of why still bothers you, remember that humans are still part of nature. Other animals can directly effect the development of others in the wild, whether they are intelligent or not. An invasive species can radically alter the wildlife of an environment and directly be responsible for the continued development of all life in that environment; the only difference between this and the humans/dogs comparison is that we consciously breed dogs as we see fit, while the invasive species is just going by instinct. But, we are still animals and part of nature, and we are changing the development of other species; we are an outside force, just like the environment. The fact that we are sapient doesn’t change the comparison much in my opinion.

          • Blaster

            “humans and dogs are the same species”
            I meant to say all different humans are the same species, while different dogs are the same species.

          • evilsandmich

            I read that as “It’s different when humans voluntarily adapt to their environment versus when dogs are forced to adapt to their environment.” Okee-Dokee.

        • LarioMopez

          [caste system intensifies]

  • betainthesheets

    this but unironically

  • AwilAn

    Majority of purebred dogs are incredibly unhealthy, and a lot of the time inbred. The same goes for humans.
    Best we just, you know, become healthy and not completely fucking inbred rather than whining about how a black dude got a white girlfriend.

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