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    The “Democratic” party is the authoritarian party moving towards instating a one party system, and their lackeys in “Antifa” are actual fascists. Isn’t it odd how so much of what the left says is the opposite of what they do?

    • Holyphonic

      “Antifa” are actual fascists


      • disqus_h8Lm8HQ5qo
        Maybe try knowing what the word actually means sometime, and it doesn’t mean anyone who disagrees with you being allowed to live instead of getting to kill them for their political dissent.

        • We are the actual fascists

          • disqus_h8Lm8HQ5qo

            I don’t know what “We” you’re talking about, but you go ahead and just keep telling yourself that. Whatever lets you justify the burning, looting, and murder to yourself.

          • The one done by leftist good goyim? why do i have to justify what others, who i hate, do?

          • Who is ‘We’ you’re an anonymous loser on the internet who doesn’t even show their name or face. How can you be a collectivist and be like this?

          • millenialboomer

            It’s clear from his handle he’s an actual fascist: it’s a political ideology. He’s taking issue with people calling antifa, corporate capitalist goon squads, “fascist” since they are about as anathema to actual fascism as you can get.

          • ‘actual fascist’ *sigh* you people really are losers aren’t you? Do you not hear of the accounts of people who flee communist authoritarian countries that are libertarian? GTFO fascist trolls

          • ok lol

          • Chris Redfield

            Showing your face is a sure way to have Antifa scum and other marxists to start making threats to your family, harassing your business or work. A greater risk to getting doxxed is just not worth it.

          • millenialboomer

            He’s talking about the actual fascists. I’ve started to notice them more: the lightnings in his tag look like ‘SS’ marks.

            You’ll recall, fascism is an actual political ideology, not just governments cracking down on people who disagree with the government: all governments without exception do this.

    • They’re ancoms. neoc*ns seem to have trouble distinguishing between two completely opposite ideologies that hate eachother.

      • disqus_h8Lm8HQ5qo

        Where exactly does violent suppression of political opposition, and being backed by corporations fit into anarcho-communism?

        • their goal is anarcho communism, their methods are what ancoms used historically in places like spain and mexico. all communists are hypocritical

        • millenialboomer

          Looking at history, that’s exactly how communism got started up. Funded by Britain and the United States and given a pass when they invaded Poland. Learning a lot of things simply because I didn’t get my wall.

    • Fascist is as fascist does.
      SJWs always lie.
      SJWs always project.
      SJWs always double down.

      • Indra Kaw

        Skeptic Justice Warrior.

      • millenialboomer

        sjw’s aren’t fascists. Vox Day is a good guy and I remember him from manosphere days, but he’s completely wrong on that count (if that’s what he’s saying these days: I remember his sjw book)

    • slither16

      Social Fascists to make a distinction.

    • IvanRemovekebaboff

      >”Antifa” are actual fascists

      So, should I join them?

      • millenialboomer

        Not a fascist or ns, but it’s getting real tiring hearing the “dems are the actual racist,” or “antifa are the real fascists.” The former is probably correct when talking about white people (and therefore pointless) and the latter is demonstrably false.

    • TRVTH

      Certainly it’s obvious that the “Democrats” only like democracy when it gives them the results they want. If the people vote for something they don’t like, they use the legal system as a bludgeon. Judge Jewberg consults the entrails, I mean, the emanations and penumbras, and finds that law unconstitutional–no matter if it’s centuries-old blackletter law endorsed by the Founders and never previously seriously questioned..

      Just now they’re throwing a tantrum about an elected President and Senate carrying out their Constitutional responsibility to replace a deceased Supreme Court jurist, because they’re afraid they won’t be able to use the Supreme Court to get what they can’t get at the voting booth any more. “How dare those right-wing cranks select judges who actually care about the Constitution? How dare they? We were all set to make pedophilia legal and normal next!, and strip Hu-wite males of citizenship!”

      Of course, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about Amy Coney Barrett, either. She appears to be something of a crank, a Catholic with a hobby of collecting and attempting to raise African children for some reason. The Republicans have a generations-long history of nominating “strong law and order” judges to the Supreme Court who then immediately turn into just the sort of cackling Cultural Bolsheviks the Democrats celebrate. Earl Warren, for example, was elevated to the high court by Eisenhower in 1953, and spent the next sixteen years wreaking all the havoc he could on the fabric of American society. Neither Gorsuch nor Kavanaugh has thus far impressed me as especially firm or resolute in their “extremist” beliefs, either.

      But it is instructive to look at the Democrats’ response to her. She has driven them beyond all bounds of sanity and they are openly threatening to pack the court with ideological fellow-travelers if and when they get power again. I don’t think they’ve thought their cunning plan all the way through, because that’s the kind of blatant, brazen power grab that even the normies notice, no matter how many newspaper style guides wag their fingers at us and tell us the term is “depoliticizing the court.” This is the sort of blatant banana republic power grab that makes even the normies no longer able to pretend that our government is legitimate or that any power it exercises has any legitimate source in any legitimate authority. You’d almost think they want another civil war.

      The last time they got up the nerve to try it, a relatively small number of Democratic Senators like Henry Ashurst of Arizona were able to convince the rest of Congress that the court packing plan amounted to a putsch against the traditional powers and responsibilities of the national legislature, and stopped him. Today, though, who’d dare stand against President Kamala and the Plan? Certainly not anyone with a D beside his name. For that matter, three quarters of the Republicans would trip over their enormous clown shoes running to “reach across the aisle” and “compromise” with her, as they always did for the Kenyan.

      I am not sanguine.

    • 8jij Joo

      oh hey it’s the good old ‘Dems are the real fascists!’ bullshit
      what next, ‘Dems are the real racists’? Are we boomer neo-conservatives now?

      • Alistair Grove

        Whatever communist.

        • millenialboomer

          I’d prefer straight up communism at this point. At least I know who is running the show: did you see what they did to the guys formerly running the show when the communist controlled territories were liberated in ww2?

          • Alistair Grove

            No I’m not that old.

      • millenialboomer

        Yeah; a lot of them on this board. I would be one of them myself, but I started noticing patterns when good ol’ don never delivered anything and instead gave us exactly the opposite of what he promised.

    • millenialboomer

      that word doesn’t mean what you think it means. Go look up mussolini’s fascism. Fascism and capitalism are like oil and water wheras antifa are little more than corporate america stooges. What was true in the 1920 appears to be true today.

  • SeanB1014
    • Indra Kaw

      First, make a list of parties you are not allowed to oppose.

      Second, order it up. Disabled person doesn’t count. Ones that intentionally disabled themselves for affirmative are just plain retards.

      Third, highlight and relate these up with past histories.

      There are reasons why Tiananmen Square Massacre turned out to be a conspiracy theory and and digging into it might get you into prison or get assassinated.

      • Tiananmen being a conspiracy theory? As in Chinese doublespeak?

      • It will certainly get you disappeared by the Chinese, anyways.

      • Deeznuts

        I’m willing to sample the idea it was a hoax. Countries regularly lie about their opponents. Problem is china lies as well.

    • go fvck yourself asshole

  • Alberto Soares

    tHe rIgHt iS tHrEaTeNiNg oUr dEmOcRaCy

    • TRVTH

      Whatever Leftists accuse their opponents of doing, they are already doing themselves. Always.

      • millenialboomer

        It’s called projection and leftists aren’t the only ones guilty of it.

  • Ebola

    I wonder if there will be mass su*c*de again if Trump wins

    • Oon

      I can only hope so.

    • Mikkaddo

      well, if nothing else we know there still won’t be a mass exodus of celebrities.

  • alexjones millr time

    c’mon goys, MIGA time, Donald Trump 2020!

  • Albionic American

    So when will a hillbilly archer girl show up at one of these riots and start shooting arrows into anarchists?

  • Albionic American

    I don’t see how anyone would want that high time preference, childless, rootless cosmopolitan Kamala Harris in the White House. You might as well invite a foreigner from some Third World country to become our President.

    • Mikkaddo

      oh you mean like we did in 2008?

      • millenialboomer

        heh. I don’t really get this dumb jab though (it’s funny regardless). Obama mother was american: that makes him american. Even if he wasn’t, no one would care except the people against him. The supreme court would “discover” constitutional precedent .etc .etc

        • Deeznuts

          Minus the part the certifier was drowned by a scuba diver after a plane crash on live TV (accidentally on live TV, cameras were there to make it a meedia spectacle as always)

          Dont forget sherrif joe arpaio proved with international independent forslensic investigators that the date and a couplw other pieces of information on obongo’s BC was directly lifted from another due to the stamp angles being identical.

          • TRVTH

            And the virtual-only “birth certificate” some interns sloppily slapped together in Adobe Acrobat, that showed a Social Security number from a block allocated for children born in Connecticut three years later than his recorded date of birth.

        • TRVTH

          His mother was a Communist Jew who had renounced US citizenship years prior, in order to register her objections to “capitalist imperialism.”

    • millenialboomer

      cool it with the antisemetic remarks.

    • ArmChair

      Since when was childless an insult?

      • Nikola Smolenski

        Since always.

  • Albionic American
  • Major Matt Mason

    “I dunno. Will YOU?!”

  • millenialboomer

    Imagine believing there is any difference between orange man bad and liberal man bad in the current year.

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