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  • Stiffy Weiner

    Didn’t you already do this comic? At least show the baby screaming and crying while getting its dick mutilated for added effect.

    • Papa Delta

      “…show the baby screaming and crying while getting its dick mutilated…”
      Penn & Teller actually showed that on their Showtime series “Bullshit” season 3 episode1. Those boys didn’t pull their punches.

  • 12judges

    Slavery was not looked upon as immoral in ancient Jewish law (look it up in the old testament). Hell, it wasn’t looked upon as immoral by Jewish slave-traders even much more recently (look it up). But slaves taken captive or bought/sold by Jews in the old testament – regardless of their religion – were still required by the Jewish patriarch of the family to undergo circumcision (look it up). Now why is that? They’re not Jewish? God declared circumcision to be a mark of the ‘covenant of the chosen’, so why make them have the mark of the ‘chosen’?

    Because it’s a mark of submission and slavery. The Patriarch is marking the slave – though they be of a different religion – as their property, and beholden to their covenant either with or against their will. Circumcision isn’t unique to Jews, but even in other cultures (mostly tribal) circumcision is a mark of manhood undertaken far later in age – with its attendant agency – than it is, at birth, in Judaism.

    Christianity IS NOT Judaism. We have our Messiah. They do not. Our covenant is fulfilled. Their’s is not. Jesus may have been a Jew, but the New Testament takes the place of the tribal bush-fire Canaanite idolatry of the ancient Semites.


    Stop making your sons wear the mark of semites the moment they are born. It is barbaric, destroys their agency, and binds them to an ancient world, ancient religion, and ancient order that IS NOT their birthright. If you are Christian, their birthright is the hope of the world to come and believe me, God won’t care if they’re ‘cut’ or not.

  • QuickshooterMk2

    Circumcision is nothing more than Satanic subversion

    In this video I will present evidence to show that circumcision is a major part of a deliberate plan by world Jewry to completely destroy real human or Aryan culture on this planet.

    This demoniac attack which has especially targeted white American males [Aryan stock] over the last 100 years, has been formulated to damage the finer parts of the human brain involved with regulating emotional and sexual control.

    These essential areas of the brain are like doorways to higher realms of Aryan consciousness and ultimately self and God realization.


    1. Circumcision Causes Permanent Brain Damage! Why Did Prabhupada say Circumcision Was a Facility For Sex Life?

    2. What Are The Functions Of The Damaged Areas Of The Brain?

    3. What Are The Functions Of The Damaged Areas Of The Brain? Continued…

    4. Circumcision & Hypersexuality

    5. Circumcision & Homosexuality

    6. Brain Damage At the Root Of The Jewish Mind

    7. Circumcision & The Criminal Mind

    8. Circumcision & Fluoridation What’s The Connection? What’s Happening In The Midwest?

    9. Circumcision – Addendum

    • Mister Twister

      This is your mind after watching nothing but Alex Jones for 3 years.

      • QuickshooterMk2

        i don’t watch (((Disinfo wars)) you hook nosed Jew rat.

        • Mister Twister

          >everyone who disagrees with me is a jew
          Your parents must be jews then.

    • Andrzej Zoll

      Man are you funny xD Let’s poke the guy with sticks

    • Christina Phillips

      … It’s literally in the Bible.

      • Stormwatch

        Yes, it is in the New Testament, where Paul calls it a worthless yoke of slavery pushed by perverts and frauds.

        • Christina Phillips

          Which verses in which book? I thought it was referring Gentiles doing it, since it was mainly a Jewish requirement.

  • mustafa amul

    When women say “bodily autonomy” they just meant they get to mutilate children before and after birth.

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    God Hates the Tips of Little Babies

  • it’s obvious that the answer is “no”, as it should be. a good cartoon

  • Mister Twister

    Yes, I watched the movie. No, I don’t know why more people haven’t lit cars on fire over this shit.

    • Ure Grit

      because no one wants to think their dick was mutilated. its better to cope

  • gubbish

    The George Foreskin Grill by Red Letter Media

  • Jacfar

    I support circumcision.

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