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  • Shekelberg

    I like this one

  • manuel de santis


  • LMTR14

    some are good but some strips are complete nonsensical shit. like this one. no clue what the fuck it would be about

    • Chaos Prodigy

      Oy vey

    • Jesse Lee Humphry

      This is uh. Anti-semitic as fuck. Look at the nose. It took me a second as well. And most are not good. Most are fucken racist as shit and not even subtly.

      • Jake

        I get that that guy’s suppose to be a Jew, but what’s the Joke? Is he saying white skinned Jews are not white?

        • xvtc

          thanks for joining us, retard

        • Anon

          To preface this… Idk shit about race, DNA or anything. But here is what I found.

          First, White =/= Juice. And if one parent is juice and the other is white, then it’s race mixed/multiracial/mixed-race or whatever the term is. That’s how it is, no?

          Ashkenazi Juices classify as Europeans (but that’s not Caucasian, is it?). I guess the climate of Europe might have an effect on the skin, making their skin lighter or “white”.

          But that happens with Mexicans too. Some Mexicans (very small minority) are Caucasian (probably direct descent from the Spaniards) and some have even blonde hair and blue/green eyes, but most of them are not. Now a lot of Mexicans are born with light skin tone or “white” and living there under the sun makes their skin darker.

          You can see a few Mexicans that were born in the US might have lighter skin or “white”, probably cuz climate and/or race mixing.

          When the Spaniards came to Mexico they brought black slaves, they brought Asians and unlike the British that came to US, they all fucked together, making most of the Mexicans mixed-race or mestizos.

          Now you’re telling me the juices are white just cuz they have lighter skin (regardless of DNA…) in your logic that means light skinned Mexicans are also white and that makes no sense.

        • Anon

          Sorry. I might as well answer your question. He’s saying it’s “antisemite” because the depiction of the juice with the big nose. Also because of the implication that juices pretend to be white.

      • xvtc

        ooohhhh noooooo not the rAcIsM!!!!

      • Blarg Blarg

        The fact that there is special words codified to protect jews and only jews should be your first clue that something is amiss in America.

        Eventually people like you are going to have to start observing the evidence that is straight-up, directly observable.

        (((Every. Single. Time.))) is not an exaggeration.

    • Un awüeonao cualquiera

      Nothing to see here goy, just awful racist jokes with no link to reality, keep moving

    • Paul Mememan

      Jews claim to be white when it’s time to tell white people not to serve their own interests but switch to becoming non-white minorities when it’s socially or politically convenient. Keep up.

      • Anon

        Jesus Christ, man. It’s the same as the comic with the same “fellow white people” and everything. WHAT THE actual FUCK.

      • TRVTH

        Remember, the Jews aren’t organized or politically powerful.

        And if you say that they are, they’ll CRUSH you.

    • Blarg Blarg

      You need more attention to detail, or in this case (((detail))).

    • Anon

      Last month I saw a video that someone uploaded in Tommy Robinson’s channel where a juice pretended to be white and to befriend a guy for a long time, tricked him into spewing antisemite stuff, recorded him and then betrayed him finally revealing “Ha! I was jew all along, you antisemite!”

    • Jesher

      I am profoundly disappointed in you.

  • Stiffy Weiner
  • Emmett Brown

    Billy? Should be Moe, or Benny, or …

  • Tom Stedham

    I just spit sweet tea all over my laptop!!!

    • cdc3

      Ah, now I understand the negative you gave me about Israel….

  • Zak Pikslime

    This is hilarious

  • Edriss Scofield

    This guy makes genuinely funny stuff sometimes, but he panders too like he does here.

  • StephenFoster

    Do you ever see something that you completely agree with, but makes you groan loudly?

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