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  • Paul

    I’m sorry Daddy, I’m a bit slow and not an american. I know the meme with the crab dance, but why is there a judge here?

    • Pete Zaitcev

      Crabs feed on carrion. They are waiting for her to drop… any day now. Very offensive and very funny!

      • I think this is a reference to cancer, no?

    • Thingy

      The judge is Ruth Ginsburg, a supreme court justice who had health issues (about to die, might already be dead) and there is a conspiracy that the dems are hiding her death so Trump doesn’t get to appoint another Republican Court Justice

    • I assumed the crabs are reference to cancer which RBG has fought several times. I don’t know if this is correct.

    • themann235

      the judge is Ruth Bader Ginsburg of our Supreme Court, she has played an important role in the left’s advances via law from the bench, such as Roe v Wade, the Gay marriage decision, and other issues.

    • Dasick

      The crabs are from the dancing crab meme, celebrating the death of a reviled person

      There’s probably about 100 different edits celebrating this woman’s death just waiting for it

  • Fantaman

    That old bitch can’t die soon enough. She openly opposes the elected president, how biased do you have to be to get the boot?

    • Zack Wagoner

      Maayyybe she’s openly opposed because Great Leader is, ya know, a criminal and wannabe despot?

      • Wololo_wizard

        God I can’t wait for her to croak

      • border2man

        No Zack. Obama’s reign is over. Donald Trump is our president now, thank God.

        • Zack Wagoner

          Not for much longer.

          • Industrialist Machinist

            Go huff Buzzfeeds farts in some other fashion, “The walls are closing in”, “The beginning of the end”, “BOMBSHELL”. You people are rubes.

          • Zack Wagoner

            At the very least, he’s not getting re-elected.

          • Industrialist Machinist

            You’re running out things to hope for. Reality is a running a train on your salty asshole friendo.

          • Zack Wagoner

            I thought you people demanded everybody should speak English.

          • Only 6 short years left

          • Zack Wagoner

            Historically low approval ratings, Democrats control the House, and his own party is turning on him. Even if he doesn’t get impeached, he’s not getting anything done.

  • Nem

    She could have retired under Obama. She could have ensured Obama got at least one pick. Instead she waited because she wanted to be the one to swear in Hillary. She was wrong.

    • I personally don’t think this is true. I think she is dedicated to the court work and did not retire as a matter of principle. I have respect for her although I disagree with her positions.

      • Nem

        She is a highly unprincipled Supreme Court Justice. She wore her famous “dissent collar” the day of Trump’s election despite there being no Supreme Court decisions read that day. She is at best a selfish and unprofessional woman.

      • Industrialist Machinist

        LOL at this little “respect-cuck”. People like you are why we are in the situation we are in now, go lose with dignity with the rest of the cucks.

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Wekend of Jinsgurg

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