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  • Shekelberg

    I like this one

  • manuel de santis


  • LMTR14

    some are good but some strips are complete nonsensical shit. like this one. no clue what the fuck it would be about

    • Chaos Prodigy

      Oy vey

    • Jesse Lee Humphry

      This is uh. Anti-semitic as fuck. Look at the nose. It took me a second as well. And most are not good. Most are fucken racist as shit and not even subtly.

      • Jake

        I get that that guy’s suppose to be a Jew, but what’s the Joke? Is he saying white skinned Jews are not white?

        • xvtc

          thanks for joining us, retard

      • xvtc

        ooohhhh noooooo not the rAcIsM!!!!

    • Un aw├╝eonao cualquiera

      Nothing to see here goy, just awful racist jokes with no link to reality, keep moving

  • Stiffy Weiner

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