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  • themann235

    the only case David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez can make against school shootings is that they survived.

    • Bix Nood

      so good i’m gonna have to steal it

    • I’d penetrate both of those individuals…

  • Adriano

    “Oh you think you’re funny? Well I got something funnier for you” *click clack*

  • poppo pop

    this shitty joke is a global constant

    • nick

      It’s a joke to outline how annoying these people are. It’s not supposed to be talking about just the U.S.

  • yeah no kidding

  • RedVibes99

    lol this was posted the day before my high school graduation

  • Bezzle Bedeviled

    LOL deal with it.

  • Maxim Sukharev

    I don’t get it, plz explain

    • Boob Boy

      not only students bully the kids at school, teachers are a lot of the time dipshits playing out their power fantasy

      • Maxim Sukharev

        Well yeah, but… I didn’t get the “can you” joke.

        It’s like, the bold text implies that she is so privileged that she mock a student by pointing that she will never let him get out during class? That’s the best I can grasp from this.

  • Edriss Scofield

    It would honestly be really cool if a shooter shot up a school for something understandable like this

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