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as a newbie I would be thankful if someone can explain it to me !)

I wonder how long it took to make.

White supremacists don’t have jobs or girlfriends, so they have time for stuff like this.

“those damn incel jobless nazis” is a really weak counter-argument schlomo

This is pretty good, but will the casual observer understand that this person is supposed to be Jewish? I’d slap a few more stars of David on there and maybe a poster for a Mel Brooks film. Better safe than sorry.

Sounds like projection. Guarantee I could kick the shit through you, you scrawny Jew virgin.

Every leftist I know is a depressed drug-addict with little to no aspiration. Only two of them aren’t incels. Meanwhile I’ve had women swallow my cum more times than I can count. Women like men who have actual spines.

But you’re demoralized, so reality isn’t going to change your mind. We already know that. We already know everything. It’s just a matter of waiting for you personified cock-holes to catch up.

Plenty of married people, with children, disagree with everything you stand for, and find the incel argument a total copout. Stefan Molyneux, for example — though you’ll probably say he doesn’t count because you hate being refuted.

Blocked and reported, nazi scum.

it always comes back to jews with you
are you jealous that we successfully took back everything you denied us?
you stupid salty soy boy
nazis have just become worthless, we have cucked you

The browning of America has fed the growth of the home delivery of groceries. More and more normal, able-bodied white Americans just find it too alienating to go to the supermarket any more because they encounter nonwhite strangers drawn at random from the world’s least successful countries; so they would rather pay a premium to have the supermarket deliver groceries to their door and not face the risks of having to deal with diversitarians.

Ironically leftists used to make a big deal about how their social analysis has identified the causes of alienation in modern, capitalist societies, and how their utopian social engineering would counter that trend and make life better. Now today’s leftists have thrown those considerations aside in favor of an accelerationist strategy of increasing alienation in white countries as fast as possible by flooding them with literal aliens.

Two percent is Jew percent?

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