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I don’t get either one. A regular white guy who chooses to look black or female has lowered his status in the natural hierarchy. If he dressed up as a well attired, fit and groomed Nazi, despite the “bad optics” of doing so, at least that would show that he recognizes the signs of a competent and powerful form of white masculinity.

How convoluted was your education to come up with these gems?

We all recognize that the original Nazi movement unlocked previously unexplored potentials of white men. Notice that absolutely NO ONE worries that a woman, a nonwhite person or someone with broken sexuality like a furry or a transgender misfit has the ability to become the next Literally Hitler. We all acknowledge, at least implicitly, that only an exceptional white man could have the goods to pull this off.

Pot calling the kettle a n-

i see stonetoss continues to identify as not funny

Some women have a penis.

statistically, trans women are likely to call out racist bullshit for what it is. a good cartoon.

Pot, meet kettle. Xe’s more black than you

uh, do you know what the expression “the pot calling the kettle black” means? blackface is racist. saying so is not racist. you are implying that, somehow, saying that a racist thing is racist is itself racism. how does that make any sense?

Demonstrating further delusion and inability of understanding simple concepts, further proving that being a tranny is a mental illness. There’s no such thing as “transmisoginy”, and since you’re a fucking idiot, it’s no wonder you’re incapable of explaining or articulating a single “argument”. Kill yourself, worthless, diseased, brain-dead tranny faggot.

it’s spelt “transmisogyny” and i didn’t mention it at all in the comment you’re replying to. did you reply to the wrong comment?

It’s spelled like nothing because it doesn’t exist, faggot. Way to prove that you filthy fucking trannies are, in fact, the real fascists by attempting to limit Freedom of Speech and expression. Make like the rest of your mentally-ill statistics and feed the worms, you fucking queer.

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