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Degenerate foot [email protected] get the roof toss first.

Assman should be black.

>White dudes pretending like they don’t like ass
>wonders why black men cuck em when they get with big booty white women.

>Black dudes thinking they hit gold when they fuck fat ugly white women.

>Never seen a white guy pull a fat cute white girl and keep her.

subreddit is dead? where can we gather under your umbrella

honestly it is pretty enraging that the subreddit does not exist (i am imagining closed for thoughtcrime) and /r/antifastonetoss (where they steal your images and ‘cleanse’ them with anti-humor) is suggested when searching for stonetoss

I didn’t know feet fetish was a thing. Until I met a person with a feet fetish… and I can tell this is accurate 😀
And on top of that, he was a control freak, doxer, borderline groomer…
I hope he wasn’t representative of any group, really. Because if he was, it would mean there are like him. And then our society is fucked.

Hope you don’t mind, hijacked this to illustrate a nerd topic in a way outsiders would understand.

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