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A higher kill count than the klan.


Hedonism at the finest.

not hedonism my friend MURDER! well somewhat hedonism but not all hedonism is bad

The existence of God and after life are somewhat make me away from hedonism. Just put your mind on it.

Same topic, but different side, these two could lead a person to an hedonistic life itself. I mean, let say, there is a specific religion and it said that every human are going to heaven, including sinner. Is this wrong…? Maybe. But it does awake the meaning of hedonism itself. This could be worse than nihilism, which usually misleading to “what’s the meaning of life anymore… just die already.”.

Eh idk why the chick is mad, the dude is giving away free abortions to babies over the 3rd trimester.

Those millions of black abortions bought America’s white population some valuable time to prevent our civilization from collapsing – which we wasted, of course, because Jews forbid whites from organizing politically to promote white people’s flourishing.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
But always remember that Rome utterly destroyed Moloch worshiping Carthage.

The Phoenicians who founded Carthage probably spoke a dialect that ancient Hebrews found mutually intelligible. If they shared a similar attitude towards outsiders, that in itself could explain why their descendants, the Carthaginians, pissed off the Romans.

Phoenecia was a colony of Canaan, not Israel, Judea, or Samaria. The languages were at least as different as Italian and French. Kind of like Arabic and Hebrew today.

Israel, Judea, and Samaria were all part of Canaan.

“In the Book of Joshua, Canaanites are included in a list of nations to exterminate, and later described as a group which the Israelites had annihilated.” The Phoenicians and Carthagenians called themselves Caananites (“Chanani”). They were not Jews. They worshiped Moloch, the devourer of children.

The Jews invaded and occupied Canaan lands, exterminating the Canaanites they found living there (see Sodom and Gomorrah). The Jews then set up a kingdom in the land of Canaan (now Israel), got captured and enslaved, released from Babylon, went back, departed to Egypt because of the end-of-the-bronze-era famines, eventually left Egypt and went back, to find that the Egyptians had settled the Philistines there in the intervening decades. (The Philistines are all dead now. They were exterminated by the Romans and Arabs. The people living there now calling themselves Palestinians are all Arabs of Jordanian nationality.)

This is not difficult. It is not even obscure.

Would this be “The Jews”, or would this be more accurately stated as being “The Hebrews” or “The Isrealites”

Because one thing is certain, “The Jews” has the unfortunate effect of making people conjure up images of today’s Jews, and those somewhat swarthy hook-nosed fellas are not the protagonists of the Old Testament.

There being no practical difference between the variant names. The Jews trace their ancestry, culture and history in direct line of descent to the Jews/Israelites/Hebrews of the Bible. Just as the Samaritans were Jews, so were the Israelites. These were nothing more than competing polities with a shared gene pool, culture, language, religion and history. They were (and are) all the children of Abraham.

There is a fairly yuge difference between those names. Also, I have found out the hard way that modern Jews do not like being called “Israelites”.

At best, today’s Jews are only the heirs to 1/12th of Biblical Israel.

It would also be putting ourselves way out on a thin limb to rely on the assumption that the inhabitants of a land today are the same as the inhabitants of that land thousands of years ago; Whole generations have egg on their face bigly now that it has been found that the pharaohs were red-haired White people.

abortion no matter what the race is, abortion is awful and goes against god.

Reason #543871 why Christards shouldn’t get a say in anything

Reason #8900000 why Hitlertards shouldn’t get a say on anything

Durr, that person is for demographic control so he’s an “eViL NaZi”. The more black people we get, the more crime we get, that is a fact. The more unrest and riots we will also get. Every time a black man dies by police (99% of the time it is the black persons fault) they riot and loot. Do you want MORE of that? “But but It GoES AGainst goD”, no wonder we are losing this country.

Your country is down to below 50% white demographics once the boomers are dead in 10 years because Js keep bring wave after wave of browns, which all the christcucks in your nation think should be allowed to stay if they’re in white women’s wombs…

but yeah, that’s not why you’re losing the country or something…

Christians and the like are more than happy to let invaders use white women’s wombs as “sanctuary cities”, let our countries be overrun with savages as long as they’re “christians” and they do not want an ethnostate, they want a christian state. I have talked to hundreds of these people over the years and every time they are asked if they’d give up Christianity for a white ethnostate the answer is “no”. Every time.

The biggest thing to understand about white racialist movements is there is no proper white racialist movement. There’s anti-women movements, christian fundamentalist movements, “smash the urbanites” movements, and “let’s let the ‘based’ ones stay!” movements, but no movement where race is the biggest concern.

There is no such thing as ‘countries’ if you went to space you could see no walls or lines. They were created by the jew to start geopolitcal warfare and divide and conquer the masses to join their military under the guise of ‘patriotism’ it’s all brainwashing! Also if we had economic globalization and no wars which were started by the america then no one would want to leave their country anyways.

Tfw when you deflect any actual criticism of your ideas

I missed where you actually offered any serious criticism of my ideas.

Most of my ideas would be in line with national socialism, of which seemingly no intellectual critique of exists.

someone being jewish even though that an ad hominem

It’s a relevant ad hominem when basically everyone shilling “there’s no such thing as countries” is Jewish.

What about the 1.3 million killed in iraq that were civilianns! you gonna lie !

I think the USA should stop fighting wars in the middle east to take out Israel’s enemies for them.

>”You don’t even display your name on the internet. You’re an anonymous loser.

>said internet user who has literally just a picture of a weird animal and random anonymous nickname not related to real name.

Didn’t ever the projecting was this obvious before.

I have 150IQ

I’m afraid that’s not a result of miscegenation. It’s more like, 85 IQ, especially between hispanic and asian.

The guy with the highest IQ in the world is a white american cattle rancher, and guess what? He agrees with the “knotsees”

Not to mention that the (((Christianity))) was the FIRST EVER official religion that promote (((universalism))) and (((egalitarianism))), so you’re “all the same” in the eye of God, be you nеgrо or white.

Funny how christсuсks almost never read bible, yet believe every garbage the church says.

I don’t believe in god but he’s right, no matter the color it doesn’t matter it can’t be aborted.

Truth. Human beings have been breeding animals and plants to have desired traits since time out of mind. They were doing this long before the discovery of DNA, long before Mendel devised his laws of heredity. But the moment anyone talks about eliminating disease, insanity, feeblemindedness, and criminality among the human population by humanely sterilizing the carriers of faulty genes, suddenly it’s ErMaGeRd NaZi, eRmAgErD pSeuDoScIeNcE!!!!1111oneoneeleven Because somehow or other humans are different from other animals.

It is awful. Although for it to be possible or not, shouldn’t be a decisions made by other people.

When you look at it philosophically, scientifically, morally, and if you are spiritually. It is proven wrong on all levels and can be deemed to be murder. Women can use pills or just not have the sex, they don’t have to kill little babies.

“Killing” non-conscious, lifeless chaotic zygote cells isn’t as same as killing actual little babies, you dumbfuсk. Also, killing commies and degenerates like you on sight should be an international law, it’s essential for self-defence and prevention of society to collapse. Abortions also greatly helps to deal with immegrant’s offsprings and overall reduce earth’s overpopulation.

After 2 years the child is fully conscious. He is able to say “I” (which is the basic word that shows the consciousness of a being), the baby is capable of expressing desire, and perhaps he is not as conscious as an adult (obviously) but he is already a conscious being.

Let us quote for a moment the characteristics that a baby has in its mother’s womb that qualifies it to be “eliminated” in an abortion:
-Not wanted-
-It is a mass of cells-
-Not fully developed-
-He’s not conscious-

Now let’s cite the characteristics that a baby has when he is one and a half years old:
-Not wanted-
-It is a mass of cells-
-Not fully developed-
-He’s not conscious-

Therefore, is it acceptable to take the life (murder) of a one-year-old baby because he has not developed consciousness and has the same characteristics as a fetus? …

You are going to tell me that you can kill a baby that is already outside its mother’s womb because it has the same characteristics as one inside …

Of course, since you can’t see the fetus …

Lmao, a generic pack of “muh life” fallacies and other anti-scientific garbage by a generic cosmopolitanian rеtаrd.

Zygote doesn’t have fuсking brain, it’s literally single cell, and till like a month, it remains a chaotic collection of cells without ANY sign of a life. Fact.

Fetus only form the first brain-like organ at 4 months, yet it’s not active to have any cognition or feeling, only like at 5th month it have impulsive reflexes working, which may produce random unconscious muscle spasm. Fact.

Only at 7 month the brain become conscious, and just like a brain of new born baby. Yes, they are conscious. Self-aware? Maybe not, but conscious is for sure. Sure, for an idiot like you that is hard to grasp, but this is what scientifically defines it as alive being. Fact.

But fine, I’ll play around your fallacies and break down your infаntile cosmopolitanian worldview’s framework. If the baby is unwanted by both “parents”, especially if women pregnant by the n1ggеr rаpе, then yes, the death is preferable choice. It is just more humane, and benefits the world by executing mixed-race аbоminаtiоn bаstаrd with the high potential of becoming the criminal.
As Mооnmаn said: n1gger babies – I don’t give a fuсk. Stick it up the butt

Virgin pro-lifers BTFO.
Chad Pro-Death is always right.

Also, disqus is a garbage. Took me 7 freaking hours to post this message, while other time being marked either as “needs to be approved” or as “spam”.

Arguing for objectively immoral actions taken against objectively innocent human beings on the basis of “racialism” is founded on not just materialistic concerns but also faulty logic. Race is a key and essential concern, but does it form the basis of all moral and political behavior? Clearly not, as it was not considered to be such in any major–or for that matter most minor–religions. And although the preservation of one’s racial stock was a guiding principle of most countries, it was not–save for National Socialist Germany and certain other exceptions–the central tenet. In fact, at the core of European civilization was the moral and intellectual guide of Christianity, not the cucked forms we endure today but truly traditional and metaphysical religion. There is no conflict between racial preservation–done in a moral matter–and this Christianity unless if artificially forced.

Also, it’s clear that any successful movement must be constructive in nature, not destructive. We don’t want there to be fewer of other races, we simply want them to live apart from us. Believing otherwise precludes any possibility of cooperation which may be necessary given the energy of left-wing whites and “fellow whites.”

Abortion is wrong and if you support it in any way then your are against god

There is a procedure advocated for in the Bible that induced abortion and infertility in adulterous women. That’s pretty much the only thing the Bible says about abortion.

the bible is BS and abortion is always murder. I am an atheistic person and even I know that dummy!

What else to expect from a mexasian amerimutt.
I had to laugh trying to imagine what you must look like.
You’re just envious you don’t see a normal sized(or for your mixed breed, huge) and pure germanic(east prussian descendant actually) man in the mirror every morning.
It is the sight that god has every morning too, since he made us, not mutts, into his own image.
You wouldn’t believe how that makes you start into every day.

God approves of killing your enemies.
Why should God not approve of your enemies killing themselves and each other?

But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:44)

The bible allows self-defense, if it is absolutely necessary to kill someone who wants to harm you or others it´s ok to kill. However, in this case of abortion the baby has not committed any crime.

The requirement for someone to receive a punishment is that prior to the punishment they have committed a crime that makes them worthy of it.

But it seems that the crime of Hispanic and black babies is … being Hispanic and black.

I am fully aware that blacks and Hispanics constitute the population that commits the most crimes in the United States. (Besides, I’m Mexican and “my people” make me nauseous) however there are no more innocent beings on earth than babies.

“Let’s fix the demographic problem”

Nice euphemism for “Let’s murder babies.”

Blacks and Hispanics should do the jobs whites don’t want to. Namely, killing their own children so we don’t have to. War is played for keepsies.

The Bible also specifically allows the killing of your enemy’s entire families – men, women, children, even domestic animals.

Here it is not in dispute whether the decisions of whites and Hispanics are correct because … they are not, and their communities are a perfect record of it. What is in debate here is the moral nature of abortion.

Neither white nor black nor yellow nor Hispanic nor aliens nor attack helicopters should abort for the simple reason that it is murder.

This is not about doing the “dirty work”, I mean, it is easy to say it with such coldness and cynicism with technicalities, but everything changes when you see the images, listen to the process, see the results it produces.

In truth, I would like someone to mention to me a being more pure on the face of the earth than a baby.

Did the baby lose value for having Hispanic or black parents? Does murder become tolerable because it is executed by people from different places of origin?

Regarding the deaths executed under God’s command towards other peoples such as the Canaanites …
Buddy, it’s SO CLICHÉ.
They pull out any verses that “question our faith” or the practical use of the Bible in moral matters.

You can’t use it the way you use it since the Jews lived in a theocracy. God was the ruler and the one who directed the continuation of the people (which once again demonstrated the rebellious nature of the human being since the Jews again and again disobeyed God).
He determined that the extermination of those peoples was necessary.

Their children would grow up and rebel against Israel, their parents were wicked, and God passed judgment on them. If he allowed the extermination of the children you must consider something, if they were minors and were in the time of “innocence” they went directly to heaven.

“The Lord kills and makes alive;
He brings down to Sheol and raises up. “1 Samuel 2: 6-8

“That means that if aborted babies go to heaven then there is no problem to carry them out” God was the one who executed the judgment and decided to prematurely take those children and if he decided to do so, by nature his decision was fair, unlike our decisions.

However, us using those verses and giving them an “immoral” connotation is utter hypocrisy.

Suffering in the world is the product of our rebellion against God, of our sin. Rapes, murders, infidelities, breaking the law, lies, robberies, torture, etc. etc., are the product of our own heart.

I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. Or do you suppose that those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them were worse culprits than all the men who live in Jerusalem? I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. ” (Luke 13: 3-5).

And He will judge the world in righteousness;
He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity. (Psalms 9: 8).

Also, consider one thing, without God, without his word, there is no good or bad, therefore you saying that it was bad that God ordered the elimination of the Canaanites and other peoples would put you in an absurd position. Under what standard is it wrong? What is your basis for making such accusations?

I know that immigration is wrong because the bible says that we obey our governments.
I know that rapes and murders are wrong because the bible tells me so.

And you are the kind of person who, having no arguments, prefers to criticize the adversary,

You didn’t give any argument for my comment, so I’m not interested. I am not talking about anyone in particular but about a specific issue, in this case the systematic and unjustified genocide carried out by the serial killers known today as abortionist “doctors” (who have deliberately violated the Hippocratic law by harming the MOST INNOCENT BEINGS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH).

You do not know who I am, you do not know how I am, you do not know what my personality is or if I am a responsible person or not, so what do you think if you offer an argument for the subject in question instead of criticizing someone who (to what extent I remember) you don’t know?

I am 100% for abortion for demographic reasons. Blacks and hispanics OVERWHELMINGLY have abortions more than whites.

“Let’s fix the demographic problem”

Nice euphemism for “Let’s murder babies.”

Obviously Hispanics and blacks perform the most abortions because they have the least appreciation and respect for life.

Well to be fair, I don’t appreciate them being alive either.

Good for you. Your lack of appreciation does not determine whether or not someone should be alive.

Again, give an argument rather than just baseless judgments.

The crime of Blacks and Hispanics is apparently being Black and Hispanic. Much of their community may be trash, but not because they are black or Hispanic, but because of their individual values ​​and principles.

If all blacks had the education of the people in Zimbabwe, your comment would change, we can see by analyzing their culture that the problem is not being black, but what I mentioned above, but we simply condemn a whole “race” or “ethnic group” (or whatever you want to call him) because of his skin color.

And the question comes, and the baby, what fault does she have for the mistakes of her parents? Why does the origin, color or guilt of the parents change the moral nature of the act?

If you are not going to give an argument that does not have to do with the guilt of the parents … well, I cannot tell you to leave because you are still going to stay, but do me the favor of saving me from arguing why killing a human being is wrong.

This topic is great for finding out who is actually serious about solving the demographic problems and who isn’t. You simply ask them if they’re also against the abortion of babies where the father isn’t white (or vice versa).

You’ll find all these people, almost always Christians, who are supposedly against the invasion do a 180 if the invaders are using white women’s wombs as sanctuary cities — then that’s fine because abortion is “muh crime against god” and all that.

Who do you think control abortion? It the Jews that hate us white and Christian for believe that Jesus is the son of god. They why they after us and our babies

So how come Jews aren’t destroying all the brown and black populations in like Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, the congo, etc? They have the largest populations today of people “who believe that Jesus is the son of God”.

Could it be that Jews don’t actually care about “Christians”?

“Let’s fix the demographic problem”

Nice euphemism for “Let’s murder babies.”

“Let’s let all the invaders breed in our countries and with white women because abortion is worse than anything else!”

Nice euphemism for “let’s genocide whites”

ma’m, I gave myself the task of reading my comment 20 times, but I still can’t find where I said that abortion is “worse than everything else.”
Second, your argument is not related to the moral nature of abortion.

Women have free will, if they want to reproduce with foreigners is their problem, or are you going to tell me that the government should interfere in women’s decisions regarding which penis they choose and which not?
I can imagine … “Excuse me madam, that is a great male sexual organ, I know you want to insert it into your vagina, however it seems that now we can interfere in your decision-making on a personal level. So please come to choose from this great catalog of white penises …wait… you don’t want to ?, oopsie, I think you will die a virgin then. Good morning. ”

However, in no way do I support foreigners coming to the country illegally (coff * MEXICANS * coff) but if the government allows their entry legally and then they reproduce (which should be no surprise) what do you expect us to do, send their children returned to the parents’ country of origin and leave the parents here?
I also believe that the government’s decision-making regarding who is entering systematically is TERRIBLY BAD, i understand that.

Now, I suppose when you refer to genocide you are talking about the terrifyingly large number of whites killed by blacks …

The black and Latino community disgust me, and not because of their skin color or their place of origin, but because of the values ​​and principles they uphold. If a black was educated like people in Zimbabwe and a Latino had a good culture and was not a bunch of lazy tamaleros then I have no problem, I understand your problem in that regard and it is completely rational, but … babies? really babies …

Of all the people you could blame, what charges are attributed to a baby at an early stage of development to merit such terrible and undeserved punishment.

That’s my problem.

If you don’t have a better argument that has nothing to do with parental mistakes then … have a good day.

“If you don’t have a better argument that has nothing to do with parental mistakes then … have a good day.”

Didn’t you read that part?

Again, what the hell does the baby have to do with his mother’s mistakes? Is the solution, or part of it, to do genocide?

The fact that the father is of another “race” does not change the moral nature of the act.

I gave you several arguments, you didn’t answer any. Americans sometimes migrate (legally) to other countries and breed in them, why is it a bad thing to do this same action (but in reverse) in the United States? And if it is something bad, how does the genocide of children help to solve it?

Brown offspring isn’t more human than a puppy.
There is only one human race, white people.
Everything else is just somewhat similar looking, but without the conscious sentience that makes us human(or me at least, I don’t know about you).
Murdering babies is never ok.
Allowing genocide by using white woman is disgusting and demands for removal of the parasitic non-human offspring that nests in her.
It must be pretty traumatic to the woman too, they shouldn’t live trough the shock of seeing a brown monkey who grew in her.

Dear colleague, few times has someone left me speechless by the incredible dose of idiocy in a comment.

I thank you for being a perfect example of what a racist really is.

A racist is not someone who goes against BLM, a racist is not someone who disagrees with someone black, a racist is not someone who thinks badly of blacks murdering blacks or whites. No. A racist is one who puts blacks on the same level as a dog, a racist is one who thinks that the human race are whites and others are aberrations (which is a terrible historical and anthropological fallacy). Also calling a racist “monkey” …

“Allow genocide using a white woman” no, what the hell with you. It seems that any black is a genocidal for being a black, is it serious?
You talk about whites as if we were God’s bread. Don’t you remember Columbine? They did the shooting for being white? Blacks kill for being black? NO, THEY KILL BECAUSE THE PRINCIPLES AND VALUES WITH WHICH THEY HAVE RAISED THEM HAVE BEEN UNFOUNDED GARBAGE. If a white woman aborts because she has a black baby in her womb to prevent “genocide” (which in itself is a terribly misrepresented term for you), then the problem is not the baby, the problem is the mother, who has the cowardice necessary to prefer to murder a baby instead of raising it with values ​​and principles necessary to prevent mutual annihilation.

Ben Carson is a black man, are you going to tell me he’s a genocide? His parents are black, his family is black, his children are black, and he has saved countless WHITE PEOPLE lives (starting with the incredible operation of the siemese twins in 1987).
What is your explanation with them. Again, not because you are black you are a monster, it all comes down to your home and your personal decisions.

Furthermore, you violated the logical law of “non-contradiction.”
You first said that the human race is white.
Then you said that consciousness makes us human.
Are you going to tell me that NO BLACK is conscious ?, because the requirement for only whites to be human (using your own statements as a basis) is that NO OTHER PERSON OF ANOTHER COLOR OR ETHNIC is conscious …
I’ll show you three little videos of black people (one of them is from ABC, but let’s ignore that for a moment and just listen to the story), in order for your argument to work you have to be willing to state that NONE OF THE THREE PEOPLE IS CONSCIOUS, okay?

Do not make me laugh.

Regarding babies. A baby candidate for abortion has the same characteristics of a one-year-old baby, it is unwanted, it is not conscious and it is not fully developed, so, is it correct to murder a one-year-old baby OUT OF THE MOTHER’S BELLY? oooo, let me guess, because you can see it, touch it, carry it, and feel it then now it’s wrong right?

Babies are human, in the same way that an adult who loses consciousness due to brain damage (temporarily or indefinitely) is still human, the only difference between them and us is the degree of development. Also, at what point in your development can you call yourself human ?, because we are fully developed between the ages of 25 and 30, and, to what degree of your consciousness can you call yourself human ?, because although all human beings can say “I” (that is the basic word to express consciousness) not all of us are equally conscious. You see, you don’t have a clear standard to determine whether or not a human is a human.

Read Romans 1. If you’re going to defy God for your own political priorities, you’ll end up no better off. Even with the benefits of a mono-ethnic nation, we’ll end up in the same place, or worse. Plenty of white people embrace degeneracy…even Trump and other so-called conservatives support LGBetc.

“We should compromise on moral issues when it’s politically expedient” is what you’re advocating for. You can be a white nationalist and nonetheless consider killing a child of any race to be a great moral evil, yet you seem to disagree. When it comes to solving demographic problems it’s worth searching for the most ethical solution. Sterilization in this case is far superior.

That’s the most retarded thing I’ve heard all week.

What you’re advocating for is by the far the crueler solution

You never answered my counterarguments and continued to determine whether or not the baby should live because of the parents’ mistakes. You erased or hidden my answers instead of persisting and giving a satisfactory argument.

Nice move. Very loose and simple but functional.

I hope that your political vision gives justice to the spilled blood of those babies whose life in front of your eyes was not worth developing because of the cultural position of the parents.

Dear mr. stonetoss please stop conflating us true libertarians with these trumpcucks and trumptard. We want le freedom not an orange tyrant.

How much “Freedoms” and what kinds do you have to have to be “free”, Lolbert?

She values the money she gets to keep to buy property she couldn’t afford by having kids. Besides, her right to “MUH ORGASMS” trumps her responsibility to preserve life. Besides, the only part of a woman’s body she can morally consider “just a clump of cells” are her own eggs, but once she waives her responsibility to own them by getting pregnant, she has also rescinded her right to destroy them, because by then they’ve become someone else. THAT choice and that choice alone was “Her body, her CHOICE!” Brilliant meme!

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