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Guns don't kill people, coat hangers kill people.


Lol, I’m a pro-gun leftist.

Thats no right, you won’t be able to hold power for long. When you get to the point of starvation people will use their guns against you. Or is it sarcasm?

While I normally find your comics quite entertaining and thoroughly true, this one is only half the truth.

The problem with america is that the country‘s mentality is completely screwed, as well as the country itself because they have guns everywhere. Banning them now is like trying to forbid cornflakes. Nobody is gonna return them.

Every single european country has stricter laws and basically no gun violence at all. This is why the rest of the world just laughs at america every time there is a new shooting.

Switzerland has gun laws similar to the U.S. fyi. Just shows that in a highly capable, homogenous society that there can be a wide degree of variation on regularly contentious issues that do not impact the health of the society (i.e. political disagreements). Many Americans were shocked that until recently Swedes could own hand grenades; but, something changed and now they’re banned.

I´m a Swede. Swedes have NOT been able to legally own handgrenades, ever. Any kind of explosives beyond firecrackers need permission. On the other hand privately owned firearms are about half as many as in the US compared to population, less difference than one might expect.
Switzerland does have quite liberal weapon laws, but there are still some difference with the US. Permits are routine only for long barrel, bolt-action or single-shot weapons, which are least suited to commit crimes. And every purchase and sale (weapons or ammo) still has to be registered with authorities.

This is also why the government could turn tirannycal at any moment and people would have no way to oppose it in Europe.
Also, I would re-evaluate your idea that every country laughs at the US every time there is a shooting. I live in Europe, and while it’s a shame shootings happens, I would take them over our strict gun laws any day.

You know nothing, except what you are told. The only people shooting anybody are leftists going crazy from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

And as far as your niggardly ass euro-cuntries are concerned, you guys are being invaded at absurd pace by goat raping muslims.

Take care of your own shit, eurotards.

Every single european country has fewer blacks and low rates of forced male genital mutilation. europe also had to ban guns before the muslim invasion could begin. “1,200 women were sexually assaulted by 2,000 men in German cities on New Year’s Eve”. “Muslims rape 1000 women in stockholm in the first seven months of 2013”. “100% rapes oslo”.

Aborting a child without a clinic is easy – just throw yourself down some stairs. Or worse, things will end up with the mother giving birth in a bathroom, suffocating her child to death and throwing it in the dumpster (as had been the case many times before).
Meanwhile, guns will be A LOT harder to come by because you can’t recreate the function of a gun without one.
Ban on abortions = people killing their child in other ways.
Ban on guns = less guns.

“Haha, I’m going to start a webcomic about stupid things the left does. Sometimes I’ll even criticize the right! Haha, epic ruse, though, because every 6 strips, I’ll post this idiotic right wing shit about how the left is trying to take our guns away or something, lol. I’ll definitely not analyze THAT situation nearly as well and realize nobody wants my stupid guns gone, just regulated better. Nah, I don’t actually care, some politician is paying me to run this webcomic and post right wing faff every few strips after I gained the reader’s trust with clever insight on other topics.”

I hate your kind, StoneToss.

I love your comics but the comparison in this one is missed. No one would make get them illegally, they would just visit a country where it’s legal. On the other hand, you can’t just fly to America, buy a gun and return to Europe with it.

You are either bad at sarcasm or hopelessly retarded.

Go back to the cotton field, negro.

T.Polacke subhuman.
How is your honorary negro status?

An understandable argument. Problem is that the US has a large amount of weapons floating around, so a complete ban would be hard to pull off under the best of circumstances. Not to mention that many people like to have the right to own guns. Switzerland seems to have the perfect solution as people can own guns there, but have to shoulder the responsibility with certain rules to make sure no one is hurt.

I am in Germany, so I don’t have to worry about it though, seeing as there are not many weapons around there is no such problem here.

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