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  • Fantaman

    What a grotesque tranny

    • Nogger White

      Grotesque, a.k.a. Stunning and Brave.

      • Fantaman

        Same thing indeed. Whenever I hear that about a tranny, you can bet they’ll look like a walking caricature

    • Paul Genovese

      Why can’t all of them just be traps smh,

      I also hate how trans people see trap as a slur, if I call you one its a complement. Then again words are just words, its how you use them

  • kill_them_all_69MAGA

    kill every faggot. purge the world of their filth

    • rdococ

      This site is filled with literal and figurative nazis, I swear.

      • DēesseFortuna

        This site is

      • Dr.Weird

        oh so now you have to be a nazi to hate aids infected child molesters? Well fine, we’re nazis now, and nazis are better people than you.

        • antifa supersoldier

          -guy who was always a nazi

          • Scarcat

            >have no good argument
            >call him a nazi

        • Blarg Blarg

          “Well fine, we’re nazis now, and nazis are better people than you.”

          Observably true, and that applies to both WW2 Nazis as well as modern “nazis”.

        • Soviet_ Samuelson

          Not all gay people do that shit mang

          • Paul Genovese


        • Paul Genovese

          “aids infected child molesters”, I hate them too yet im dating a man and im also a man……….

          Its like saying “I hate sperant wielding rapists!!!!”, I hate rapists but im still a man even though they commit the majority of rapes

          Im gay, i don’t have an STD, or harm children, I just men, thats it. If you can’t handle that then maybe you are a nazi, well, correct term would be asshole but words are just words

        • TRVTH
      • BearGlitch

        Kill both *dab*

      • Mister Twister

        More like LARPers.

    • DumbFurfag

      calm your tits bruh

    • JthayerTheGamer

      Obvious troll account kek

    • Tristan Wintle

      Why would you want people to kill you?

    • Paul Genovese


  • what an insightful comic that’s elicited nothing but the most respectful & rational comments

  • David Sage

    Q is already a catch-all term so anyone who tries to add to it is an ignorant fuckwit. (and equally anyone who takes the former seriously)

    • Hendrik Vanderstijn

      And also anyone who takes the Q seriously.

      • David Sage

        I’m not sure what you suggest, there isn’t anything to take seriously about Q, it’s just a very broad category. Queer simply means something unusual or strange. It’s really a superset of LGBT, in this context it means “and all the others”. Because of that LGBTQ+ is already extremely redundant

      • Paul Genovese


  • Hendrik Vanderstijn


    • Rochlitz Sudo

      P? Amerifags usually think everything below 18 is P.
      Obey nature degenerates

      • Paul Genovese

        P means pansexual, its heavly debated about what it means and if it even is a thing, but its generally agreed to root from the greek word “pan” to mean all

        It has nothing to do with age

        • Thought_Criminal

          big brain here misunderstanding what “P” meant.

          • Paul Genovese

            IK, pedosexual, but P in most contexts means pan

      • Addie

        Found the libertarian

        • first you would have to identify what’s wrong with libertarian? The age of consent should be after a boy is able to produce semen and girl has her first period. That’s how it should work.

      • raven0ak

        I guess you dont need to search for P’s, they reveal themselves voluntary

    • Leonardo

      Here in Brazil FDP stands for Filho Da Puta (literally son of a bitch). Spot on.

  • Isaac Cheung

    I’d stop at T. D is…. Debatable.

    • Paul Genovese

      A(ce) is also debatable

  • not having a demonic succubus gf. why even live?

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Bitch has a dick

      • Addie


  • Tacel the Multi-fandom Trash

    Oookay, that’s kinda gross. Like, I get the joke but…why you making the T look like that? You have some beef or? LGB are done fairly normal but the T (which is a legit part and trans women literally started the LGBT community) is done just…like it’s already supposed to be the escalation. It’s just kinda…idk man, I am just not very sure if you’re feeling okay

    • antifa supersoldier

      He wants LGBT people to die. He’s a nazi lol

      • Blarg Blarg

        Actually he wants civilization to start acting normal again, instead of forced acceptance of civilizational ending degeneracy and deviancy.
        Maybe you should ask your jewish overlords why they have been kicked out of 109 countries.

        • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

          yep, nazi.

          Actually he wants civilization to start acting normal again, instead of forced acceptance of civilizational ending degeneracy and deviancy.

          How is it degenerate? I’m a normal human being that isnt retarded and seeing LGBT people is literally just as normal as seeing a straight person.

          Maybe you should ask your jewish overlords why they have been kicked out of 109 countries.

          Ah, yes. Something bad happening to you (if even)? DA JOOS!!!11!1

        • Paul Genovese

          “jewish overlords”, m8 you know we are with you on the whole idea that the elites are bad, right?

          Society has always had gays and trans people, and society will always be abnormal because humans are like that. The thing is, I understand, the left often has good morals but then super sizes them to a scale it shouldn’t be, but don’t put that blame on the inital moral

          We are not an enemy, we the people, all people, no matter the political side, are sick of elites. So the elites split us apart, we are split on things like sexuality, gender, ideas, race, when in reality, we are one

          and that “one” will find itself again, and destory the elites. It happened before, and it will again

          Also society is colasping its changing, a very scary thing but it isn’t bad per say, and if it is, it can be reverted

      • Paul Genovese

        I wouldn’t say that per say, I can see hate or disagree but to kill is much more……strong

  • Galaxy Space

    my only thought was “why is there a homophobic bullshit comic on here?”
    and then i remembered that this is 4-chan friendly and realized why that explains why it just looks so b ad

    • Blarg Blarg

      A phobia is a irrational fear. There is nothing irrational about our “fear” or our hate against people who are determined to end normal, good civilization to simply justify their degenerate lifestyle.

      • Paul Genovese

        Um…….I don’t care if you marry a woman, have a family, or whatever, just let me do the same with a man.

        Thats it, all I truly want is marriage and not to be hated, feared, or attacked for loving a man. Children have to leave home or sperate from their family over it, its not fair to us,

        Honestly, for me, and 99% of people, we just want LGBT+ to be, tolerated atleast, so I don’t have to live in fear over it

        After all, if I was too make it so you were oppressed for being straight, I would be as bad as you

        But yeah, in the end, the LGBT community, pride, and other forms of lgbt protestation and celebration are create a place for us to be in as you people exist everywhere

        And, don’t worry, it will happen, your group lost, we won, we got our rights and now we are making it so we can use those rights in peace, and trying to take it by force will end in disaster, we already know what will happen, it has already happened

        Thankfully we will do better than you did, we wont make the same mistakes as you, we won’t force people to change to our ideas, just tolerate them

        We will fight with you, or agisnt you when needed, not based on who the ally is, and their morals

        That is my utopia, thats our plan, a world that tolerates others and has places to accept the ones who aren’t the norms, and with the morality based of protection of people, and the social norms that allow for those protections to prosper

      • Berri

        big words for an idiot who probably doesnt wear a mask and voted for the cheeto running this country unto the ground but not really surprised lol

        • ssgtnelson

          None of those were big words, retard.

    • ssgtnelson

      Oh good, anime weirdos are here to lecture.

      • no, most of us anime fans are good people. there is some commies but e usually hate them

      • Berri

        I’m Autistic And It’s Called Having A Special Interest And Things That Make Me Happy. not surprised you dont know what that is but hopefully you find that + a personality soon enough

        • ssgtnelson

          No one cares weirdo.

    • TRVTH

      It isn’t fear. It’s disgust.

  • Sugawa Nikawa

    Fuck Obama and fuck Pride Month. Now June (my birtjday month) is no longer an enjoyable month anymore

    • Paul Genovese

      Become gay!

      Haha, im all seriousness I can’t enjoy being gay because of the month so im with you…….sister? brother? Um……..fucking weeb X3?

  • T4M3R

    Should have put a pedophile in the last one

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