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  • Stiffy Weiner

    Should have been the Israeli border. I think the antifags are starting to get under your skin.

  • BlatheringBlatherSkite

    What the fuck is this?

    • fuckingstoned

      Israel 4 lyfe, fgt.

  • Timelord999

    Hasn’t he kept all his promises. Where is this coming from?

    • Herman the German

      Where is the drained swamp?
      Is she locked up?

      “when Trump wins, we all would hang”
      No, you wouldn’t, Trump is one of yours…

      • Jesher

        lol this comment has aged like cum in a jar.

        The reason you don’t understand that things are being done as promised is because you refuse to listen to the Q community.

        Bellyache all you faggots want, but the community has been over a year ahead of all of you.

        The few times Q used disinfo are staggeringly overshadowed by everything else. And if you don’t know how to corroborate good info from disinfo, then it doesn’t matter who you listen to.

        And hey, fine, if you want to say “no excuses” on the disinfo he explicitly announced and corrected, then you may as well never listen to any news source or journalist ever again, because not one of them has been more on point or consistent than Q. They’ve all been wrong way more times than Q.

        Facts. :/

        • Zon Kuthon

          Q is a LARP and nothing good will ever happen. Q has not named the Jew. No excuses. No forgiveness.

          2016 is not coming back.

      • Ceiling Cat

        He is not despised by me. The F├╝hrer lives in my heart and millions of other men.

  • BlatheringBlatherSkite

    Stuck in congressional limbo, same as everything else.

    • fuckingstoned

      Luckily he’s giving Israel everything they want. I’m pro-Israeli but enjoying these Trumpet tears. :’)

    • Edriss Scofield

      More time, we just need more time

  • Chaos Prodigy

    Gonna have to disagree on this one.
    >inb4 fence
    It’s what border patrol wanted. So they can see who is throwing rocks at them.


    I see you’re playing both sides…

    • Herman the German

      Uh, what people might have said “in a conflict, be sure to occupie both sides”?
      Might it be “gods chosen people”?
      And how does “the jewish faith is the fabric of my family” that Trump said, fit in that?
      I guess, we all know very well.

      The son of god hasn’t said anything from chosen, or rather, he put it into another point of view.
      Synagogue of satan is for sure a known term here, from one of the most extremist antisemites… usually called Jesus nowadays.

  • QuickshooterMk2

    Trump is basically the second president of Israel, all promises to Israel
    Promises to America?
    nah, america only exists to sustain the nation of ZION goy!

    supporting GOP in 2019 is borderline treason

    • BlatheringBlatherSkite

      Impeach Hillary from what??

      • QuickshooterMk2

        murder, she was responsible for countless “suicides” that her ZOG bots committed
        there is ample proof too, but we all know she’s too deep in Jew-affairs they’re not gonna let her to be prosecuted for her crimes, ever.

        • BlatheringBlatherSkite

          That’s not relevant to impeachment. She’s not in any office to be impeached from.

          • QuickshooterMk2

            we wasn’t talking about impeaching her, we was talking about putting her in jail

          • BlatheringBlatherSkite

            Then you should not have put the words “Impeach Hillary” in your graphic, dumbass.

          • DatBoi

            He’s not very bright (in case you haven’t gathered that from looking at his other comments).

          • BlatheringBlatherSkite


          • Major Duke

            Gi… GizmoDuck? Is.. is that you?

          • BlatheringBlatherSkite

            You can call me Fenton.

          • QuickshooterMk2

            nice slide, jew.

          • BlatheringBlatherSkite

            Stay in school, dumbass.

        • Herman the German

          Your whole country is a ZOG since 1913 and Jackson, according to my european view.
          I am not into depth in that topic obviously, but to me it seems like it all started when Jackson gave Power to the Fed.

          • Jesher

            I thought Jackson KILLED the fed?

    • Cinj
    • Toejam Ninja

      Honestly it seems Trump talks it up with kikes yet his actions go against kike plans.
      But the antisemitism laws though… But then it was passed through congress, imagine if Trump didn’t sign the bill. The media would still be talking about it right now.

      • Zon Kuthon

        Not good enough.

    • Jesher

      Nah, not really. Netanyahu basically threatened to have Trump murdered by posting a picture of Kennedy to remind him of what happens when you cross Israel.

  • Alan

    That wall is Trump’s apparent love for Israel. FUCK ISRAEL.

  • thanks to trump trudeau is getting impeached. i want my native hating rich boy president to stay in power. fuck drumpf

  • Algures Cara de Mais

    Make Israel Greater

  • PeePeeLarge

    Kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike.

  • Makuta S-V


  • Jesher

    You should have given him 5 fingers so it makes the proper “666” sign.

    Also, everyone who makes that sign to be le cool epic white nat — you’re hailing satan. Don’t fucking do it bro. Satanists are the ones behind all the garbage we’re trying to take out, from Marx to the Rothschilds to Hollywood to the Vatican.

  • Bezzle Bedeviled

    They don’t call it the Shadow Party fer nuthin’.

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