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  • rdococ

    Lol, I’m a pro-gun leftist.

  • Jack

    Nice trick hiding the sign with the speech bubbles ^^

  • Shlomo Silberwasser

    While I normally find your comics quite entertaining and thoroughly true, this one is only half the truth.

    The problem with america is that the country‘s mentality is completely screwed, as well as the country itself because they have guns everywhere. Banning them now is like trying to forbid cornflakes. Nobody is gonna return them.

    Every single european country has stricter laws and basically no gun violence at all. This is why the rest of the world just laughs at america every time there is a new shooting.

    • Johnis1

      What was the crime like before then, how much corruption was there? And what is the population like?

    • evilsandmich

      Switzerland has gun laws similar to the U.S. fyi. Just shows that in a highly capable, homogenous society that there can be a wide degree of variation on regularly contentious issues that do not impact the health of the society (i.e. political disagreements). Many Americans were shocked that until recently Swedes could own hand grenades; but, something changed and now they’re banned.

    • Francesco

      This is also why the government could turn tirannycal at any moment and people would have no way to oppose it in Europe.
      Also, I would re-evaluate your idea that every country laughs at the US every time there is a shooting. I live in Europe, and while it’s a shame shootings happens, I would take them over our strict gun laws any day.

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