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  • Lib Repellent

    Whoa, cool it with the width of those heads! They’re beginning to look like flattened pennies! LOL but on a serious note, these freakin’ YIDS amirite?

    • AxiomaticSystem

      Gotta make room for the eyes somehow

  • themann235

    I wish someone would do actually say this whenever someone tries to defend affirmative action in university.

  • Edgar Aethelred

    Mister Stonetoss, just wanted to say I reckon you’re one of the brightest cartoonists working in the Dissident Right, and the whole web, period. They get better every time.
    Godspeed to you sir.

    • BearGlitch

      *sounds of dick-sucking intensifies*

      • Edgar Aethelred

        Please don’t bring your faqgotry here, cumburper

        • gdrkn

          Edgar, it’s hard to understand you as you’re in the closet with your boyfriend’s dick in your mouth

          • Edgar Aethelred

            your f aggy fantasies don’t mean anything on the internet, stinky twink boy

        • gdrkn

          Yes Edgar likes to be the fag on this thread

          • Edgar Aethelred

            Cool response cumburper

        • BearGlitch

          Hey I’m not part of your ideology of fantasying about boys dressing up like girls, that’s on you looking like faggots.

          • Scarcat

            atleast i’m not a part of an ideology that supports pedophilia

          • BearGlitch


          • Edgar Aethelred

            Listen little “BearGlitch” you little sh*t. You first came into this thing months ago with YOUR COMMENT : “sounds of dick-sucking intensifies”.
            That was your comment, gaiboi.
            What are we to do with you, little closet gay boi?
            Is your anus prolapsing lol you people should all die of A IDS I wish

          • BearGlitch

            God damn you have some creepy fantasies about me man

      • Blarg Blarg

        Your projecting, fuckwit.

  • Derek Sparling Aitken

    Also anti-Asian

  • bill johnson

    Can’t shake up the institutions in the name of equality, without angering the Jews.

  • Chris Redfield
  • Erohiel

    Nazi’s are bad, but anti-semitism is okay….according to the left.

  • Big dad


    • Blarg Blarg

      Observably true.

  • Jared Peirce

    This comic didn’t age well. Anti-semitism is now perfectly acceptable

    • Blarg Blarg

      If you really think the left is anti-semitic (that special protective glove that only jews get to use), you are not paying attention.

      Any “antisemitism” is merely the lefts victim hierarchy occasionally bucking against the top (jews). Which then the lower class victims are quickly batted down.

  • themadpsychologist

    Asians, actually. Affirmative action makes it more likely for a Caucasian to get into a university than an Asian.

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