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  • ComicsFan

    Isn’t that guy from antifa, not a communist specifically? I mean, I don’t know shit about ppl like fascists and antifascists, but I think that “workers of the world unite” is not something being used by antifa.

    • Legendsmith

      Antifa are militant communists. They always have been.

      • west

        > Antifa are militant communists.

        Jesus you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Antifa aren’t even necessarily militant, and they sure as fuck aren’t communists.

        They’re anti-fascists, where do you think they got their name? Being against fascism is not a specific ideology, outside perhaps of being in direct opposition to an ideology.

        Why do you think they aren’t called “milicom”? But please, show me all of your sources about how a decentralized collective of mostly black bloc anarchists are communists…

        • Legendsmith

          Well, this’ll be funny. Assuming you read this comment you’ll probably never reply because, I in fact DO know what I’m talking about. Why aren’t they called MilCom, you ask? Why is the “department of defense” not called the “Department of war” or the “Department of bombing”? Because it’s a little on the nose. Additionally because these groups DID pop up in the wake of World War 2, and they did in fact take orders from Moscow, along with Communist parties. And Communists really do hate fascists.
          I can’t recall where I originally read about this other than that it was in print, not digital media. For now you’ll have to be content with these.

        • Rudy

          They are the fascists though…

          • nintendoROX121

            they’re delusional and mentally ill though, they fully believe their doing whats right for humanity.

        • Fantaman

          What a colossally idiotic reply. Antifa takes that name to hide exactly what they do. That’s what the left has always been doing. Their tactics are textbook fascist with proud communist flags all over. “Antifa is against nazis because that’s their name” has to be the most ignorant thing ever typed this decade.

      • seahen

        Really? Where are their gulags?

        • Rudy

          On your couch.

    • Antifa was started by the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) in the early 1930s.
      At that time, the Communists had already murdered millions of Gentiles in eastern Europe.

  • Fox Carson


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