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  • Fantaman

    What a grotesque tranny

    • Nogger White

      Grotesque, a.k.a. Stunning and Brave.

      • Fantaman

        Same thing indeed. Whenever I hear that about a tranny, you can bet they’ll look like a walking caricature

  • kill_them_all_69MAGA

    kill every faggot. purge the world of their filth

    • rdococ

      This site is filled with literal and figurative nazis, I swear.

      • DÄ“esseFortuna

        This site is

      • Dr.Weird

        oh so now you have to be a nazi to hate aids infected child molesters? Well fine, we’re nazis now, and nazis are better people than you.

        • antifa supersoldier

          -guy who was always a nazi

          • Scarcat

            >have no good argument
            >call him a nazi

      • BearGlitch

        Kill both *dab*

      • Mister Twister

        More like LARPers.

    • DumbFurfag

      calm your tits bruh

    • JthayerTheGamer

      Obvious troll account kek

  • what an insightful comic that’s elicited nothing but the most respectful & rational comments

  • David Sage

    Q is already a catch-all term so anyone who tries to add to it is an ignorant fuckwit. (and equally anyone who takes the former seriously)

    • Hendrik Vanderstijn

      And also anyone who takes the Q seriously.

      • David Sage

        I’m not sure what you suggest, there isn’t anything to take seriously about Q, it’s just a very broad category. Queer simply means something unusual or strange. It’s really a superset of LGBT, in this context it means “and all the others”. Because of that LGBTQ+ is already extremely redundant

  • Hendrik Vanderstijn


  • Isaac Cheung

    I’d stop at T. D is…. Debatable.

  • not having a demonic succubus gf. why even live?

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Bitch has a dick

  • Tacel the Multi-fandom Trash

    Oookay, that’s kinda gross. Like, I get the joke but…why you making the T look like that? You have some beef or? LGB are done fairly normal but the T (which is a legit part and trans women literally started the LGBT community) is done just…like it’s already supposed to be the escalation. It’s just kinda…idk man, I am just not very sure if you’re feeling okay

    • antifa supersoldier

      He wants LGBT people to die. He’s a nazi lol

  • Galaxy Space

    my only thought was “why is there a homophobic bullshit comic on here?”
    and then i remembered that this is 4-chan friendly and realized why that explains why it just looks so b ad

  • Sugawa Nikawa

    Fuck Obama and fuck Pride Month. Now June (my birtjday month) is no longer an enjoyable month anymore

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