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  • Lib Repellent

    Whoa, cool it with the width of those heads! They’re beginning to look like flattened pennies! LOL but on a serious note, these freakin’ YIDS amirite?

    • AxiomaticSystem

      Gotta make room for the eyes somehow

  • themann235

    I wish someone would do actually say this whenever someone tries to defend affirmative action in university.

  • Edgar Aethelred

    Mister Stonetoss, just wanted to say I reckon you’re one of the brightest cartoonists working in the Dissident Right, and the whole web, period. They get better every time.
    Godspeed to you sir.

    • BearGlitch

      *sounds of dick-sucking intensifies*

      • Edgar Aethelred

        Please don’t bring your faqgotry here, cumburper

        • gdrkn

          Edgar, it’s hard to understand you as you’re in the closet with your boyfriend’s dick in your mouth

  • Derek Sparling Aitken

    Also anti-Asian

  • bill johnson

    Can’t shake up the institutions in the name of equality, without angering the Jews.

  • Chris Redfield

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