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More like Chick-Kill-Gays, amirite? hyuck hyuck hyuck.


um… love ur comics man, but this makes no sense.
Are you saying not selling a cake to someone because they are gay (not necicarily with it written on) is the same as saying your company is christian when selling chicken? cos, I don’t see anyone complaining about that.

I believe it’s referencing a case where a baker refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, and they took him to court over it. In conjunction with people boycotting Chick-Fil-A after some exec stated their stance on gay marriage

So he refused to provide a public service he does for everyone else, denying it based upon their sexual orientation. He was rightly sued.

You are purposefully leaving out information about the case.

no? The baker is a christian american, he was told to bake a cake with two men on the top, he said no because it goes agaisnt his beliefs, he wouldnt mind selling a cake but dont force him to put gays on the top of it. He got sued, he won the case. You cant force a small private business to bend the knee.

False, with extra falseness on top. Not a public service, a private business. Doesn’t do it for everyone else, only for people who want to buy what he sells. Not based on their orientation. He sold them cakes before…they were existing happy customers. What he refused to do was to bake them a “wedding” cake, cause he beleives marriage is sacred and holy and he doesn’t want to be involved in their foolishness.

holy shit youre right its almost as if believing in a guy made up hundreds of years ago is a choice and being homosexual isnt

why does the left think an overthought out word salad is a funny meme in any way?

It’s representative of how feminized the left is. Women express themselves verbally. They feel strongly about things, and take said feelings out on words. Like women, the left can’t deal can’t cope with their emotions without verbally rationalizing them, so they do that instead of making some low-tier meme about LGBT master race

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