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What is Stonetoss?

Stonetoss is an independently published webcomic covering current events, American and internet culture.

It is a comedy cartoon in similar style to those featured in newspapers.

Who are you?

I am a independent cartoonist and writer/illustrator for Stonetoss. You may call me “Stonetoss” or “Stone”.

Can I support your work?

Yes, you can subscribe to my “patreon-style” Official supporter page!

Not only will you help me continue to create my work, but be rewarded for it as well. Check out our supporter video:

Why’d you make this comic?

I have always enjoyed entertaining people with something I made and I wanted to continue that through this comic.

Before doing Stonetoss, I liked making and sharing silly self-made memes on imageboards. As is the nature of imageboards, most of that artwork is lost to history. I decided to make a comic brand in order to preserve and share the art better.

While many other cartoonists will credit great artists like Bill Waterson of Calvin and Hobbes or Jim Davis of Garfield with inspiring them, I must admit I come from no such pedigree.

I had always preferred the more raw, honest, unapologetic, and frankly funnier works of countless anonymous artists that populated the early days of imageboards.

Are you an EVIL NAZI?

Surprisingly, I am not actually a 90 year-old member of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Additionally, I am not a national socialist, fascist, alt-right, or any kind of supremacist. My actual crime may be worse however – I make transgressive art.

In my defense, cartooning has a long tradition of slaying society’s sacred cows. Its practice predates the United States itself. My work is similar to those often featured by Charlie Hebdo (here), published in the New York Times (here), and shown on Family Guy (here); all famous non-nazis.

Furthermore, themes featured in the works themselves further ideas of freedom of speech, anti-war, private gun ownership, non-violence, bodily autonomy, and anti-authoritarianism.

I have also featured works from other artists including artists of color.

I would make a very hypocritical nazi indeed. Despite this, some would claim that my most controversial (and successful) cartoon (here) is an example of historical denialism. I invite you to read it yourself.

Of course, a reasonable mind would see that it is a critique of so-called “free thinkers” hysterically trying to shut thinking down. I am hardly the first satirist to receive such a reaction, but thankfully effective enough to do so.

I encourage you to enjoy the comic, but if it offends you, that’s okay too.

When is it updated?

Currently the comic is updated twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday.

Do you do commissions?

Not currently.

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