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  • Fernando Lastra

    Shout out to Café, love her<3

  • partyrockerinthehou
  • QuickshooterMk2

    it’s intentional
    it’s how jews get gentiles to go vote for the “right wing parties” which in reality they are voting for a Zionist right wing which is A-ok with White Genocide, GloboHomo
    and other maladies the jews inflict our society

    it’s the same with Trump and the same with Bolsanero
    they are all Kosher controlled opposition

    there is no left and right, there is only the jew

    • Albionic American

      Jews really need to follow their own psychotherapists’ advice and get over themselves.

      • Indra Kaw

        I wonder who lobbying most of Western countries, and how? Bank?

      • Rhode Islander

        I didn’t know I had a Psychotherapist. what is there to get over?

        • Allison Kaas

          your 50 IQ lmao

          • Alistair Grove

            Jews are smarter than whites, on average. I guess that’s an advantage of them being enslaved by Yahweh.

          • Erik Jarl

            Any proof for that that doesn’t come from the jews?

          • Alistair Grove

            Seeing as you’ll dismiss anything I say as “coming from Jews”, probably not. However, as they allegedly control the world, so they can’t be that dumb.

          • Erik Jarl

            You literally know nothing about me. The most used studies about jewish intelligence is usually made by jewish people on a very small number of jewish people from specific areas, that’s why I asked if you knew anything produced by non jews. Allegedly controlling the world is not the same as actually controlling the world, which the jews don’t.

          • Alistair Grove

            You don’t believe that? My apologies, I did assume.

            As for your original question, I am talking about those IQ studies, so yeah, they may not be true. I only brought IQ up as a counter to a dumb insult anyway.

          • TRVTH

            The Askhenazim are supposedly 3-5 IQ points more intelligent than baseline European Whites. The Sephardim are the same genetic stock as Arabs, with the same habits of marrying siblings and cousins, with the same IQ of about 70.

            Fun fact: in Israel the Ashkenazim aren’t having babies–their women are enthusiastic feminists and regard childbirth and childrearing as distasteful and beneath them. The Sephardim are breeding in a manner normally associated with rodents, cockroaches, or bacteria. They’ll soon be the majority in Israel.

          • Alistair Grove

            Sounds like IQ is actually a bad thing. At least when it comes to group survival.

          • TRVTH

            I don’t know. Other factors may be at work.

            East Asians, supposedly, have IQ-points 3-5 points above the Ashkenazi average, though the data vary a bit depending on whom you ask, and I am not so sure we can trust pronouncements from the Chinese Communist Party about average IQs in China.

            We do see some similar cultural patterns. City-dwelling Japanese women in Tokyo are enthusiastic Western-style feminists who marry their careers and hold men, marriage, dating, childbirth, and child-rearing in contempt as they grow old childless. But rural Japanese women–from a very different culture, one not nearly so infatuated with (((Gloria Allred))), are continuing to make babies well above replacement rate. We see a similar fervor for Western-style feminism in college-educated young “womyn” in Seoul, but rural South Korean women likewise have their roots in a more conservative, and more sustainable culture, and likewise continue to marry and have children.

            Similarly in the US, the typical nose-ringed nineteen-year-old college SJW feminist is statistically more likely to be taken hostage on an airliner than to marry or have children. Mormon women in Utah are pumping out White babies like it’s some kind of competition. And then we have the Quiverfull movement, which seems to be in competition with Mormons for production rates.

            I am no sociologist, no anthropologist–and regard those fields as the most risible of pseudoscience anyway. On the other hand, history is one of my hobbies, and I read fairly extensively. I offer two observations, which may be worth what you paid for them.

            One, cities are behavioral sinks. When we crowd human beings together to such a degree that the number of individuals each must deal with on a regular basis exceeds Dunbar’s Number, the strain that this unnatural and unsustainable mode of living places on the human psyche leads inexorably towards violence, degradation of mores, destruction of cultural capital, dissolution, nihilism, hypersexuality, every sort of degeneracy. Entropy increases. Certain German philosophers of the last century had the right of it when they spoke of Blood and Soil and the superior character that rural self-sufficiency breeds into the race.

            Two, you can’t fool Mother Nature–or Charles Darwin. Three quarters of a century of lawfare and cultural destruction wrought principally by the (((Usual Suspects))), over and above the cultural destruction that takes place in overcrowded cities, has brought us to this impasse. The good news is that the plan worked too well, and the aforementioned dangerhair SJWs are going to grow old and die childless, taking their disgusting culture and ideology to Hell with them. In a hundred years they’ll be an embarrassing footnote in history. Time is not on their side, and they sense this at a deep, primal, unconscious level, which is what I think underlies the ongoing comical frenzy of shrieking hysteria they’ve been working themselves up into since the 1980s. They know something is very, very wrong, at a profound and fundamental level, but they don’t grasp what it is, in part because they were raised by lazy, self-absorbed parents who considered the (((televitz))) to be a handy electric babysitter, and have had (((agitprop))) ladled into the tops of their skulls since before they were old enough to walk. They shriek like demented howler monkeys, about “climate change,” about “extremism,” because they’ve been raised not to be able to see the maw of existential oblivion yawning open right in front of them. They aren’t sufficiently self-aware nor sufficiently capable of self-knowledge to grasp either the nature of the threat or that they’ve been lied to, used, and manipulated all their lives. It isn’t entirely their fault, but Darwin doesn’t care when he hands out Darwin Awards.

    • Rhode Islander

      Ah, I don’t get people to vote. I try to help my community by volunteering as a firefighter.

  • I just don’t know what went wrong!

    • Major Matt Mason


    • Meme Lord

      jesus christ shut up you brony faggots

      • Paul Genovese


        • A Snake With Bread


        • Get off my lawn

          You have a mental illness. Being a member of the furry fandom is definitely a mental illness, and so is homosexuality.

          They are all curable. Decrease soy consumption. If that doesn’t help, decrease soy consumption again. If that still doesn’t work, consult a professional instead of an internet troll.

          • Paul Genovese

            “You have a mental illness. Being a member of the furry fandom is definitely a mental illness, and so is homosexuality.”

            Thats not what a mental illness is, you can still function in society normally as a furry or as a gay

            “They are all curable. Decrease soy consumption. If that doesn’t help,
            decrease soy consumption again. If that still doesn’t work, consult a
            professional instead of an internet troll.”

            Thats not how mental illness work

    • IP infringes on my lawn

      A brony post in late 2019? Impossible. I thought for sure that the brony faction was dead.


  • NPC the Clown

    Fools!!! He really meant having the muslims and gays in a rooftop fight.

  • Thadrien

    A SPANISH speaking cartoonists?

    Oh boy, I thought you hated mexicans.

    • Mexicans are fine. IN MEXICO.

      • Paul Genovese

        Why mexico, they can work here in the USA and get a good job and work in our society

        • disqus_PUK4SHOPIJ

          First, it won’t be american society by then,
          Second, imigration increases the suply of labor, which in turn devalues the existing pool of workers therefore causing lower wages,
          Third, literally only the 13% can come close to the level of violence commited by mexicans in US soil.

          • fiberbriver

            so you admit that you think that america = white? brown people scary.

          • America is white. The parts that aren’t white are enemy occupied territory.

        • You like Mexicans so much, move there.
          Otherwise, shut up or drop dead, traitor.

          • Paul Genovese

            “traitor”, when someone comes to the USA to live here LEGALLY

            They are amercian in the skin of wherever they came from

            But at the heart they pledged their loyalty to our flag, and thats what matters

          • TRVTH

            Oh look, we’ve got another believer in Magic Dirt Theory.

            This bizarre fantasy that you can bring millions of people from There to Here without turning Here into There does not withstand any scrutiny. You can’t bring IQ-55 cannibal savages to ‘Murrika and make them stand on the Magic Dirt for fifteen minutes and expect them to turn into sober, hardworking, productive Lutherans. That experiment has been done and the result is Detroit.


            America is White people. White people are America. Everyone else is a guest, at best–and an awful lot of guests have worn out their welcome. What happens next is not for me to predict or decide, but reading history might be instructive.

          • Alistair Grove

            Define White? Because Mexicans are of Spanish decent, at least in part. And I thought they were White too.

          • TRVTH

            Mestizos are stunted little IQ-55 goblins, almost as given to lawlessness and mayhem as Africans.

            More to the point, they have their own nation, and we have our own. They don’t belong here.

          • Alistair Grove

            Well the second paragraph is true, at least.

          • Paul Genovese

            Wow racist much lol

          • TRVTH

            Five words. “For ourselves and our posterity.”

          • Paul Genovese





            all future generations of people.

            “the victims’ names are recorded for posterity”

          • TRVTH

            The posterity of the White race is White children. Everyone else is guests–at best. What happens when uninvited guests wear out their welcome?

          • Paul Genovese

            “What happens when uninvited guests wear out their welcome?”

            A.) They are Americans, all citizens are newly made Americans

            B.) We can’t classify people by race to judge them

          • X.

            Hey, Paul. I can tell you’re probably pretty young and not very well versed in politics.
            1. You’re on a very right leaning website, a lot of opinions are going to be skewed towards right beliefs. For better or worse, that is what is going to be seen and accepted here.
            2. To clarify on the disagreement, his argument is that we NEED to classify people by race and judge them as such.

            Of course every person is a case by case basis, but when statistics begin to show that certain cultures and “races” are inherently more dangerous and violent, we need to take action against their culture blending with our own. Certain cultures have more history with violence than others, and that culture sticks to individuals even to this day. It doesn’t always appear as history would dictate it should, but the relevance appears regardless. A lot of people from poor countries incite violence more easily for many reasons, be it cultural, economical, or a mix. The belief here is that we should stop them from coming into our country in large and uncontrolled numbers because we could fall victim to their cultural norms, norms which we are not acceptable.

            As I said before, every person is a case by case basis. Of course there are people from poor countries that we can agree with and accept as an immigrant, but when they are few and far between it becomes extremely dangerous to let uncontrolled masses into the country.

            The idea that we need to look past “race” is a leftist idea that the media wants you to really eat up. It’s a wonderful idea when you first think about it, people are people and let’s treat them as such! Sadly, this doesn’t hold up well. Although they ARE people, their cultural norms can be so vastly different than ours that they really don’t understand things the same way we do. The simple answer is to educate and assimilate the people coming into our country, but that isn’t easy to do.

            So, the take-away here is that although it’s a lovely idea to look past race, it’s a bad idea. In a world where we can’t accurately risk-assess every person to enter the country, it’s best to look at stats and work from there. In Mexico, the homicide rate per 100,000 people is 4x that of the USA. If we’re letting people move where they want no matter who they are, we’re endangering ourselves.

            Source of homicide rates:

    • aba bo

      same thing. wanted to comment about that. maybe stone tossed half latino himself so maxicans get a pass? or latina gf?

      • Thadrien

        Ohhh ho ho, this people’s nazi views are gone so long as a girl shows interests in them. One would like to think they themselves matter more than pussy, but nah, imagine if a jew girl showed interest in them?? They’d be cutting their foreskin in minutes.

        • Alistair Grove

          That’s a very long winded way to call someone an Incel.

  • free_peach

    If your spanish friend wants to be taken seriously he should stop using Twitter and Facebook as his main platform.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of Communists.

  • Paul Genovese

    Hey, I have been reading your comics for a bit now

    Now, im a gay jew, I don’t agree with everything you post here

    But, you have given me your voice, your opinions, and not only helped me develop my stance on issues, but gave me an idea of what people like you think. Its really important to understand other peoples mindset, and honestly you gave it straight forth and simple

    So, thanks :3

    • A Snake With Bread

      wholesome post but

      im not surprised

      • Paul Genovese

        Why so, and would should it matter

        I can’t control being a jew, nor can I control being gay

        • Crash

          You can control your actions however.

          I don’t care about the fact that you are gay or a Jew.

          I DO care when you want my kids to learn about anal sex in the third grade or romp around the library floor with freaks that have past convictions for sex offenses and I DO care if you are Jewing me.

          So find a fellow gay, do the “white picket fence and 2.3 pooches” bit and take up a job that does not involve screwing our people and we will get along just fine.

          • Paul Genovese

            When did I say I wanted to teach your (5-10) year old about sex (altough I wouldn’t mind teaching TEENS sex ed)?

          • Crash

            And there you have it, a child molester.

          • Paul Genovese

            A.) Im 15

            B.) I want to have TEENS be taught about safe sex dispute who (regarding gender) they have sex with, because most of them will have sex, and we need to teach them how to have safe protected sex. Thats what good parents and education systems do :/

          • Herman the German

            Your’e only 15, you’re going to a phase.
            At least call yourself bisexual, this will surely change soon.
            I can understand that, I had a friend who claimed he was bisexual and when he hit 22 he only dated women, and years later, he told us it was just a phase.
            Don’t be scared of women, I know some can be scary, but they are biologically what we seek.

          • Paul Genovese

            I have had 0 sexual attractions for females, the idea of them just makes me unaroused

            When I was 10 or so, I used to look up male models for “no reason”

            I just overall had no attractions with girls, I like men who are the exact opposite of femininity (none of that gay flamboyance stuff)

            Overall, its highly unlikely I would change, even to a bi

        • A Snake With Bread

          Well, for one, you /could/ change your religion, and since sexual it depends upon your surroundings, such as various influences, just be straight?

          • Paul Genovese

            Its my race, i’m a open person who takes the teaching of the buddha to heart (desires bad, try to not have them, ect.)

            While im far from following him, i believe in what he said (btw he isn’t god/a profit, he was just a guy)

          • Alistair Grove

            That’s good, you aren’t following the dictates of Yahweh.

          • Paul Genovese

            “just be straight”, damn why didn’t i think of that when I tried to force myself to like girls so I could be normal

            You can’t control your attractions

        • Herman the German

          Surround yourself with smart girl and stop praying to satan for example?
          This will surely change your misbehaviour.

          • Paul Genovese

            I friends with quite a few girls

            Satan is the king of desires (or what you call sin), correct? I see him in no other light than bad

            Without desires we would all be happy

        • IP infringes on my lawn

          You can control being gay. It’s a hormonal/endocrine problem.

          And you can control what religion or faith you follow.

          What you cannot control is your genetic background, your race, and your nation of origin.

          • Paul Genovese

            “What you cannot control is your genetic background, your race, and your nation of origin.”

            Like being a jew (from isreal)

    • Lhassir

      You are on the right track, miring yourself in others ideals. It grants you perspective and talking points, you can formulate your own opinions on either sides beliefs and offer a more measured argument or response. And remember, it’s not a sin to play devil’s advocate sometimes.

  • fiberbriver

    you people can vote. don’t.

  • Allison Kaas

    learn english.

  • Lhassir

    Jeremy Corbyn is a not so strange case these days, typical champagne socialist who is beyond out of touch with the working class he claims to represent. Reality struck, and struck decisively, yet he’s still in denial, it’s incredible the lack of self awareness politicians, both prospective and otherwise can have.

  • Earthworm Jim

    Story of Europe

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