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  • Howard

    FBI statistics are waycist.

  • Howard

    The protests and riots have got way more black people killed and injured than the cops did this year. Black Lives Matter so let’s cause anarchy and get more black lives killed?

    • Each one of themselves they kill is one we won’t have to bother with later.

      • muddledtype

        absolutely based

      • OccidentalThoughts

        Remember how earlier they were so upset over Jewish residents making it difficult for them to live? All that has been forgotten as racial sentiment is directed against white people instead. The media controls the narrative.

        • You mean the Jews in the media redirect hatred away from themselves and towards their chosen scapegoats?

  • StephenFoster

    Burning down an entire city = Solving racism
    We did it Jamal, we stopped racism!

  • NPC the Clown

    No lives matter.

    • OccidentalThoughts


    • AWACS SkyEye

      The real chad slogan is My Life Matters and go full ancap

    • L. Ron Hoyabembe

      Kill all human scum

    • Maxim Sukharev

      communists aren’t people, shooting these is legal.

      • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

        At least we’re more human than you, because we at least have a semblance of humanity for people who arent like us.

  • Cyberman

    It’s morally acceptable to be white

    • Albionic American

      It’s not just acceptable to be white. It’s AWESOME!

      • RailgunsinSpace

        This. Don’t just stop feeling guilty for who you are, embrace it!

        • Howard

          If your proud of your race or feel like your race defines you, then you’re no different from the black racialists. National pride is different. Blacks don’t have a single country to be proud of so they fall back on their race. But I’m not proud for just being white. I’m proud of England though, and even then I can’t take credit for what the English did historically just by merit of sitting on my arse and browsing the internet all day.

          • AWACS SkyEye

            Okay, schlomo, we’ll stop breathing air since liberals do it as well.

          • Bidewfus

            Im proud of being a foot artist being white is just a bonus

          • Samurai Jack

            A Nation is not just a vessel for abstract ideas in a geographic territory, but a people tied by culture, history, tradition and blood. It is not merely a GDP spinning rootless corporation, inhabited by deracinated, hedonist, atomized individuals, but it is an extended family where the people feel they are in the same boat to pursue a greater civilizational destiny.

            For instance, replacing all Japanese people with Somalians would ruin Japan, even if the Somalians that immigrated spoke fluent Japanese and knew how to make Sushi, not to mention that most immigrants don’t even assimilate to this degree.

            Insofar, being proud of your Nation inherently has a genetic component.


          • Howard

            Wasn’t talking about all the Somalians or all the Japanese. I was talking about you. What have you personally contributed to the accomplishments of your nation and/or race? Ethnically, I’m half English, half German. So how do I square away the genetic half of me that started a world war and the genetic half of me that ended it? I don’t. Just because my grandmother was German and my grandfather was English doesn’t mean the totality of the blame and credit of their respective race’s accomplishments lies in their DNA by rote. Some men act, some men don’t, just sharing similar DNA doesn’t make you the same as the men who acted. I understand race is a thing.

            I understand race is not a social construct. I understand men are not blank slates. But that doesn’t mean I think racialism and racial pride is anything more than a psychological crutch for underachievers to compensate for that lack of individual achievement. Just as virtue signaling costs a liberal nothing, and is a way to gain unearned virtue, racial pride costs a conservative nothing, and is a way to gain unearned pride. I admire many white people in history, but I don’t feel “pride” as if their achievements are mine. That’s stolen valor. If you accept race realism, then you logically must accept individual genetic differences as well; in fact moreso. Genetic deviation between races is real, but genetic deviation between individuals is just as real, that’s why the bell curves. The question is what in the culture incentivizes evolution (promotes the higher end) as opposed to devolution (promotes the lower end). We know this. Before the welfare state and 1960s counter-cultural movement (steeped in racialist ideas like black power and black racial pride) African Americans grew up under two-parent households at similar levels to European Americans, and places like Chicago were thriving cities as opposed to ghettoes.

          • Chinese Communist Party

            Africans should be proud of their race just as we should be proud of ours.
            They should be, and many of them are, determined to achieve racial self-determination for their volke, instead of letting other races trample them in a vast multi-ethnic empire like the United States.

          • Howard

            Africans are not one homogenous race. Nor are Europeans. For example, in Zambia alone (former Northern Rhodesia), there are 72 wholly distinct tribes with wholly distinct languages and dialects. Tongas are highly capitalistic and take to cattle and property development. Bembas are highly political and excel in office, controlling all cities and ministries. Lozis are segregationists uninterested in the nation state and big on the traditional way of life. All of these tribes in the modern day are also genetic conglomerates of generations of interbreeding and migration from all four cardinal directions.

            If you’re still not convinced, whatever. But anyone who is traveled and looked at a white man from Sweden, and a white man from Arizona, knows these are not genetically homogeneous peoples in either appearance or temperament. And anyone who has spent time with a Zambian Bemba knows they couldn’t be any more different from a Kenyan Swahili. Just as a South Korean and a Malaysian are both called “east asian” but whatever genetically similar DNA they have compared to an Anglo Saxon or a Southern African is completely negligible in terms of real world output.

            You having European DNA may make feel like you have more intellectual kinship with a Milton Friedman, a Von Mises, or a Friedrich Hayek, but the truth is your kinship is literally skin deep when compared to the African, Thomas Sowell, whose intellectual kinship with those men goes beyond DNA.

          • TRVTH

            “Muh magic dirt?” Really? Ha ha ha oh wow.

          • fern tuttleby

            This is a retarded and cringe take. Race is literally everything and will never be subdued, no matter how much feeble-minded rationalization you make for it. You are literally trying to deny the most obvious precedents of nature.

          • Hi, Sargoy.

          • TRVTH

            Soygon of Akkad.

          • I agree nationalism is retarded but race is less retarded somehwat makes sense but is not something to think about

        • I am hispanic and I have 150 IQ, we of all race look down on the low iq dummies!

    • Allison Kaas

      It is intrinsically superior to be white.

      Supreme, even.

  • Albionic American

    Some philosophers like Steven Pinker argue that the Leviathan state actually made people’s lives better, as in less violent and more secure, because the early kings had incentives to keep their subjects from killing each other. After all, a murdered peasant can’t pay taxes or bear arms in the king’s army. So the sovereign intervened into private disputes as a neutral third party to try to head off violent outcomes, and this evolved into the modern system of state-administered justice.

    We have clearly thrown thousands of years of experience out the window when it comes to giving in to whatever stupid demands blacks and their Jewish puppeteers come up with these days. In a rational world, the dominant white society would police blacks even harder to keep them from harming both the rest of us and each other. The racial difference in time preferences probably has something to do with the difference between white functionality versus black dysfunctionality.

    • OccidentalThoughts

      Steven Pinker is an overrated sophist. Small and decentralized states were not only economically more productive but tended to avoid violent revolutions that plague Leviathan, and which Leviathan has to expend resources to keep down. However, we live in a world where not only has Leviathan expanded unchecked but its allies–the Cathedral–serves to direct discontent into areas that benefit it.

      Look at, for example, how many whites are killed by police yet this is presented as a racial issue and BLM’s agenda is to subjugate white society. Governmental power, particularly at the federal level, is hardly going to be mitigated while the power of NGOs in enacting a cultural revolution is going to be expanded. This isn’t to mention that the military has openly shown its POZitivity and is capable of threatening any sitting president with a color revolution–simply by virtue of standing by as hundreds of thousands of militant minorities can be whipped up into a frenzy.

      • Albionic American

        I think you mean “the Synagogue,” not “the Cathedral.”

        • TrueWOPR

          Unless that dead jew on a stick is a promise, I don’t see much difference.

  • Erich von Zackenstein

    White Lives Matter The Most

  • Chris Redfield

    These rioters are simply opportunist scum using an excuse to loot and cause destruction. Some, especially Antifa and BLM are directed by (((George Soros))) and his kin to create chaos. The police are being deliberately held back and the puppeteers behind it all are trying to create a communist takeover through a race war where they will have many chances to bring the United States to it’s knees from civil war or to take away freedom from citizens through martial law.

    • Black Spruce

      Not to mention the agent provocateurs being used to instigate violence in order to lure out the looters and to give the riot police a green light to attack non-looters.

    • SuperSeal

      How did this go from stealing TVs to communist takeover racewar

    • They don’t need martial law when they count the votes.

      • Chris Redfield

        There is a limit to how much they can rig an election before making too obvious.

        • TRVTH
        • No, there isn’t. Or rather, nobody cares enough to do anything about it.

          • TRVTH

            I am trying to find the source for it, but there is a (((Federal judge))) in the southeastern US somewhere, I can’t recall his name or location, who was for some years coming out of retirement and reinstating himself as a judge one day a year to extend an injunction preventing the Republicans from investigating voter fraud in several southeastern states. His pilpul is that it is “racist” and “discriminatory” to prevent Paco the Wetback from voting in American elections.

            Isn’t it ironic and blackly hilarious that all the Democrats are shocked, SHOCKED to hear (fictional) allegations of Russian meddling in the American election process deny even the possibility of Chinese or Mexican meddling in the American election process? Commies always project.

          • The judge was in New Jersey. The case was a fairly minor one of voting shenanigans in Jersey in the 1970’s. (Wow, corruption in New Jersey?) The Republicans got caught, and stupidly, the National Committee went to bat. So the judge ruled against them ever complaining about voting shenanigans by Democrats, nationwide, forever.

          • TRVTH

            What you describe does not surprise me but what I recall had several significant differences in detail. The Republicans were specifically enjoined from investigating or calling for investigations of voting irregularities that had any potential to create “a chilling effect” for the “civil rights” of “undocumented immigrants,” which would be “racist” against “Hispanic-Americans.”

            Which is just another reason why the Recucklican Party is beyond redemption, recovery, or repair, and has to go.

  • UncleSam13

    Given the black on black crime statistics I cannot reasonably believe that black lives matter.

  • Black Spruce

    Should have had a pig up there with the nig, taking shots at the white corpses. Would be more accurate.

  • Ender Einstein
  • QuickshooterMk4
    • TRVTH

      Because it’s not about black lives. Africans-in-America couldn’t care less about one another’s lives. They kill one another with enormous enthusiasm constantly every moment they are not being held at gunpoint by White police officers who force them to imitate human behavior. It’s about making White cops afraid to confront African criminals. It’s about making the cities unlivable and the nation ungovernable. Read Gramsci’s Prison Diaries.

  • Major Matt Mason

    1) I’ve been simplifying my online life lately. Anytime someone posts “Black Lives Matter”, I simply unfollow them.

    2) “Black Lives Matter” is a noble sounding phrase. And 100 years ago, the swastika was merely a good luck symbol. Something to think about.

  • Alistair Grove

    Male Lives Matter.

  • Black Spruce
    • Ender Einstein

      To be fair though, white women tend to be much more attractive than black women, so I wouldn’t entirely blame black men.

  • Jay

    We must destroy the communists (((globalists))) and anarchists by any means necessary.

  • Geroncio Copiozo

    And then when you say that they show that stupid comic about the houses burning thus trying to skew the narrative of what you’re trying to say.

    • Evil_Edie

      And then you remind them they’re the ones running around setting the houses on fire.

  • QuickshooterMk4


  • QuickshooterMk4

    Test 2

  • Moantoss

    Ha because that’s a thing that happens and most mass shooters are sad boi neo nazis

  • StonetossIsAWanker

    wanker 2

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