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Hey, take a guess which nation is over-represented in the distribution of US foreign aid for military assistance?


Mister Stonetoss, just wanted to say I reckon you’re one of the brightest cartoonists working in the Dissident Right, and the whole web, period. They get better every time.
Godspeed to you sir.

*sounds of dick-sucking intensifies*

Please don’t bring your faqgotry here, cumburper

Hey I’m not part of your ideology of fantasying about boys dressing up like girls, that’s on you looking like faggots.

Listen little “BearGlitch” you little sh*t. You first came into this thing months ago with YOUR COMMENT : “sounds of dick-sucking intensifies”.
That was your comment, gaiboi.
What are we to do with you, little closet gay boi?
Is your anus prolapsing lol you people should all die of A IDS I wish

This comic didn’t age well. Anti-semitism is now perfectly acceptable

If you really think the left is anti-semitic (that special protective glove that only jews get to use), you are not paying attention.

Any “antisemitism” is merely the lefts victim hierarchy occasionally bucking against the top (jews). Which then the lower class victims are quickly batted down.

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