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  • This one’s my fav m’nigga.

  • Fantaman

    The jews push it first and foremost, with their “We all must do this as whites” then retreat back to “Muh 6 gazillions”

  • xn0

    And on top: Who will innovate, who will create new tech, who will maintain the country? The Negroes and Mexicans? Surely you jest.

    • krygyz

      Chinese….Japanese….Arabs….Indians…? White people aren’t the only people who can create technology?

      • You are Not a Victim

        >create technology

      • xn0

        Arabs…no. Sorry. Chinese and Indians copy and reverse-engineer. (Especially the Chinese, they never innovate)Japanese, yeah, they’ll get a pass. Arabs…what the hell? They did not invent anything since medieval times. Backwards and primitive, eaten up by their religious nonsense that is Islam.

        • antifa supersoldier

          yeah when’s the last time you even saw an arab video game? checkmate libcucks

          • xvtc


          • Alexey Saranchev

            When’s the last time you saw an arab anything other than a terrorist?

      • xvtc


      • epic gamer man 123 gmaer boy 2


      • Mystikar

        They haven’t created new technology for literally hundreds (in some cases thousands) of years.

        So, yeah, sure, if you want to revert back to medieval levels of technology…

      • ssgtnelson

        Why is it always the anime profiles that say the most ‘tard level stuff.

  • Stiffy Weiner

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