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  • Paul

    I’m sorry Daddy, I’m a bit slow and not an american. I know the meme with the crab dance, but why is there a judge here?

    • Pete Zaitcev

      Crabs feed on carrion. They are waiting for her to drop… any day now. Very offensive and very funny!

      • I think this is a reference to cancer, no?

    • Thingy

      The judge is Ruth Ginsburg, a supreme court justice who had health issues (about to die, might already be dead) and there is a conspiracy that the dems are hiding her death so Trump doesn’t get to appoint another Republican Court Justice

      • Adam Steinbrecher

        Considering our government treats bipartisanship like a holy doctrine that must be upheld at all costs, I’m surprised there isn’t a policy in place enforcing a 50/50 split.

    • I assumed the crabs are reference to cancer which RBG has fought several times. I don’t know if this is correct.

    • themann235

      the judge is Ruth Bader Ginsburg of our Supreme Court, she has played an important role in the left’s advances via law from the bench, such as Roe v Wade, the Gay marriage decision, and other issues.

    • Dasick

      The crabs are from the dancing crab meme, celebrating the death of a reviled person

      There’s probably about 100 different edits celebrating this woman’s death just waiting for it

  • Fantaman

    That old bitch can’t die soon enough. She openly opposes the elected president, how biased do you have to be to get the boot?

    • Zack Wagoner

      Maayyybe she’s openly opposed because Great Leader is, ya know, a criminal and wannabe despot?

      • Wololo_wizard

        God I can’t wait for her to croak

      • border2man

        No Zack. Obama’s reign is over. Donald Trump is our president now, thank God.

        • Zack Wagoner

          Not for much longer.

          • Industrialist Machinist

            Go huff Buzzfeeds farts in some other fashion, “The walls are closing in”, “The beginning of the end”, “BOMBSHELL”. You people are rubes.

          • Zack Wagoner

            At the very least, he’s not getting re-elected.

          • Industrialist Machinist

            You’re running out things to hope for. Reality is a running a train on your salty asshole friendo.

          • Zack Wagoner

            I thought you people demanded everybody should speak English.

          • Paul Simons

            Hey Zack, how did that Mueller report and confessional interview work out for you?

          • Zack Wagoner

            Pretty well, tovarisch.

          • Only 6 short years left

          • Zack Wagoner

            Historically low approval ratings, Democrats control the House, and his own party is turning on him. Even if he doesn’t get impeached, he’s not getting anything done.

          • Jesher

            It’s hilarious how many liberals and leftists went running to Trump because of how sick of your lies we are.

          • Zack Wagoner
  • Nem

    She could have retired under Obama. She could have ensured Obama got at least one pick. Instead she waited because she wanted to be the one to swear in Hillary. She was wrong.

    • I personally don’t think this is true. I think she is dedicated to the court work and did not retire as a matter of principle. I have respect for her although I disagree with her positions.

      • Nem

        She is a highly unprincipled Supreme Court Justice. She wore her famous “dissent collar” the day of Trump’s election despite there being no Supreme Court decisions read that day. She is at best a selfish and unprofessional woman.

      • Industrialist Machinist

        LOL at this little “respect-cuck”. People like you are why we are in the situation we are in now, go lose with dignity with the rest of the cucks.

        • Edward

          Democracies rely on the ability for people of broad and diverse opinion to speak with each other, and seek compromise. By being able to reason and speak with each other as fellow citizens, and, despite our differences, hold our nation in reverence, we build a stronger, more united country. As it turns out, the vast majority of people will disagree with each other most subjects, and so mutual respect, and the seeking of compromise, is vital to the continued function of a free society.

          For example, I find myself anchored firmly in classical liberalism, and whilst I firmly disagree with people both to my left in the form of social democrats, democratic socialists, and the increasingly distasteful hard-left beyond, and with people on my right in all the broad forms they might take, I respect them as fellow citizens, and wish them the best.

          Signaling as Stilgar did, a quiet respect for someone who’s life has been given to the service and maintenance of this nation’s liberties through the refinement of its legal doctrine is commendable. Though he disagrees with her, he still believes that a life of civil dedication is worth of our gratitude and respect.

          It is a sign that moderates, people willing to cross the isle and seek compromise and redress, to respect all citizenry, are the cement which binds together the blocks of this great nation.

          No, if we want to break out the repulsive rhetoric of ‘people like you’, we can start with the sort who belittle others for not boiling with vitriol, and who deeper than disagreeing with someone, actively thinks they should be damned merely for holding a position on a matter. That’s bloody contemptible.

          • Industrialist Machinist

            TLDR, looks like some more respect-cucking to me.

          • Edward

            Capax scriptorii, nisi scripti.

          • Jesher

            Democracies are always destined to collapse. You’re operating from a false premise to begin with.

            We’re a republic, and we allowed that to erode by “tolerating” social cancer.

          • cyberdove

            I suppose you “respect” rattle snakes too.

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of
            individual ignorance.”
            – H L Mencken

        • BorisQ

          “cuck cuck cuck cuck”=”my wife banged a black dude”

        • Alex T

          Get off the internet, grandpa, we have real issues to discuss. You want to use words like LOL you should log into facebook and tell your other geriatric friends all about it. The future is now, old man, and there’s no room in it for people still typing lol in capital letters. Your internet should be disconnected if you’re gonna sit there using it to talk like that. I oughta buy an anti-tank rocket on the black market and decimate your shitty suburban bungalow to smithereens and pour acid on it reducing it to pudding, just like your brain. Seriously, what were the middle ages like? Do you get flashbacks to the crusades? How old were you when Jesus was around, 80? You need to take a long hard look in the mirror-if it doesn’t crack, that is- and re-evaluate your worthless life. Better yet, to save time, just kill yourself. If you disagree or even reply at all it means you’re ultra-gay and also eat poop.

          • Industrialist Machinist

            You type like an edgy little jew. You’re not going to heaven you dirty little Pharisee

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            Matthew 7
            “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

          • Industrialist Machinist

            Remember, Jesus had no problem getting that whip when need be. Being a Christian doesn’t mean being a pushover.

          • Industrialist Machinist

            The Talmud: Jesus in boiling for eternity in excrement. You expect me to listen to your quoting scripture at me you Christ killer? It’s time more Christians picked up that whip and cleaned house.

          • Paul Simons

            Damn dude, try to keep at least a little dignity.

          • Jesher

            Lobotomized and brainwashed little ingrates don’t deserve respect.

          • cyberdove

            Does your mommy charge you rent for living in her basement?

      • Jesher

        You shouldn’t. She’s posing as someone reasonable while undermining the pillars of our society as part of a collective strategy to push Marxism. Read Libido Dominandi. Sexual revolution has consistently been proven to be a weapon of destruction that always leads to collapse and a reset to conservative values.

        For the love of God liberals are fucking killing us. For all the college education they pay for, they know NOTHING about history.

        • Shaun

          Conservatives don’t need help with killing themselves. Liberalism is road to transhumanism which is salvation.

      • Chuck C

        Ginsberg has violated and defiled every ethic that a Supreme Court justice should hold dear and has proved time and again she is nothing more than a political hack. A justice, serving on any court, can, does, and should have a personal opinion. A justice can and should keep that personal opinion to himself.

        Trump 2020
        RPG needs to provide proof of cognitive life.

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Wekend of Jinsgurg

  • Mr.Sixes

    I can hear the “clapping”

  • Industrialist Machinist


  • Industrialist Machinist

    SOON! She’s in the hospital, AGAIN. Does she even show up to work anymore?

  • I just love Noisestorm tbh

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