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  • Seen this in real life, in Iraq.

    Control, this is tower three.
    – Go ahead tower 3.
    Control, there is a pickup full of armed men approaching the fence line. Permission to open fire?
    – Denied, tower 3. Monitor the situation.
    Control, tower 3. They’re just outside the fence and setting up a mortar. Permission to engage?
    – Denied, tower 3. Continue to monitor the situation.
    Control, tower 3. Prepare for incoming.
    * foop * foop * foop
    * BANG * BANG * BANG
    Control, tower three. They’re packing up. Permission to engage now?
    – Negative, tower 3. Continue to monitor.
    Control, tower 3. They’re gone now.
    – Tower 3, control. Continue to monitor the situation. And stop bothering us, we’re busy here.

    • Jesher

      What the actual fuck, how is this not shady as all hell? Like borderline treason? Was anyone on our side hurt?

      • This time, yes. The mortar rounds actually hit near Control. They were busy handling casualties at the end. I’ll edit it to make that clear.

        There’s a reason I left the service. This is but a single example.

  • 12judges

    Good comic. Yep, there’s some truth there. Still voting Trump2020. If it’s a choice between Trump ‘monitoring the situation’ and Warren/Biden/Sanders/Buttgay he can continue to ‘monitor the situation’ for another 4 years…hell, I’ll send him more grapes.

    Just his ability to appoint Ginsburg’s replacement is enough compared to what these people represent. His very existence as POTUS is like taking a giant piss on them.

    Like I said…send him more grapes. More grapes = more wine. More wine = more piss.

    • Nuke Mecha

      The traitors running for office will actually try to have everyone that ever made a joke
      online or liked a meme arrested

  • Alistair Grove

    Just wait until his second term. That’s when the fun will really begin.

    • Obama Hater

      If the censorship of conservatives online doesn’t cost him his second term you mean…

      • Alistair Grove

        Censoring people doesn’t stop them from voting.

        • Zon Kuthon

          Voting doesn’t stop communists from killing you for being white. Keep being a cuck; I’m sure it’ll work out for you just fine.

          • Alistair Grove

            No that’s what guns are for, as shown by Kyle Rittenhouse.

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Better vote for the freeshit Xing Ling.

  • Jesher

    The censorship is all too real. I get banned weekly at minimum on Twitter (also deboosted), even trying to watch my step. Even on fucking 4chan! I don’t bother with Reddit because I got downvoted into a karmapit within my first few days.

    And YouTube has purged almost every channel I actually like from my direct feed. It’s nothing but anime/game content now. Nothing remotely informative.

    • AyoHolUp

      4chan has been cucked for nearly 5 years, what did you really expect?

    • Jon Carey

      good news! 8chan is back online, come visit!

      • Zon Kuthon

        Jim MAGATits Watkins the MASONICNIGGER traitor is only milking Q-nigger cultists for money and stifling what could have been /pol/ but is run by his kickflip son and Jewsh.

        Good things don’t happen, Ever!

    • Fringe Wizard

      There isn’t a single place on the internet I have not been banned from. Only darknet is safe.

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